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  1. Trading off your vikes,

    I think about. Got C Pep and Big Ben. Just wish Pit's bye week was a little later in the year. Luckily INT's don't affect his points.
  2. Weekly Blitz

  3. Hottest NFL PLayer

    Adam Vinetari is neither tall or dark. Gonzo needed to be on that list. Eddie George fits in the tall, dark, and handsome category.

    Benson is the future of the Bears. He will be a starter. When? The sooner the better. Now if they can get themselves a reliable QB.
  5. My season rests with Caddilac Williams

    I am hoping this kid comes through too. I passed on J & K Jones, and Portis to draft CPep in the 2nd round at 2.1. When it came back to me, Cadillac was staring me in the face. I hope Gruden uses him alot (and he actually produces).
  6. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Even though this isn't as bad as Bell @ 6, we had a guy take Curtis Martin at #4.
  7. Open to advice on team

    I like it. you got a lot of Williams, but I like it.
  8. Tiki on PTI

    Thanks Tiki. Wasn't looking to draft him anyway.
  9. Culpeppers's got a lot more to give than Green will.
  10. I agree that with 10 teams, maybe, but not with 14. Byes and injuries could leave someone with nothing.
  11. Draft Position Opinions

    Give me the ends too. Either #1 or near the end of the first round.
  12. Quarterbacks Rankings

    If only KC could get a quality WR. Could you imagine what Green could do?
  13. Draft setup advice

    I'm in a league where we got owners all over too. Last year a hurricane was aiming for our draft weekend and site. We did a slow draft online. That's probably your best bet. Find a site, like MFL, that does that. Owners can rank players for their next pick too. But if your buddies are like me, you got to make your own pick when it's your turn.
  14. What kind of draft strategy? HELP

    Same setup here. Had #5 and went RB then QB(Peyton)-RB. Top WR was A. Johnson too, plus I got Roy Williams and M. Clayton. We get pts for receptions which really helped. There are plenty of WR if you don't get a Stud WR.
  15. Who's #1?

    You gotta look at the depth at position. Most owners go RB and if you are #1, that's a long way back to get a RB.
  16. Domanick Davis or Willis McGahee

    I like Dom. The Texans are getting used to each other. New QB in Buffalo makes me nervous. Plus points for recepts is a +.
  17. Bandwagon

    Patriots, Patriots, Patriots... That's all you hear about. All over the ESPY's. I will also always have a special loathing for the Cowboys too.
  18. T.O. says he will be there

    TO's got me TO-ed
  19. Your biggest draft mistake.

    I had the 12th pick out of 12 and it was Anthony Thomas' sophomore slump yr. We draft 4 RB's so many were gone already. Took Marvin Harrison 12 and Thomas 13. Wound up making some trades, and drafted Portis late (his rookie yr) and won the championship.
  20. Falcons owner, Art Blank, to TO

    Now that TO's shown that he can be an arse on a very good team, not just a crappy team, others may think for a second before trying to get him, maybe. Send him back to SF, or maybe he can buddy up with Ricky in MIA.
  21. Ricky's back!

    If Brown does well, I see Ricky on the way out after the suspension.
  22. Stay with a great team or go to a horrible team...
  23. Early Prediction for 2005 / 2006 SB

    Eagles-Steelers Super Bowl will come to life next year.
  24. Freeeeeeeeddddddddiiiiiieeeeee

    Freddie needs to go. No loss for the Eagles whatsoever. I'm sick of his mouth.
  25. Kobe

    Kobe just hopes that is the life sentence he'll be serving, not one of a different kind.