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  1. cbs improvements........

    Every year they are some nice features and tweek a few things but the only thing I really want to see it the servers be stable and my league has no problem logging in
  2. Randy Moss going to workouts

    It was not a agent that said this Greenbay and NE sent personal down to his training area and they clocked him at that
  3. bears-pats

    Good game and then a terrible call like that
  4. What's the rule here...

    Not true just think about when a QB takes a knee its not rated as a sack its a -1 yard run
  5. 108 Yard Return

    There is some strange rule in the NFl when the def/special team can become the off but like I said Im not 100% sure about this play
  6. 108 Yard Return

    I dont believe that a Special teams score I believe (not 100% sure) but I think the bears became the offense on that play
  7. Somebody get a rope

    Ok now Im getting the feeling that you dont like them

    Man I hope this doesnt burn me I wanted to change my QB but to late now
  9. sanders out

    Well after today that should change I'm predicting 2 today
  10. Shaun Alexander.

    Well this has hurt my fantasy team but as a Patriot fan there first round pick from the Seahawks is looking better and better
  11. Mike Vick bags on coach, wide receivers

    Vick has always been over-rated. I like the year that Schaub started against the Pats and threw 3 td against them up until that point (not sure about now) Vick has never did that in a game and this is what his 5th year (I think) The best thing about this is a reported ask Belichick if having Vick in the game would of made the difference (Pats won) The look on his face was almost like "Ya we would of won by more" They should trade Vick and start Schaub Atlanta will never win a anything with Vick
  12. Pats scared for their safety in Indi

    I dont understand the title of this topic Indy is going to NE not NE going to Indy
  13. Heres a News Flash

    Its back up atleast for now
  14. Heres a News Flash

    Yep CBS site is down again
  15. Shaun Alexander hopes to play

    Well if the guy upstairs is with him Im glad I drafted him