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  1. I miss yer little bald head...phucker.

  2. In a parallel universe

    Yer finite mind cannot comprehend the infinity of the answer to yer question. Yer stuck in the box.
  3. Whoa. That guy played with a ton of heart. I loved having him and was bummed when he left. Sad.
  4. In a parallel universe

    How's the love life?
  5. In a parallel universe

    This is awesome. Thank you.
  6. YouTube Videos

    Me at my recent dance class.
  7. Congrats, man. That is great. Sounds like you raised an accomplished young lady there.
  8. My little girl

    Flat out adorable. What a smile.
  9. Nice. Congratulations. Maybe you will now feel secure enough in yer position to take the time to learn to fish for more than minnows.
  10. Suggestions/Help needed

    Please. I dont subject my employees or my clients to my personal views on things like politics. Unprofessional. That is why that guy is a dik.
  11. Suggestions/Help needed

    He sounds like a dik. He's right, but he's still a dik. I wouldnt confront him or bring it up at all, just recognize he is a dik and avoid those conversations with him.
  12. How Did Your Team Do in the Draft

    You shouldnt be so critical of young QB's with little experience, you know. Yours showed it can be done.
  13. Second Date

    Oh my god. You should end it all now.
  14. In a parallel universe

    I love you. Dont forget it.