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  1. Saw it Sunday. My boy read the book for school in class and loved it. I haven't read the book yet but thoroughly enjoyed it. Only read a little on it before seeing it but felt it covered things well. Now onto the books to find out how it continues.

  2. With the Ohio State situation, I hope they will be "happy" with their interim coach and stay away from the likes of Urban Meyer. If we can't get him, I sure don't want to play against an Ohio State team with him at the helm.


    I like the Cowher idea. Not sure if Fitzgerald would go because he is a NW man.


    I'd like to see the university go outside the program, but am afraid they'll stay internal.


    We'll day.

  3. Okay, I am actually a little intrigued by the baby. What they have done to Eric kills me. I love Pam and I sure hope they are not setting her up for an exit. Jason can be kind of fun but that is hit or miss. I hate the woman that plays the witch but I think I love where they might be going with the with. And for the record there is never enough tits and ass. Oh and I strongly agree with the hate of Tommy. He just plain drives me nuts. Jason better save Jessica as I dig her as well.



    I love a--hole Eric! This soft, wussy Eric is really getting to me. But it got Sookie for him. At least Pam is as fiesty as ever. She cracks me up all the time. I will be very disappointed if she rots to death!

  4. The Huddle app naturally. I believe it just came out.


    Definitely Google Sky

    Shazam will figure out that song on the radio that you just can't figure out

    ESPN ScoreCenter

    Handcent SMS

    Pandora Radio

    Search for Live Wallpapers. Some of them are really cool.

    If you use Picasa, there's Picasa Uploader that will upload pics from your phone, taken or downloaded, to your Picasa account (obviously)

  5. More positive vibes coming your way Sugar. I can't imagine what you may be going through, but I truly appreciate your willingness to share.


    Of course being FF season, submerging yourself in a few leagues can't hurt. We've got some drafts coming up. :wacko:

  6. Love this show too. Caught the first season when it aired on CBS. Been Netflixing it since, but have the free 3 months with new DirecTV suscribers. I've been catching up on Season 4 (3/4 thru). Accidentally fell asleep on an episode and woke up with a promo for season 5 and saw too much or just enough. :wacko:

  7. Point is that more and more often around PA, I am seeing signs that even say stay in your lane until merge point. Then at the merge point there is often a take your turn sign or sometimes even a cop.


    None of us like that practice but it is the correct way. Or I guess for you it is an acceptable way.


    This is what people can't or won't do...take your turn. Traffic backs up more because they won't let others merge. Then people wouldn't feel the urge to race up or couldn't because there would be constant moving. If only we lived in a perfect world.

  8. There's a show on A&E called "Obsessed" that follows people with OCD as they go through treatment. They seem to have severe OCD that impedes their lives and are put through exposures to help alleviate their anxieties. It's in its second season and is quite interesting. It's usually on Monday nights at 11pm.


    A&E's Obsessed

  9. The system is definately broke. It is an absurd amount of money to give someone who hasn't done anything professionally. I agree that the NFL needs to establish a rookie cap. Owners get that and NFLPA should get guarenteed contracts for players.

  10. Georgian Terrace may be very nice, but not very close to the Dome, although close to a MARTA station with a few stops & a transfer away.


    I've stayed at the Omni on a good deal from one of the travel sites and close to the Dome.

  11. Jack finally gets some love and Renne gets killed?!? So disappointed about that. Couldn't they have just severely wounded her? Guess that will burn another fire under Jack. Give the man a break!

  12. Is FOX F'n up for anyone else? I have it on DVR and am a few minutes behind but the sound keeps cutting out and the picture is freezing up sorta :wacko:


    I had the same problem too. Thought it was local, but guess not. Irritating!