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  1. Who is on Gods FF team......

    This statement was referring to the hand of God that helped Kitna win that game last week. It made me laugh and got me thinking a little It is obvious that God does not have Kitna on his/her team if anything God was playing against him. Also Who plays against God? I mean he/she really only has one opponent that has a fighting chance? What are the stakes? My $25 pool seems so minuscule when one can play for 25 souls or something useful. Most likely all one week wonders would be the work of Lucifer. For instance I am thinking that The Fallen Angel definitely had Derek Anderson on his team this week. God having to many other things to worry about could not watch the Clev/Cin game and the devil knew it! That is why the Devil had Frye traded and that is why The Prince of Darkness is so sneaky! God did however look at the starting line ups sometime before the game and saw the good ole Lucifer was starting Kitna, hence the hand of God did touch Kitna, but only to sit him down for a while and cool off his numbers. This also troubles me because this means that God may have forsaken my Steelers and they are 2-0. Does this mean that they play for another deity? Who is it and would I root for that team if I knew? What the heck did the Saints do in the off season as they definitely pissed someone off? One would think that the Dallas cowboys have sealed their fate with Pacman Jones for sure? How long does his draft take and how many players would he have? I almost sure he would have drafted 12 of them in 7 days...this I am certain of. To date we definitely know God does not have Drew Brees Larry Johnson Lee Evans Tony G Omare and the Carolina D on his team. I can only hope that at some point they hit the waivers so that God is forced to pick them up both fantasy football wise and statistically. Anyways just a random rant as I was bored and I always find it amusing when athletes attribute anything in sports to God.
  2. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    Every year their is one team that surprises everyone and one team disappoints, it is the nature of the beast. I am curious on your thoughts on this year. Now take some leaps and back it up with some evidence here and MAKE ME BELIEVE! For instance: The most over rated team in the NFL doomed for failure this year are the AINTS! I love this team, but last year the stars were aligned and they took full advantage of everything. This year 8-8 no playoffs, unless 8-8 gets you in, which could happen in the NFC. It will still be a disappointing season for the Saints as so many have picked them to be one the the top dogs of the NFC. If they do get in the playoffs it is a first round loss and then they will look to get some real D to compete. Reasons 1. They had a piss poor schedule last year and took advantage of it. After over looking there schedule they had one impressive win and they barely won that one against the Eagles (Please Dallas homers I know they beat your team, but I am saying impressive wins). 2. This year they get Indy, Seattle, Chicago on the road and Philly, Jack, Tenn at home. 2. There defense is lackluster and mid pack against the AFC North and NFC East last year. Their true colors will shine this year and you will see the D fall to the bottom third of the league making it hard for the O to catch up all the time. The offense will still be good especially for fantasy value playing from behind all the time, but they will not manage 10 wins again (This year they get AFC South and NFC West for those curious) or even the playoffs imo. 3. They will not be underestimated this year at all. I know that no one is underestimated blah blah blah blah it is the NFL, but after 17 years of pro level rugby I can tell you that you get up for some games and not for others. Now that the Aints are looked upon as a top level teams people bring their A game, especially against that o. 4. There own conference is bound to improve which could be devastating and they may be playing the most improved division the year in the NFC West and the AFC South may have tremendous growth as well. 5. The feel good story about the hurricane and Americas team is all over. They lost their chance and now have to find something else to play for. Most Improved team.....hmmmm really tough one and the Saints were last years most improved from 3-13 the year before. The Detroit Lions will be the surprise team of the year. 1. Softy Division anything can happen here. Da Bears will rule it again, but as long as Hax Coughman is in charge of the o the Bears can be beat. 2. Offense is going to have lots of weapons and Mike Martz to enforce them. This will be his second year and with the addition of CJ and TB should give him more weapons 3. D is improved and any improvement may get you to 5-1 in this division alone. 4 They won their last game of year they have huge momentum now 5. 1-9 in games closer then a TD last year, if they can get to 4-6 this year they improve huge. 6. I am talking playoffs here at 9-7 and a vast improvement for a team that is going to have great firepower and an average D. Sounds likes the Saints of last year. Good luck and I hope you enjoyed my views. Runners up for disappointments would be the Colts and Dallas. Runners up for surprises would be the Steelers (although I think it is not most people do not expect much from them) and Houston.
  3. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    I am not saying he is guilty, but he will never live this down. So that being said what are the new jabs? I see a small child with a poster that reads "Every time the Falcons score a TD God kills a kitten or wait was that Vic kills a puppy, I forget." Maybe it is to early for this, but come on people it is not looking good. The refrigerator door is closed and the butter is getting hard.
  4. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    I knew it did not sound right in my state of exhaustion and now I feel shame and humilation
  5. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Hello kettle have you met black?
  6. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Ok I laughed out loud! Poor taste and to the point, it was beautiful. Kibble and VIcs was not bad!
  7. 1 NVN league opening (HAG league)

