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  1. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    What's the over/under on her death by overdose, 25, 30?
  2. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    I love how all the Falcons WRs got a bump up in the Huddle player rankings after the indictment. It'll be interesting to see what Jenkins can do with new coaches, scheme & QB.
  3. Am I wrong or does State Farm Insurance sucketh?

    I heard bad and good things about State Farm, but I've heard Farmer's Insurance is by far the worst.
  4. Peter King's Power Rankings

    I had to wade through a bunch of silly football nonsense but finally got to his latest report on his daughters & soccer and his latest coffee experience.
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  6. Prayers Needed

    Thinking of you and your family Timmy.
  7. chris farley lives

  8. Torry Holt

    Tauntaun would beg to differ
  9. Sopranos are on in about 7 minutes.

    I caught that too, and if you know anything about Janice it was all about the money.
  10. the Sopranos finale contest

    The wife & I came up with these together: 1. Tony doesn't rat out Phil or anyone else. 2. Sil dies. 3. See Melfi sometime during the episode, but not with Tony. 4. FBI dude gives Tony another tip, this time dealing with Phil/NYs location. 5. Tony & Paulie find location of Phil and go after him. Tony is only main character to survive save maybe Carmine. 6. AJ finally grows a pair - gets shot protecting family but survives. 7. Paulie dies but kills Phil first. All his conditioning finally pays off, lol. 8. Carmine, frustrated with Phil joins the Jersey side. 9. Janice & kids join Carmela in hiding and have an understanding/forgiveness from earlier BS. 10. Last scene: Tony and Carmela on an island enjoying a drink *with Tony's voice heard last.
  11. the Sopranos finale contest

    It's hard to imagine a movie with so many main characters gone and more to come in the fianally.
  12. the Sopranos finale contest

    OOHHH! It could happen.
  13. 8th grade "graduation?"

    nice, a confederate superstore.
  14. 80s music mix

    here you go: Solsbury Hill (actually '77) Games Without Frontiers Shock the Monkey Sledgehammer Big Time In Your Eyes (in several soundtracks)
  15. New Huddle Game

    Lesley Visser?