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  1. Movies

    So the new Dune is even worse than the first Dune?
  2. Black smoke coming from Broncos stadium

    Doesn't he have his own dumpster fire to deal with?
  3. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    He'll be back, this is a big game not some Oct game for Cleveland
  4. Odell to The Rams

    Obj would make the HOF if he didn't catch the crazy and go to the perennial doormat Browns instead of a team in the NFL. Wasted prime years with a noodle armed QB in an inept organization. A shame for him really, wasting all that talent in a craphole like Cleveland
  5. Big Ben To Retire

  6. Sean Payton, done as Saints' HC?

    They are the same guy. I can see how as a fan of one of the teams, you'd think he's the cat's meow but really he's an excellent coach who had a HOF QB who retired. Gruden on the OTH made a journeyman QB into a SB winner. Payton rode Brees to SB and quit after Drew left. More I think about it, they aren't even in the same class
  7. Radio Rumor : Cousins - Mayfield

    Kirk Cousins = Joe Flacco = overpaid
  8. Dan Quinn is staying with the Cowboys

    Why? They'll never win anything with Jerry running the show
  9. Any Covid surprises this weekend?

    Lol, for sure. Like some sort of no covid bubble. All the tests are negative
  10. WFT to be renamed on February 2.

    Red hogs sounds like arena league too.
  11. Nagy to be fired

    I thought he was getting fired after the Thanksgiving game? Dread Pirate Pace, " I'll likely fire you tomorrow "
  12. The Covid Tracker

    Well that suspense is over Was super worried about the browns punter situation
  13. The Covid Dam

    Its 95% luck and 5% covid luck
  14. Week 14 Chat

    Arrgh, that's bad