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  1. 2007 Mystery Huddler #1

    Real tan or fake bake? Narrowed down to not Loaf.
  2. September 9th Dallas vs. Giants

    Or, the perfect time for 'San Fran is up and coming this year'.
  3. Dallas signs WR, negotiating with Hamlin

    Richardson is a project - Cowboys are pretty deep at WR right now. Hamlin certainly doesn't fill the Cowboys need for a cover S, but he was the best available. Price was nice. A few things to note - expect a Phillips defense to bring more pressure, giving the QBs less time to throw downfield and keeps the WRs in front of the S. Also, Hamlin has experience to keep the rest of the defense lined up right, something that has been lacking since the days of Woodson. Cowboys may also spend their first rounder on a Saftey - making the 1 yr agreement with Hamlin make more sense. Hamlin certainly isn't the answer, but considering what the Cowboys' options are atm he's more a help than a hindrance.
  4. Our wettest dream has come true!

    Was waiting for that. McGuire, Jaws, and Parcells - that would be interesting.
  5. Free Agents

    He will certainly be an upgrade, but I don't think he's what the Cowboys need. He's more of a Roy Williams type player, and that doesn't fill the need for a cover safety - an area that killed them at the end of last season.
  6. 2007 Tournament of Babes

    I'm with ya on this one...
  7. LB Briggs ready to sit out season

    Its hard living 300k paycheck to paycheck
  8. Cowboy Homers

    Dallas wont receive a compensatory pick from Tenn for Fowler since he was undrafted.
  9. Julius Jones

    Dallas spending $$ to solidify the o-line and another year of experience for Romo = running room for MB3. He was clearly the better back last year - breaks tackles, more power, and much better blocker if needed. Even if JJ stayed, I woulda been surprised if he kept his starting role under the new regime.
  10. Fantasy Baseball

    Yahoo can be free or pay. Free just means you wait a day for stats to update.
  11. Davis may be filling potential future holes. link
  12. could Barbaro have played in the NFL?

    p-p-p-puddy by a nose...
  13. 2 keepers - can only keep 1/position. Non-ppr. Standard scoring w/ QB 6 pts/TD. Loss of top draft pick per player kept. Brees Gore* Edge McGahee MJD Roy Williams Andre Johnson Gotta keep Gore. That leaves QB or WR. I don't think Roy or Andre are worth a 2nd rounder. Brees is a different story. I'm on the fence with him. You can pick up a good RB in round 2, and grab a decent QB in later rounds. Is Brees worth it?
  14. I don't care who wins the SB...

    If the Bears are down early, its over. Once Rex starts pressing it = miniscule QB ratings. If the Bears are up early, it'll be a loooong day for Manning.
  15. So Long and thanks for all the Fish

    Phew. The NASCAR league will live on then