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  1. Rookie wideouts

    What about the Mike Walker kid from Jacksonville? I'm hearing some good stuff out of him during the OTA's. I'm not a huge fan of the current crop of receivers they have and I could easily see him getting on the field and being productive this season. I like him to enter into the top5 of the rookies by the end of the season as well as anybody else listed.
  2. IDP sleepers

    You think he starts this season? I hear he'll possibly make the nickel back role this season in preparation for him taking over next season. That is if he continues to progress well.
  3. Could this mean a play for Kris Jenkins is

    Denver has shown the ability to get something out of players on the d-line that have been busts in other places... i.e. Cleveland. Not saying Kennedy will be hugh, but those players Denver brought over from Cleveland ended up being in a nice rotation there.
  4. Vick is all done

    Eariler in this thread, I've seen it mentioned that Vick may have been brought up in a world that believes that there is nothing wrong with dog-fighting. I have to admit that it brought back something that I remembered as a child and hadn't really thought about it much, but with all the attention that this has gathered, I find myself thinking about it more and more. I live in northern Texas, quite near the Oklahoma border. As a child, until I was around say 8 or so, my Grandfather used to take my 2 cousins and I across to Oklahoma to attend cock-fights that his brother would have birds in. I hadn't even thought about it except occasionally over the years until this whole story came out. I remember how they used to have metal spurs they would add on the chickens' legs to increase the amount of damage they could do to each other. I also remember seeing a trash barrel (the kind you usually see people burning trash in, metal with holes in the bottom to allow for more air flow to create a good burn) with several dead birds in it. I find animal fighting, in general, to be a repulsive activity. I do own a Great Dane, Orion, that is a loving and great companion to my wife and I and our 3 daughters. But, when I remember back to those cockfights, I remember there being at least a couple hundred people at some of these fights. It makes me wonder if I had continued to go as I got older, would I have grown accustomed to the fights and found that there wasn't anything actually wrong with it? Which side of the fence would I have been on? Just makes me wonder is all. I don't defend/condone any animal fighting and anyone who believes this post is to that effect is wrong or maybe I just haven't worded it well. So just let me get that out now, I don't like it and don't condone anyone doing it. My grandfather's brother was still breeding fighting roosters when he died somewhere back in the mid 90's. I even remember him being sentenced to 30 days in jail for having an owl trap on a pole in his yard. Owls are protected around here and he had some coming in and killing his rooster's while they were staked in the yard. You see, just like the dogs, he couldn't put them in a coup together, they had their own little house with a pole driven a few feet away and they were tethered to that pole. Sorry this post is so long, but I thought I'd share that there is a culture of cockfighting/dogfighting out there. If you feel the need to flame, go ahead I guess, but having seen things from my perspective I can see how people could believe it to be no crime. But having seen what the fights do to the birds, I'm not sure how those same people can't see that it is morally wrong.
  5. Draft Day Smack Talk

    A few years ago, we had a guy rail on someone for a pick, don't remember the pick now. But the guy was the Super Bowl winner from the previous season, and the guy who was talking trash had yet to win one. All the guy replied was, "Win something a$$hole, then talk...." While nothing spectacular on its own, at the time it was good for a great laugh.
  6. IDP sleepers

    I wish Buffalo would make up their minds on where Crowell was going to start at. All summer long I had heard he was moving to the middle. Now all of a sudden it's the strong side. And only on April 30th, they had posted that Crowell was playing the weak side. If he moves to the strong side, I just wasted a ton of money on him in a local IDP league. Seeing as how we only start 3 in a 12 team league, spending the cash in RFA I did is gonna hurt as I banked on him starting in the middle or weakside.
  7. FORCING a Rookie from Coming to Minicamp?

    In other words, imitate Zooty?
  8. Rookie LBs

    I'm sure Willis will make a lot of tackles. But I thought it was a combination of injuries and the DL not being able to keep the blockers from getting to the second level that added to Smith not being as effective. Seems if he's having to take on blocks by the larger offensive lineman, it wears on him. I've had Smith on my dynasty team for 4 years now, I like the guy as well. Just curious how much of Willis is hype and how much is true. If I remember correctly, prior to the combine, wasn't Willis projected to be the second or 3rd best linebacker of the bunch? I truly may be wrong and I apologize if I am. Just for some reason remember the pre-combine rankings not having him as high as he ended up.
  9. Rookie LBs

    This is why I voted for Beason. I'm not sold that Morgan will be able to come back and keep himself in there the entire season. Beason will start at WLB and if anything happens to Morgan will move to the middle and put up very nice FF numbers. I have also heard that Crowell will man the middle and Poz will be on the outside. In the end, I think the difference may be negligible, but I would bank on Beason over Poz right now. As far as Willis goes, I just don't know enough about the situation there to make a call. Derek Smith has been steady but not outstanding there. Willis could make a huge difference there, but if the DL can't keep people off of him, exactly how effective can he be?
  10. Link your dynasty draft here

    I have Brady and Garcia in mine, took Beck as BPA @ 2.10, and took Edwards as BPA again @ 3.10. Stanton went 2.12 in our league. I also had the 3.07 and 3.09. Took Beason and Jason Hill there. Thought it was decent value for those positions.
  11. What are you hearing about Norwood?

    I'm sure no one is saying that Dunn should be anything more than a 3rd back on a FF team this season. I'd like to think that we are all in agreement on this. Norwood is an upside player, Dunn is a downside player. Early season, you probably will see Dunn putting up decent numbers and gradually giving way to Norwood. That being said, I figure Dunn would be a bargain for where you can draft him and the production that you could possibly see out of him. Especially, if Norwood were to be injured. Also, while Dunn didn't produce much in the passing game while there, he did put up very nice numbers at Tampa when they threw him the ball. I would venture to bet he's a better receiver out of the backfield than Norwood, and a better blocker in passing situations though with his size he can be mismatched at times. But I've seen Dunn take on some heavy guys rushing hard and held his own, so I don't foresee this being a problem. Time will tell...
  12. What are you hearing about Norwood?

    Every year, we FF experts predict the end of Warrick Dunn's effectiveness, or his ability to be a featured back. And every year, he goes out and proves everyone wrong. If we all predict his demise every year, eventually we'll be right. And every year until it is so, I'll be one of the numbnuts who takes Dunn as their 3rd back and be happy I did so. That is... until the end actually happens. It could be this year, but who knows. It'll be pre-season before we start to see how this stacks up.
  13. Link your dynasty draft here

    All of this talk about Willis, Edwards, and the others is great. What would be really great if it was actually in the IDP forum. It's like a ghost town over there.
  14. Who are you liking more than LJ...

    So, I guess with the questionable injury history and everything, no one would be selling high on Gore right now? I'd think it would have to enter my mind at least.
  15. Link your dynasty draft here

    12 team IDP (8 offensive starters, may start 3 rb, performance scoring, and 5 def starters.) It's my local dynasty, and there seem to be people who believe running backs are all that matters and can fill in the rest. Which means there is a ton of value to be had picking late. I'm Riverton, finished 10-3 and lost in second round of playoffs last season. Had 10th pick and aquired a total of 3 picks in the 3rd. I'm happy with what I was able to get so far. It's heading into my 3rd year with this team, league is 6 years old I believe. League of the Dead