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  1. Don't Laugh - Chicago DEF/ST or BAL DEF/ST?

    I thinks BEARS are the play vs a bad Lions Team.
  2. I am planning to start VICK at QB. The groin puts a little doubt into the equation. ATL needs the game and I am hoping Vick will hold up. Any thoughts out there? My other options are Grossman @ DET or Losman vs TEN? WDIS Scoring System: 40 pts per passing TD 60 pts per rushing TD 2 pts for every 5 yds passing (250 yds = 100 pts) 1 pt per rushing yard Merry Christmas The Hurtings
  3. WDIS at RB2: McGahee, Rudi, or Alexander?

    1. Rudi 2. Alexander (hard to sit a stud -- can always get the goal line carriers even though overall yardage could be low) 3. McGahee please see my post The Hurtings
  4. Help at WR

    AJ and Galloway
  5. WDIS @ Flex

    Anyone else withn an opinion? I would like to start a RB and am leaning toward Rhodes. Anyone heard any info on Addai this morning? Who do you think will get the goal line carriers if he does play? My #2 is Mike Bell (who will carry the rock more Tatum or Mike?) #3 is Andre Johnson. WDIS @ FLEX??
  6. WDIS @ Flex

    WDIS @ Flex??? 1) Rhodes @ HOU -- will Addai play? 2) M Bell vs CIN -- the question all year long... Tatum or Mike? 3) R Brown vs NYJ -- can I risk waiting until Monday night (if he does not play I could line-up Cotchery)? 4) A Johnson vs IND -- has not produced well as of late 5) DJ Hackett vs SD -- tough SD defense but has been the man lately MY STARTERS include: Vick, Barber, Westbrook, Wayne, Colston, Gould, BUFFALO Please help me make the right call. Thanks The Hurtings
  7. Flex Starter

    ^^^ Agree!
  8. WDIS @ Flex? pick one

    Need some help from my fellow Huddlers..... WDIS @ Flex Starters QB Vick RB Barber RB Westbrook WR Wayne WR Colston K Gould DEF Buffalo, NE or GB WDIS @ Flex 1. RB Ronnie Brown vs NYJ 2. RB D Rhodes @ HOU 3. RB Mike Bell vs CIN 4. RB Cedric Houston @ MIA 5. WR Andre Johnson vs IND 6. WR DJ Hackett vs SD Any thoughts..... The Hurtings
  9. Skins have played pretty well of late. Dallas has given up alot of points for QBs (Brees & the Saints 5 TDs, Vick 3 TDs). Philadelphia may be playing from behind and it could be a shoot out. I like Garcia. The Hurtings PS please see my posts.
  10. WDIS @ DEF?

    I am playing in the superbowl and need to make the right decision for my starting DEFENSE. I currently only have one DEFENSE on my roster, New England. Buffalo and GB are available free agents. Assuming I acquire either BUF or GB, WDIS at DEFENSE? 1. New England @ JAC 2. Buffalo home against TEN 3. Green Bay home against MIN What would you do? The Hurtings
  11. OK Ronnie Brown owners, is he playing? How will he do against the NYJ at home? I am plying in the SB and Ronnie was dropped last week. I am planning to bid on him and pick him up via free agency. Is he worth a start at FLEX? The Hurtings
  12. Michael Vick or Jeff Garcia or Jay Cutler ?

    I have the same dilema and certainly want to start Vick this week. Grossman is my backup or I would need to hit the waiver wire. I will watch your post to see the responses. The Hurtings
  13. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    I would probably go BEARS as they have Hester. BAL return guy is hurt. It must be nice to have these decisions. Thanks for your input.
  14. Playoffs are here and the decisions are important. WDIS @ WR -- please pick 2 1. M Colston vs WAS 2. A Johnson @ NE 3. J Cotchery @ MIN 4. M Booker @ BUF The rest of my playoff line-up is VICK, T BARBER, WESTBROOK, WAYNE, GOULD, and NE Def Is Colston 100%? Booker has been hot lately but will it continue at BUF? NYJ can't run against the MIN #1 run Def.... will NYJ air it out all day long? A Johnson has been up and down latley... can it get it done at NE? I am thinking about starting Colston and Cotchery. Please advise. The Hurtings
  15. WDIS at 2nd RB

    I think I would go T Bell at home. Benson might be worth a shot if T Jones does not play. Good Luck, please see my post. The Hurtings