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  1. yer a little buddy.

    -Cat Lover

  2. 38 years ago a half billion people...

    nice one. For a second there, I thought I was gonna have some fun stringing that one out. I misunderestimated you.
  3. 38 years ago a half billion people...

    How'd they fit all those people in that tiny studio in Burbank?
  4. Dateline NBC

    Unless you have a UTI. @ taking a crap in the wound. Whenever somebody at work wants to cut a corner in the interests of saving time/effort, my standard line is: "Why don't I go get you a chair so you can just take a dump right in the wound?"
  5. Vick Indicted

    Right now, I am picturing broncos asleep at his computer, head splayed out on the keyboard and drool pooling around his mouth. His twisted fingers, cramped from typing so furiously today, twitching imagined responses to the dream Huddlers in his head. Like an old hound dog, dreaming of chasing squirrels.
  6. Dateline NBC

    Good. A propos of nothing, I just got back from helping deliver a healthy baby boy: 10 lbs 13 oz. . The parents were so excited, the kid was healthy, the mom was healthy... just a really joyous occassion. It felt good, because this thread was kinda bumming me out.
  7. Skylive5 busted [with mug shot]

    Az, I imagine they'd have to be some of those old school ABA style shorts for you to even start worrying about it.
  8. Dateline NBC

    When I read this, I believe you. But it's such a Sega!ty reality, that it's easy to want to just sweep the fact of their humanity under the carpet and want to hurt them. Thanks for the insight... your job sounds very taxing to me.
  9. Dateline NBC

    I can see billay's point that it seems a little grotesque the way Dateline trots this crap out for pure shock value. Always with some tagline like... "Coming up next, on Dateline: What you don't know about your kids internet habits... and how it... just... might... KILL THEM. Tune in ay 8:00." But, untateve makes some really salient points. It doesn't seem like entrapment to me. Those dudes are already trolling the internet chatrooms, looking for these teenagers to hook up with. And his description of the incremental behavior increases really hits the nail on the head, to me. A guy is just not going to end up going to some teenagers house to have sex with them, unless the ball has already been rolling for some time. Not to derail the conversation, unta, but is there anything that works for rehabbing these guys? What sort of therapies or approaches work best? Obviously, incarceration doesn't work as a deterrent, but are there any alternatives? I mean, besides a vengeful castration.
  10. Nick Nolte

    GTFUN = Get The Feck Up, Nolte?
  11. Vick Indicted

    ahem... from the article I'll let you do the math and determine if that's an adequate sample size. Mebbe your math skillz are better than your reading comp.
  12. Las Vegas Hilton NFL Picks Contest

    spain, I'd be interested in being part of a team. Lemme know. Also, I'd like the option of having Paris Hilton flung into the ocean when we win, instead of the cash, but I'm willing to concede that.
  13. Skylive5 busted [with mug shot]

    bastage. Now I have that stupid song stuck in my head: "Dah-duh-duh-duh-duh-deh-dah, Dah-duh-duh-duh-duh-deh-dah, Dah-duh-duh-duh-duh-deh-dah."