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    I have a gut feeling that Benson will do well today, but Dunn should also do well against his old team. Dunn is the starter and will see most of the action before Norwood comes in. I see Dunn getting yardage numbers but Benson getting decent yardage PLUS a score. If you have a gut feeling you have to go with it.
  2. If both Colston and Horn are out Copper makes a good play. Dallas should be wary of Henderson and possibly roll double coverage leaving Copper one on one to make some big plays. Brees has shown that it doesn't matter what set of receivers are lining up, he will get them the ball. I think N.O. has to get the passing game going to win against Dallas.
  3. I think Benson is a great call. He and Jones seem to have a battle to show who's best going on. You know he will make the best of his carries. If Chicago should get ahead early, you know Benson is going to see a lot of action.
  4. I wouldn't even think about cutting Fred Taylor. BearCat Tom had good advice. In addition you (if possible) can pick up J. Fargas from Oakland as after this week he does have a nice schedule and is the starting back in Oakland. If you have no interest in him then I would suggest picking up Cedric Benson or Dominique Rhodes. Both players are getting touches and as both teams are guaranteed a playoff birth, they will rest the starter.
  5. Bulger or Pennington?

    I would still go with Bulger.
  6. Which DEF Fellas

    Another Oakland vote
  7. You have no other options. Why waste the day on worry. Be confident your players will perform well.
  8. Cleaning House!

    I would hold on to Eli. His schedule looks good and I think he will bounce back. As for possible pickups Brooks has the weapons and has experience. I am going to gamble on Cutler and see what he can do. Jay looked very good in the pre-season and hopefully, he can pull off a Romo like end to the season.
  9. Owens, Booker, Henderson.
  10. M Bell status....

    You will have to follow the updates throughout the week. The predicition is what SHOULD be used against the Chargers D.
  11. Deangelo Williams

    I don't think Williams take over the job outright. The Panthers problems all start on the O line. No push off the line and unable to hold a block to let a back through. If they can mend this problem, Foster and Williams as well as Delhomme could get back to the form everyone felt they had coming into this season.
  12. DJax for Westbrook

    Westbrook is the running AND passing game in Philly! Make that trade immediately!
  13. RB delima now after losing Portis

    Agreed, play the matchups between Foster and Lewis