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  1. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2021 semifinalists

    What's not strong? I see 12 who should obviously be in and most of the rest I wouldn't argue with
  2. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2021 semifinalists

    Strong for sure. Backlog continues. There are only 3 or 4 guys on that list who I don't think should get in. Tasker Fragile Fred D. Woodson Willis on the fence, short career
  3. Is this ethical?

    Ethics aside, it's bad karma and you don't screw around with the fantasy football gods
  4. Offer sent in MFL

  5. Just testing this feature out is all.

  6. McNabb or Bulger

    Well he's no Tony Romo
  7. McNabb or Bulger

    Agreed here In Eagle country
  8. Expansion draft

    I would go with Colston. He should be the easiest to replace with the depth at WR.
  9. NFL channel reports

    That would make a nice avatar
  10. NFL channel reports

    Hmmm I admire you standing up for him but I think it looks real bad.
  11. Eagles Def. Report

    link Interview With B. Dawkins
  12. One of my leagues awards the most money to the team that scores the most points through 17 weeks regardless of wins & losses. A smaller amount of money is awarded to the Head to Head champ. There are some leagues (Antsports for example) that award Victory Points. Its a points system based on wins, loses and high score of the week. Its possible to lose but still get points (ie -2nd highest scoring team for the week loses to highest). Points are tallied and playoff seeds are determined by points rather than straight W/L record.
  13. Michael Vick's career

    Yes, the owner is responsible A coherent rebuttal, congrats
  14. Michael Vick's career

    If he was, your parents would be responsible because they own the shed where its taking place Ignorance is not a defense
  15. Michael Vick's career

    Any prison = most definite suspension