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  1. Sunday night game

    It will be Peyton though.
  2. Down 3 points ...

    Don't say something like that.
  3. Where was Galloway?

    TB was just horrible. I think I saw a stat for -1 total rushing for the 1st half.
  4. Is there some rule I don't know?

    It was the same down south. TB/BAL was on (Plus ATL/CAR). Nothing good until CBS went to the end of the TEN/NYJ ending.
  5. F. Gore

    Helped me to win #1. Hopefully he can keep it up.
  6. Wilkins

    He kicked more FG by himself than both kickers in the SEA/DET game.
  7. Hat's off to Atlanta

    John Abraham was all over the place. He just got Delhomme again! And I have Jake.
  8. Mario vs Bush

    Defiantely Reggie wins this one. And the guy I am playing has him on the bench.
  9. CBS Sportsline

    The gamecenter is fine. I stay away from using it for leagues.
  10. L. Maroney Playing

    Maroney 17-86 Dillon 16-73 Patriots are running fools.
  11. Observations on FOX coverage of Panthers

    Get ti together Jake!
  12. Shaun

    and to hold onto the ball.
  13. Roy Williams

    I was just going to make a post on this. Where is he?
  14. Steve Smith OUT

    I have him in 1 league, but it just so happens to be the $$$ one.
  15. Doug Gabriel out

    I do hope so.
  16. S Smith

    Ugh! Let the frustration begin.
  17. Which Will Farrell Character Are You?

    I'm Sky Corrigan from Superstar! It's one character that I am not familiar with.
  18. God I love Football!

    Beer + Football = happiness
  19. MFL is the BEST

    MFL is the best around.
  20. Now We're Cooking

    Mine also. And then my second. Multiple TD's.
  21. Chambers mia?

    Another TD chance, but Daunte threw towards PIT DB.
  22. Go Ronnie Go

    2 TD's and counting....
  23. High-Def signal on tonight's game ?

    I am working at an NBC affilliate right now and all looks fine.