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  1. Quit your f-in spamming or get yer a$$ banned!!!

  2. Im gonna be buying a new vaccuum sometime soon, and I know they range from $50 - $500. Whats the deal with those pricey ones? Are they worth it? Im getting a townhouse soon, and itll have tile downstairs and carpet upstairs. I also have 2 dogs.
  3. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Star Wars? I thought that was a dancing ginger bread man
  4. PS3 or Xbox360?

    I will buy a PS3 because I know what Im getting with that. I had an original Xbox and really hated it. I had a PS1, PS2 now, and eventually will have a PS3. The future lineup is better IMO... Although from what I hear, the 360 has some pretty kick arse games right now.
  5. Priest Holmes

    Me 3. Last year CuMar was said to "almost be healthy". Now he is retiring. Ill pass....
  6. Caddy

    Easy killer. Petigout is an UPGRADE, not a stud like you assumed I said. As for the passing game, you outta know that a respectable passing opens up rushing lanes. Is Garcia gonna dominate? No, especially not in Tampa, but he is head and shoulders above Gradkowski.
  7. Caddy

    Also, just so you know, I agree he is pretty mediocre, but still worth a gamble if the price is right. However, outside his 1st 3 games, what are his stats like? IIRC, he has been very below mediocre with the exception of a few games his rookie year.
  8. Caddy

    Im guessing the answer to this is an OL that has one more year exp., Luke Petigout, and a QB that might actually be able to throw.
  9. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Hmm... I thought I was the loner in Tampa... Hey BS, maybe we can meet up sometime and make a hugh spectacle out of it like Whomper and Isleseeya
  10. Caddy

    +1 If he is there in the late 3rd or 4th, Id take him. Theres just too many more reliable options before him. Reliability has a LOT to do with rankings.
  11. 1 NVN league opening (HAG league)

    Not sure if this spot was filled or not, but Ill bump it up once.
  12. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    And that, my friend, is why I keep coming back each and every day.
  13. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Ive never even heard of this guy. And everyone knows me. I guess that means he is irrelevant.
  14. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    Has she ever done anything useful in life?
  15. Keep Frank Gore or Shawn Alexander

    The difference between he and Caddy thogh are that Caddy was and is still the full time starter. Gore was the full time starter only last year but played the year before. and did well. I see your point, though, but I think it is apples and oranges. The 9ers have a more solidified line where as the Bucs keep patching it to make it work. This yearmight be better as the Bucs OL has a bit more experience. Besides, IIRC, Caddy started to fall off after just the first few games, no? When Gore was given the reigns, he played well every game.
  16. What if...

    What if all this Mike Vick business came up before the draft. Who would they have taken? Would they have selected Quinn, and how much could this potentially screw them up over the next several years? Just curious what some of the thoughts are... I never thought about it til just now, and truthfully, I have no conclusion yet.
  17. What if...

    Isnt he the top QB next year as of now? I think theyll need a top 5 pick in the draft unless they trade a lot, but I dont see them finishing bottom 5 in the league this year...
  18. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    Because Mike Vick is a dog killer PS - This actually has nothing to do with anything, just wanted to get broncos tiny little nerves all fired up.
  19. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    Sounds like theyre looking for someone to bite on a deal like Ricky Williams.
  20. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    They might be obligated to pay him a portion of his annual salary, but I dont think its the whole thing.
  21. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    Im sure SOMEWHERE in his contract, there is some kind of clause that states they can cut him without being convicted, or whatever reason. Just like an employer can fire an employee at any time, I would imagine a team can cut a player at any time. They might have to deal with the NFLPA, but better them than the people that actually pay the bills - The fans, the protestors, etc. I wouldnt be surprised at all if they cut him. I also agree with rattsass in that if they give him a paid LOA, that doesnt set a very frightening example for the future punks of the NFL.
  22. 1 NVN league opening (HAG league)

    Your age is yours
  23. Grilling on a porch with a screen

    How bad is it to grill on a screened in porch? I live in a townhouse with a screened in back porch. I could always move it in front of the door while I cook, but that seems like a hassle. Will it color the screen, or make it nasty if I just keep it in the corner on the porch and grill and let the smoke go through the screen? How long before it is noticeable?
  24. Grilling on a porch with a screen

    Florida, and they are joined to others. Im not too concerned about the fire dept seeing it as mine definitely wouldnt be the only one. Every few homes have one on the porches, but not all are screened in.