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  1. Don't let the boys scare you away.

  2. Scorsese, Shamalan, Spielberg, Mel Brooks

    I agree with your choices. Although Shamalan's The Village had me baffled until the end, it doesn't compare to The 6th Sense. Got to through in Spaceballs too.
  3. PS3 or Xbox360?

    Now that ps3 has been out for a while, how does it stack up vs the 360? My ps2 is on its last leg and you can't find much for the original xbox. Knowing what you know now (owners of either or both systems), what are your thoughts? I think the real litmus test will be how Madden08 plays on both this year. I could go either way because I've been saving up, but I don't know people who actually own the systems.
  4. Congrats Philadelphia

    10.000 and counting. At least the Phils are #1 at something! And I'm a, uh, proud, uh, Phillies fan.
  5. A women's league

    Just got the word. I'm down for it.
  6. OK....I'll start it........

    Enjoy the day!
  7. What are YOU doing for the 4th?

    Currently working until noon, then heading home to enjoy the day with my boy.
  8. My Son Broke His Arm Last Night!

    I know what you're going through. My 9 year old broke his left arm 2 months ago during a soccer game. His orthopedic doc said he could still play if his padded the cast. Can't imagine though if he were young like yours. Only bummer for mine was that he is left-handed and still had homework to do. He got his cast off in 4 weeks, right before pool season down south. It's amazing how they bounce back.
  9. the Sopranos finale contest

    1. Tony will live after an attempt on his life by Paulie 2. AJ dies 3. Phil gets killed 4. Carmella & Meadow live 5. Paulie dies 6. Melfi talks to Feds 7. Feds convince Tony to go into hiding 8. Meadow & Patrick Parisi get engaged 9. Silvio dies 10. Carmine sides with NJ Extra credit : last voice to hear before episode ends will belong to Meadow
  10. Heroes season finale

    Could the Petrelli's mom possibly be the one that sees Molly. She's got have have some power that we are unaware of so far. She's seems in control, and now that Linderman is dead, I think her roll will become greater in the next Volume.
  11. Survivior Fans

    The 15th version (season) is next fall, but since they've been running 2 a year... I was so glad Earl won and unanimously! You could tell how each jury member was going to vote ans they were addressing the 3 of them I don't like 3 in the final. Gives chance for a tie and that would not be right.
  12. Spiderman 3

    I was hoping for more. I saw it, glad that I saw, but never have to see it again except for when my son will want to watch it over and over when it comes out on dvd.
  13. My son, future tailgate frequenter

    Whenever my son has a problem with agame, he claims it cheats. When I beat him, I or the game cheats. He's 9 and doesn't look to outgrow this.
  14. Your 21st Birthday

    I had an economics exam on the day of my 21st. Took the exam at 10 am, started drinking at luch. At my school, it was tough to get into bars with fake ids, so 21 was a big deal. It was also the Monday before Thanksgiving, so I went home 21 and explored the scene there.
  15. Penn State Fans Honor VT

    I am proud of my alma mater.