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  1. The Race to 1,000,000 honoree

    I'll take 999,645 since it's my wedding anniversary (the 6/4/5 that is)!
  2. He's an Edge so his value is as a DL. As a LB he's far to inconsistent to rely on. That said, if you think your are going to get MLB/WLB type of tackle production from him you won't.
  3. The Race to 1,000,000 honoree

    No lies detected Big John is absolutely an MVP
  4. Auctions

    Go big or go home. Or go big and go home...
  5. Auctions

    Busy but good. You?
  6. Auctions

  7. Auctions

    That’s another way to look at it.
  8. Auctions

    One loss that bothered me most was nominating Higbee for $1 and him going for $2 to someone that already had 3 TEs (Fant, Jonnu & Logan Thomas). Adding Higbee gave him 4 TEs that he paid $12 total for. I paid $14 for 14 roster spots.
  9. Auctions

    Oh yeah, this strategy is like running a race without a spare tire. You get a flat you are done.
  10. Auctions

    I should add that I had zero desire to win Tyreek, I was just trying to push his price up in hopes of making Adams a better value vs other top tier WRs. I do have a question for you, have you finished taking your shower yet? Hurts, Reagor and Goedert!!!
  11. Keep me logged in!

    On a Mac, too.
  12. Keep me logged in!

    I only use Chrome and it always logs me out too.
  13. NOS receivers?

    Should consider looking into acquiring James Washington
  14. Barkley Possibly Out for 3 Weeks

    I've drafted Barkley in multiple leagues this year already and have zero buyers remorse. The odds of getting 16 games from a RB is super low as it is.
  15. If you are on Twitter tweet your opening and include @MyFantasyLeague and they will RT it. That should help fill an opening.
  16. Lawn Striping (anyone else do it?)

    I thought you might like that 41-33!
  17. Anyone here do any lawn striping? I started a few years ago and each year try something different. Year 1 (I think they call this a double cut stripe) This made cutting the grass take a lot longer because you go up, up, down, up, up, down. So you do end up going over the same lines multiple times Year 2 Just striped up, down, up, down (no pic) Year 3 I tried to get the checkerboard going Year 4 This year I'm going for a more free flow design
  18. Lawn Striping (anyone else do it?)

    I use a Checkmate by Big League Lawns. Rehab I use a lawn company (Virginia Green) and all I do to supplement their service is an application of Milorganite that I apply twice a year. The other secret is watering properly. As in the correct amount (1-1.5”/week) and at the right times (early mornings, not evenings) and only 3x/week. That type of watering schedule promotes deep root growth.
  19. Lawn Striping (anyone else do it?)

    I will say the lawn has come a long way since our first season (2016): Before pics are easy to see. The "camo" pic is because I had some field grass I needed to kill. Yeah, I went a bit overboard but I did get it all!
  20. Lawn Striping (anyone else do it?)

    I almost forgot about what I pulled off in my backyard...this was the spring after the Eagles won the SB and about 4 months after a new neighbor moved in next store who happened to be a Pats fan The backyard does look a bit different now, too.
  21. OG Check-In

    Had a good chat with MSaint the other day and he asked if any OGs were still here in the fourms. Told him I don't frequent the forums all that much anymore myself but that I'd post a thread to see who would check-in. Let the roll-call commence...Keg is here!
  22. OG Check-In

    Steeltown Dre is Warren Sharp and I'm pretty sure it was him. Warren and I were both on a radio show weekly in Tampa for years until the host got brain cancer and then died. It was a ton of fun and a great lineup with Warren and Todd Fuhrman being the segments before mine. If you don't know who Warren is, he's one of the best football minds around imo. This is him:
  23. OG Check-In

    You're good peeps, Raj. 3 line max response so I know you'll read this!
  24. YouTube Videos

    we see all sorts of funny youtube videos posted so maybe we should have one thread that we also keep them all in for starters a few Super Bowl Classic Commercials:: Office Linebacker Terry Tate: Streaker <-ClickFetch, OUCH