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  1. I dropped Floyd in multiple leagues this week for Sammie and Meredith. I just do not think he is up for as much potential as those I picked up. Also another person here who has troubles with the ROS rankings not sure they are spending much time on them, but the weekly rankings seem to be doing well.

  2. Deangelo is a no go and don't like the reports on either Big Ben or Brown. With torn ligaments in Ben's throwing shoulder, I don't see how Pitt wins with or without Antonio against that D.


    That being said, I would not bet on that 6.5 spread.


    I'll take KC ATS and to win.

    Being a homer i think there is too much to overcome. If I was the broncos I would keep everything on the Defense 20 yards are less until Ben can prove he can throw. If he can maybe we have a chance, but I doubt it overall. Steelers-9 for me I take Denver. Plus Brown and his fake concussion, Williams not being many ifs for me. Having said all that GO STEELERS!

  3. Bottom line is that the refs were consistent on letting the coaches on the field if a player was injured not only in this game, but every other game throughout the history of time. and hence my BOOM it was done earlier in that game, but you still want flags on Porter being on the makes no sense to me. Anyways onto the Broncos we have a chance especially with the refs on our side.

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  4. Because it created a problem. They will most likely change the rule this year to have no exemptions. That is ok with me, but stop crying about coach being on the field when a player was happens all the time. Up to this point there were no problems with it, now there is a problem. That is why he was fined.

  5. Late in the third quarter, after Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier injured Bengals running back Gio Bernard on a hit that probably should have been penalized but wasn't, Bengals players -- and coaches -- left the sidelines, to first to check on Bernard and then to calm tempers after some Bengals players took issue with several Steelers celebrating while Bernard remained down.




    LOVE THAT PIC TOO of 9 Bengals coaches on the field!

  6. I think overall the refs did not win or lose the game. The Shazier hit was on a runner who was trying to cut back after making some steps and with Shazier already committed. Personally I think it would have been hard to adjust. Brown was straight up vulnerable and never got a chance to defend himself. Shaziers hit could have been a flag or it could have not been a flag. But overall the Bengals just needed a little control near the end of the game to control their own destiny. They lost it and gave the Steelers the win. Go Steelers there is always one call every year that is a head scratcher and let this be the one they talk about as the Steelers are holding up the trophy.


    Moral is dont let the refs get involved keep your cool and dont fumble.