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  1. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Worst halftime ever.
  2. NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2021

    Ehh, don't think either was deserving. There are a slew of better WRs still waiting
  3. Teams asking about Wentz

    Foles, the 20th pick, Cohen and 30+ million in dead money is a trash deal. Better off keeping him
  4. Rumor: Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia

    Well that won't happen. Jeff won't fire Doug, the Super Bowl wasn't that long ago. They try to move Wentz instead of getting him back on track. Foolish NFL teams, they all do stupid stuff like this Spend the next 5 years trying to get a real Qb while we watch Hurts , Foles and Doug go 8-8. Boring
  5. Rumor: Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia

    Ahhh yes another $h!tshow in Philly. Another mediocre HC will keep his job and ship out the only NFL QB on his roster . Meanwhile I have to listen to the fans try and convince themselves that Hurts is the next Lamar Jackson
  6. Rumor: Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia

    Hurts will be run out of Philly in 2 years once the fans realize he's not Nick Foles
  7. OG Check-In

    You're not and posting in every thread doesn't make you one. I don't even think I am since I didn't start posting till 2004
  8. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2021 semifinalists

    What's not strong? I see 12 who should obviously be in and most of the rest I wouldn't argue with
  9. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2021 semifinalists

    Strong for sure. Backlog continues. There are only 3 or 4 guys on that list who I don't think should get in. Tasker Fragile Fred D. Woodson Willis on the fence, short career
  10. Is this ethical?

    Ethics aside, it's bad karma and you don't screw around with the fantasy football gods
  11. Offer sent in MFL

  12. Just testing this feature out is all.

  13. McNabb or Bulger

    Well he's no Tony Romo