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  1. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    Sure put on a pretty nice whoopin on some short horns. You might want to do some spell checking before you start giving lessons. all in good fun. I think playing two #2's and one of those in their house 'cough" Texas is a pretty decent line up...NOW this season is a different story. Big 12 pointing the finger at the Big Ten .
  2. Ohio State (Tressel )

    Back to the top we go.
  3. Tarvaris Jackson

    Jackson is young and has some talent, it takes time to adjust to the NFL and the speed of the game. Vikings are building the offense slowly and I think Rice and Allision will help stretch the field early if nothing else and TJ will be looking alot for the backs and te's early. Allision and Rice should improve by years end and the Vikings must have seen something they like to let Johnson go and not draft another QB. I look for a Atlanta type attack and TJ do put up better numbers than last season. They went out and got Peterson, because he's a rare talent and better than anyone that is coming out next season. It's very rare for a rookie Qb to develop overnight and patience is needed. Vikings have the Defense and the offensive line is much better than average. Getting Greenway back is going to help alot and I think people forget about Williamson who I believe is heading into year 3. Vikings are in a pretty good division for them to succeed. What's not too like if your a Vikings fan? Your QB needs time to develop and or go out and sign a free agent. I'm guessing they believe in TJ or they would have done something by now.
  4. Bad news for the Steelers

    The point is that the offer is under his worth and just to you and I it's a lot of money, but to a player and his peers it's a low offer. Your company says hey your not in our plans and here's a offer under your worth and your telling me you would be okay with this. I'm guessing your seeing this through the eyes of what you make and it's about his peers not ours. I could care less really because I'm a Bengals fan the more problems the Steelers have the better.
  5. 1.1 draft pick

    The problem with CJ is not CJ, but Stanton and Roy. CJ is good for this season forsure giving you instant impact, however the Lions will bring in Stanton year 2 or 3 and I'm thinking it's next season and I think it takes Stanton 2 years to adjust. Roy is going to split with CJ and may get the Lions share of balls year 1. Lynch has the better QB and WR support and I really like Lynch's ablility and catching the ball is a added plus. Lynch has to deal with a pretty bad o-line and the drafting of Wright has to be some concern and Lynch is in a much tougher division than AP. Lynch has to adjust to East Coast weather as well( he will). Lynch has alot of heart as well and is no Arrington that's forsure and will be starter from the word go, but RBBC is a real possibility in Buffalo. AP has the better o-line and better defense support and is the better talent in my book than Lynch. AP is in the weaker division and gets to face the Lions twice which is going to be 2 weeks he will throw up sick #'s. AP also has a dome which means the weather for half the games will be controlled and that can be a factor with Lynch late in the year. AP will face 8-9 man boxes all year, but I like Allison and Rice to help with that by late this season or even early next year would still be fine. I'm not worried about Chester over the long haul. Jackson does worry me, Is he the Qb of the future for Vikings??? When it's all said and done in a Keeper or Dynsaty league AP is your man, but if your need points right away and making a run for a title this season Cj or Lynch should be your selection. I myself would take AP.
  6. Quincy Carter

    I thought he did okay, I just think the Josh Gordon was a issue for him. I hate to see guys in a golden situation throw it all away because of Josh Gordon. I mean in 15 years and they look back on their lives to that point...You know what..I wasted my own time even thinking about this guy. I wish him well and hope he's happy in the future.
  7. Williams says he's 'clean', ready to come back

    Well the Lions can afford to lose a draft pick or two might actually help them draft better..LOL... Just kidding.
  8. Bad news for the Steelers

    Faneca went public because he was INSULTED by the Steelers and he wanted to show his anger and disgust. I would be worried about him dogging it or riding out this season if I was the Steelers or even letting a couple bg plays happen against the Steelers at important times in the season. I mean he can still play well most of the time and kind of let some things happen at other times and still leave for another team next season. If i was the Steelers I would have a heart to heart with him and let him know he is appreciated as a Steeler and just be honest with about where they are going in the future. You can let a guy go without insulting him and being repectful could have really avoided this mess. You low ball the guy through his agent and this is what you get. I would even approach him with we want you to be succesfula and will help you in anyway possible to get you into a situation you would like to be in and would be best for you kind of approach. NOW you have a angry player and in a position where you have to really watch him. You might be better off tradign him now for what ever you can get of flat cutting him.
  9. Williams says he's 'clean', ready to come back

    Ricky just likes Josh Gordon more than the NFL. Ricky is a head case and can make a decision one second with all the good intentions in the world, then light a joint the next day because he's depressed...I think he's more bi polar than anti-social and I like Williams, but if I'm a GM of a real NFL team no way I come 10 feet of Ricky especially with Godell having a "itchy" trigger finger. Some team is going to get nailed with that code of conduct issue and I would not want to be the first that is fined or has a draft pick taken away.
  10. An unhappy Favre

    I respect and have liked Farve over the years, BUT man he sounds like a girl more and more every season. Man, just get over it!!!! Moss WANTED to go to the Patriots!!!! Farve sounds like the guy that lost the girl because the other guy has the shiny new car. Farve needs to retire and enjoy some quiet time with his family for crying out loud they have earned it. Go fishing or get involved in tv/radio or something, but retire or don't and stop all the "DRAMA". This is almost as bad as Kurt Warner letting his "butch" wife fight his battles for him.
  11. Ohio State (Tressel )

    Most of OSU stars of late have been underratd guys. AJ Hawk Troy Smith Gonzo Ginn was a high rated corner. Chris Wells was a bigtime recruit. I thinK Tress has gotten alot guys to buy(no pun intended) into the system.
  12. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    09-01: Youngstown State 09-08: Akron 9-15 : @ Washington 10-13: Kent State Ohio State giving back to Youngstown State and all out of conference games are Ohio schools except Washington. I have no idea how good Washington is going to be and OSU has some very big shoes to replace. I'm not really excited by any means with the schedule compared to recent years, but could not have come at a better time for this very young Buckeye squad.
  13. xpertsports

    Anyone else use Xpertsports and not able to acess the site?
  14. Considering Trading the 1.1 ?

    I'm keeping the 1.1 I did trady Caddy for Holt instead with a different owner. I could only keep Caddy for 2 years anyway and will give Holt a 2 year deal as well.