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  1. Hass Pittman Goings Owens Clayton
  2. Quick WDIS

    Given Faulk will be suiting up....Who do i start?
  3. Duece vs. Carolina Edge vs. Tennessee S. Jackson vs. SF Blaylock vs. Oakland I think Duece will have a good week against a Panther D giving up 140 yds rushing/game. And all the other matchups seem favorable, so who is the odd man out?
  4. WDIS?

    I don't see why Goings will be splitting carries after posting back-to-back 100 yd games. I would say go with Goings against an awful Saint run D.
  5. Append to Kwatz post: RB WDIS

    I would probably go with Pittman. He has been producing lately...Then TJ, then JJ.
  6. Who Start at RB

    Westbrook and DD. JJ has had only one good game against an awful run d. I have a feeling NYJ D is overrated given the lack of offensive firepower they have faced this year...Look at their schedule and you will see what I mean.
  7. WDIS Spreadsheet!

    baday@frontiernet.net Thanks
  8. Looking for nfl playoff tiebreakers?

    In all of my leagues, the next tie-breaker is total points.
  9. WDIS Blaylock vs. SD Muhammed vs. TB Both play tough defenses...
  10. I wasn't watching the game at the time, but Walker was originally called out out of bounds on a play. Then NFL website said play was challenged and reversed resulting in an additional 11 yds on the play. Walker's yds went up to 77 for the game...Then they changed it back to 66 yds (thus taking away the additional 11 yds on the challenged call). Here is the play by play from NFL website: 2-8-GB19 (6:41) B.Favre pass to J.Walker to GB 39 for 20 yards (G.Earl). (4 yards after catch.) 1-10-50 (5:47) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass incomplete to A.Chatman. Notice that in the top play that Walker got the the 39 yd line...But the next play starts at the 50 yd line...What happened to the 11 yds. I need all the yds I can get to beat my opponent!
  11. Tired of NFL Sunday Ticket

    Most ticket games are in HD every week...And if you sign up for their HD package (ESPNHD) and receive local HD channels (MNF and local games), then you are set. It is a beautiful thing.
  12. I hope the Texans keep to that strategy...I need 40 yds or a TD to win!!!!
  13. Thanks for clearing that up...But I wish you were wrong, I need the yds
  14. Were you watching the game? Did Walker get an additional 11 yds on that play that isn't showing up?
  15. I noticed that too. I went to Sports Illustrated website and they have Walker w/ 77 yds. But then I noticed a difference in stats for Favre, Walker, and Ferguson: NFL Favre 12/19 151 yds Walker 5 rec 66 yds Ferguson 2 rec 15 yds Sports Illustrated Favre 11/18 151 yds Walker 5 rec 77 yds Ferguson 1 rec 4 yds This is weird...