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  1. Chanpionship on Sunday!

    Volek, Edge, K Jones. Chicago can't stop the run and I would consider benching Edge for Portis...Edge may not be spetacular but he is consistent.

    Miami for sure. Not certain about your other decision, but am leaning towards Bell. Seattle is inconsistent and DJax drops a lot of balls...but Bell may not get a bulk of the carries.
  3. Miami defense vs. Clev. or NE at Jets

    Leaning towards the Phins...But a healthy Suggs against Miami is not a good matchup. But I think NE's patchwork secondary will give you bigger problems. Go with Miami.
  4. SB RB Advice

    LT, K Jones, and Portis
  5. Pittsburgh at home against Baltimore Buffalo on road against SF Pitt let me down big last week while Buffalo rolled...It is SB time and who would you start this week for the big game?
  6. Thanks for your help, guys.
  7. Playoff Tie Question

    In a league I am in if there is a tie, then we use the longest TD as the tie-breaker, if they the same length then you go with the second longest TD, etc until there is a winner. Never seen a tie though....Lots of 1 and 2 pt victories.
  8. WDIS at RB?

    Starting L Johnson and Edge. Need to pick between J Jones and McAllister for last spot. JJ vs Philly McAllister vs TB Not good matchups, but I am leaning towards McAllister as I see NO hanging with TB better than Dallas against Philly.
  9. WDIS at RB?

    Bump Need Help Quickly Please
  10. Alexander, Pittman, D. Davis

    Tough to sit Alexander...But Pittman and DD seem to be the better choices this weekend. The Jets have been tough on D all year. Chicago can be ran on.
  11. WDIS at RB?

  12. A. Green or J. Jones at RB?

    Tough choice. I would probably go with Green because Dallas may get behind and have to throw the ball. If you think Dallas will hang with Philly for a while, then JJ has the better matchup.
  13. Edge vs. Baltimore J. Jones vs. Philly McAllister vs. TB L Johnson vs. Denver None of them has good matchups...Which 3 do I start?
  14. WDIS at RB...Start 3

    Bump...Need help
  15. Any Chris Brown Updates?

    Will he play this weekend???
  16. Too many RB's to choose from

    Blaylock Lewis
  17. WDIS?

    Blaylock may lose carries, McAllister has been a huge disappointment, C Brown may play but who knows how long, and A Johnson has been inconsistent. Starting: QB McNabb RB E. James RB J. Jones WR Muhammed WR Walker Alt ??? TE Witten K Elam D Pitt
  18. WDIS?

    bump..anyone else
  19. Barber Goings McAllister wdis at rb?

    I think you have it right.
  20. WDIS?

    20 views and only 2 votes? I need help!!
  21. C. Portis or N. Goings?

    I would say Goings...Wash may behind too quickly and toss the football the rest of the game.
  22. WDIS @ QB?

  23. WDIS?