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  1. Keeper League 1 pt per reception 1 pt per 10 yds. 6 pts per TD Insight please???
  2. Who are you liking more than LJ...

    I think you guys are crazy for even considering the trading of LJ.
  3. 49ERS - Dream pick Calvin Johnson. Very unlikely so I'll go with Patrick Willis at the 11 pick (one before Buffalo )
  4. Raiders sign Justin Griffin

    Is Lamont Jordan done?
  5. Still the best RB in the league

    Every running back thinks they are the best, these guy are pros, they have to think like that. His comment sounds pretty innocent to me. This guy played hard and through injuries and was a good player even though opposing defenses could put 12 men in the box to stop him, he'll do well in Baltimore. C'mon peep, sounds like sour grapes to me.
  6. I'm excited as a McGahee Owner in a keeper league.
  7. McGahee to Ravens

    What does this do for McGahee's value. Where does he rank now?
  8. Possible McGahee to Devner?

    McGahee would be a stud with even a decent o-line. Edge had a little trouble in Arizona this year, I guess he's soft too huh?
  9. Clements signed by Niners?

    Lewis will be a perfect fit in Nolan's D.
  10. Norv to the Bolts

    what we have here is a classic "lose lose" situation......
  11. Who wins the Super Bowl?

    The Colts win because Grossman is terrible!!
  12. Brohm to stay in school

    I live in Louisville and in my opinion this is not a smart decision for Brohm. Brohm has been injured in every season he has been a starter. He has lost his head coach and will be learning at the very least alot of new wrinkles but more likely a completely new offense. I have hard time believing that he will do that well in the NFL, reminds me of Tim Rattay, benefits from the system. He was a projected first rounder and has taken a great risk. IMHO
  13. What is your league divisional setup

    We have 4 divisions of 3 teams top 6 (four division winners and the two best remaining overall) teams make the playoffs with the top 2 division winners getting a first round playoff bye (week 14) playoffs are weeks 14, 15 and 16 Each team plays it's division opponents twice and everyone else once. Seems to have worked out prettty well.
  14. Chiefs/Chargers

    Trent Green looks confused to me. Anyone else think he might be having trouble getting back in the groove?
  15. How does block punt NOT EQUAL defense ball?

    at the very least it seems like it would have been a turnover on downs. very strange .
  16. Blue sky in Seattle

    Dude....run down and grab me a twelve pack of Pyramid Ambers and mail them to me!!!!!!
  17. Plummer

    I just wish he could get the d**n ball to Javon Walker.
  18. Just traded for Portis before this past weeks game ....lucky me. Better Pick Up: Kevan Barlow Samkon Gado TJ Duckett I can't believe I have to ask this.
  19. When you offer aTrade.......

    This is my entire trade strategy!!
  20. Willis McG injury update...

    Time to grab the A-Train if you havn't already.
  21. McGahee

    McGahee is not the problem, he does what he can despite the O line. I think McGahee was set to have a big day yesterday.