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  1. 4-for-1 Trade?!?

    I don't even understand what you're asking or what the potential trade is.
  2. Need to cut a QB...

    I definitely don't need 4 QBs, but they're all pretty similar fantasy-wise (not in a good way, mind you), so I haven't been able to decide who to let go. The dilemma continues: I now have one vote for Kitna, one for Favre (b/c we do get neg. points for INTs), and one for Pennington. Okay, so I keep Bledsoe for sure (I kinda knew that one). Any more votes on who to cut out of Favre, Kitna, and Pennington?? Thanks.
  3. Need to cut a QB...

    Thanks. Anyone else?
  4. I need a TE b/c Crumpler is on bye this week. So I plan to drop one of my QBs. Who would you cut? (Whoever I cut likely will be picked up by another team, b/c there isn't anything on the waiver wire.) Who gets the boot out of Bledsoe, Favre, Kitna, and Pennington?
  5. Berian or Jennings?

    What are the matchups? I'm thinking go with Jennings.
  6. WDIS Bulger or Pennington

    I'd go with Bulger. BUF's secondary is supposed to be pretty good (though I haven't seen any of their games).
  7. WW moves?

    I would drop Rivers for Pennington.
  8. David Givens?

    Anyone seen a Tennessee game? What's up with David Givens? I'm considering letting him go in order to pick up Greg Jennings. Good idea? Cut someone else instead?
  9. Need to cut someone...

    Thanks for the input. The more I think about it, the more I hate to cut one of my QBs. I need a few more weeks to see who will be the best of this mediocre group. I hate to let Favre go after his big game this past weekend, and I think Kitna is on the verge of doing really well (now that he's past SEA and CHI). What about cutting one of my WRs instead? I could dump Wilford -- he hasn't done anything more than other free agent WRs. Thoughts on that?? Or drop Jennings or Givens?
  10. My team is in my signature. I need to cut a player to clear a roster spot. Who gets the boot? I really ought to get rid of a QB (since I have a ridiculous 4 QBs when we start only 1) -- but I can't decide who to let go!! Please help. Who would you cut?
  11. Rank My WR's

    Owens and Wayne are the clear 1-2. After that there's a big gap.
  12. Reasonable Trade?

    I like the Dunn/Boldin side, but it's really hard to say without knowing the rest of the teams.
  13. Yep, a meaningless kicker question. What does your crystal ball tell you: Kaeding vs. TEN, or Wilkins @ SF? Kaeding is on my team now and Wilkins (surprisingly) is a free agent. Should I just stick with Kaeding, or would you cut him for Wilkins. I'm a Kaeding fan, but Wilkins sure looked good.
  14. Yeah, I think you'd be giving up too much. Lundy and Warner would be fine to give.
  15. I need some QB help

    Here's the updated plan: Drop Roddy White and Greg Jennings and add Pennington and Colston (Colston has WR/TE eligibility in my league, which could be useful). I think Favre and Kitna will do better than last week b/c they had tough matchups (esp. Favre), so I'm hesitant to cut them. If I made these moves, I'd have a lot of QBs, but I'm going to need to wait another couple weeks before I'll know which ones will pan out. I'll be short on WR a little, but that doesn't bother me. Thoughts anyone?