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  1. Top Defenses score more points then the average player too while receivers arent worth much. We figured that out last year and have made some scoring changes for this year. We also do an auction for the first 2 rounds then, the top down draft is based upon money leftover after the auction. Its a tough league, here's my lineup from last year and finished 3-10. M.Hasslebeck S.Alexander J.Jones D.Driver T.Holt A.Gates J.Carney Baltimore
  2. Here is a league of mine that uses that scoring if you feel like checking it out. We do give bonuses at 100 total yards rec/rush and 300 yds pass.
  3. Complete list of Former NFL Players

    23. Bubby Brister
  4. Is that a type-O on or is Garrard hurt?

    Anyone else notice him call the play clock the 'shot clock'?
  6. Prayer to CJ

  7. Watching Football (rant)

    Call the manufacturer directly...If its a Sony, they typically have great customer service.
  8. Vince Young

    Ditto! I think I love him now!
  9. Rain for GB vs SF

    So, is this going to benefit the running game or will it hamper it even though the rbs should see more carries?
  10. Shrewd or Stupid?

    What upside do you see him having against Carolina?
  11. Chester is out.
  12. Shrewd or Stupid?

    I'm starting Betts and Ahman over Tiki. Good luck.
  13. So who should be the face of the NFL?

    I'd like to see Gumbel on the cover of Madden next year.
  14. There goes the season

    I couldnt be happier as a Denver fan!