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    you name it, i'm interested in it
  1. The fatness of America...

    it's called bad parenting.
  2. Addicted to the internet?

    article link
  3. Bored

    fduck ygolu
  4. Jayhawks take one on the chin early

    yeah. I went to KU for undergrad....and you know this, man. I don't know what the hell is up with them losing to depaul......they'll bring it together by march.
  5. Smokers and their brands

    I smoke O'Dweeds.
  6. Man vs. Wild

    He's pretty entertaining. Not as good as 'Scrubs', though.
  7. How do you make a living

    scientist....midnight and still in lab, so no.
  8. Jayhawks take one on the chin early

    tough game. too bad Oden isn't there.
  9. Jayhawks take one on the chin early

    ok. Kansas beats #1 Florida in one of the best games I've ever seen. eat it.
  10. Taking an online quiz - BCS style!

    I answered randomly. hope that helps.
  11. Who's this?

    that name suggests he's a scientist. beta breaker refers to amino acids that disrupt beta sheet formation.
  12. Chocolate

    Oh, I tried this limited edition Scharffenberger yesterday. Quite good.
  13. Chocolate

    excellent! thanks for the rec. I've only had one better, but I can't remember what it was!!!
  14. Jack Palance has died

    I thought he died years ago. wierd.
  15. what, if any, charities do you donate to?

    donated to American Cancer Society last year.