    I am 37 so I guess I am out but you would not want to take me as I would smoke all you youngsters anyways. Your cockiness is your downfall!
  8. Michael Vick's career

    Vick claims stupidity, youth and Josh Gordon as his downfall from grace. He is advised to take a year off and reanalyze his life. He visits a animal sanctuary (which coincidently sobers him up by giving him something to do in his spare time) and helps abused animals while revamping his image. He preaches that had he not fell from the graces of God he would never be in a position to help these poor animals and he then dedicates his life to abused puppies. His house is donated to all the Atlanta animals that have been abused as a place of refuge to recovery. A portion of the salary earned in his NFL contract is directed to maintaining the facility and once again he becomes the NFL's most exciting player! It could happen...really it could! Vick at most will not play this year and then we shall see who picks him up.
  9. On a lighter side

    Vegas smegas your lack of faith is disturbing although understandable. I personally think that the last year was a nightmare starting off with me post mailing a helmet to Mister Burger. We will be back you will see and believe, my faith will not be denied!
  10. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Love 6, but 5 is a little to deep for me and may draw crickets and backlash!
  11. On a lighter side

    ummm, way yes!
  12. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    There was a poll taken about 4 or 5 years ago VIc won and now his teammates use it to their benefit.
  13. On a lighter side

    DOH...I could delete but funnier if I did not!
  14. On a lighter side

    Already signs of a fleeting moment! Hmmm Ill bite for Menudo someone has to. I actually would say the Steelers have just a good a chance as Indys, maybe even better considering we do not have that swiss cheese D that Indy has.
  15. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Thought of this while I was away "Vic the most electrifying player in the NFL" Doh Convic was nice too!
  16. Never done a auction and after 7 years of having a drafting league I am thinking of switching as it seems no matter what the 9th and 10th picks (at least in our league) do consistently poorly. Has anyone made the switch and if so what are the advantages and disadvantages? Also any advise for a newbie as I will be joining at least one auction this year for the EXP and have no clue if there are any strategies as of yet? Thanks all for your advise and may the swartz be with you!
  17. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Maybe a GI Joe action figure doll only a car battery in one hand and when you pull the string on the back is sings "Who let the dogs out" zap zap zap zap (4 sounds of emitting electricity in the rhythm of the song).
  18. On a lighter side

    Why would they put the Lombardi trophy on the ballet tickets? but this year should be great with the addition of Scott Jovovich and Fiona Fuerstner. Sure Fiona sounds like a girl, but he dances like a man possessed! PS enjoy the trophy I am not sure they can repeat!
  19. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    All people who no or folow this rule should be draged outside and imediately put out of there.....MISERY! Alpaca loved your argument and may I say it was compelling, but I considered and decided to stay with my frist decision. Anyone else have any ideas besides the Jets! Edit: to mispell some stuff for the pirateboy! Why are pirates so mean? They just harrrrrr! God I hate that one, but it comes to mind every time I hear or see a pirate.
  20. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    Jets nice I like it, but you think one man will turn it around? Atlanta may due better now that someone has to throw the ball and they play as a team rather then watch one guy carry the team. Spain yea unfortunately I agree with you on Ten, but everyone is so hyped on Saints that I thought I would go out on a limb.
  21. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    Nice idea for everyone but I was thinking of making my own sheet as I went along to see who was where to have an advantage some of my lazy arse friends So with a mock draft and real draft it would take about 4 to 5 hours most likely
  22. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    LOL yea I have a feeling that a practice draft is almost a mandatory, how long do auctions last?
  23. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    Great articles too any others?
  24. Steeler Nation

    4 including you? It is time to come out of the closest Hugh!
  25. Whats with these guys?

    That would hurt his pocketbook! Do intelligence and sports go hand in hand?