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  1. Buccaneers vs Eagles (TNF)

    this deserves a curtain call, well done.
  2. Buccaneers vs Eagles (TNF)

    Answering as a Lions fan I’d say you have 4 more coaches, over the next 15+ years to go before you might get someone good. Caldwell withstanding, I liked him
  3. See what I mean, absolute 50-50 call here. I usually like guys on national games like MNF but Grossman is so wobbly right now. Playing against Eli in another playoff game so I'm having trouble starting him in this league. I don't want to cheer for and against him. Please break the tie with something earth-shattering!
  4. Sounds like a question from an owner looking to take a dive or two in order to dictate their first round opponent. If true be prepared for 3 things to happen. 1)Karma will always burn you, 2)Real fantasy players look at you as being a joke; the "only on the team because your dad is the coach" kid 3)You will always know in your head, admit it or not, that you have to "rig" things to win and that makes you an a-hole. Either that or you REALLY over-prepare for the playoffs.
  5. Strong Rumor: Matt Millen to be Fired

    First and Foremost for the POSSIBILITY this is true. The myth is ready to be busted, Millen is NOT an exec. CALL IT ALREADY. I vote the Fords jump into the world of reality TV and have a contest to fill his vacancy. Or help save the Detroit Zoo by allowing a different species to make decisions. Can't be any worse than just letting the Primate exhibit do it for five years.
  6. TE mandatory league

    any SF homers with info?
  7. Have 4 Only Need 2 Which 2?

    any thoughts at all?
  8. Boring Question, I know...

    +1 to playing each week on its own. This week seattle for sure.
  9. There are only a few good TEs anyway but a mandatory TE league makes them even more difficult to find. Vernon Davis is coming back and was supposed to be an impact player. Anyone know whats happening with him?
  10. I need two of the following: Alexander v GB Chestor Taylor v ARI Rudi v CLE De Angelo v Wash I like Alexander because its a home Monday nighter against Green Bay. I also want to start Taylor v ARI but Minny has been all over the map lately. Should I just start Rudi and be done with it or will Chestor or a solo DeAngelo have more room to run?
  11. 8:00 game

    Lets flood the NFL website with protests . They can't show a f'n NFL game nationaly but they'll put BC on ESPN...who cares they're not even gonna make the BCS. Its the National Football League not the Doin' Well Enough to afford $150 a month for cable football league. This is total BS. Lets start a Poker Fantasy League and turn our collective backs on the NFL, that'll show them who's boss!
  12. WDIS at Def

    Carolina has played well lately and gets a rookie QB without Portis or Moss. DEN gets LJ in Arrowhead. Go with Carolina
  13. WDIS @ WR

    I'm starting Mcnair and don't normally like to combo at QB/WR. I have Fitzgerald v DET or Clayton w/McNair v ATL to choose from. Is Fitz healthy enough to start now; can Clayton produce in the games he's "supposed" to? One more defeat could knock me out of the playoff hunt, any help would be appreciated.
  14. Rate Grits and Shins

    I'm beginning to wonder if kevfish is really the bizarro grits and shins, or if they are in fact the same person ! Seriously, how hard would it be for Grits to be pulling the ultimate f you on all of us by creating his own nemesis ? Sometimes one goes off on his own like this, pointless, juvenile, sadly-unproductive banter about what might as well be a fictional character. Other times they will leave evidence of their presence with a simple ignore post that fuels the speculation of attack. Then, good innocent people like us get sucked into replying by the shear idiocy of the whole thread in a fantasy football site no less. This isn't 10th grade spanish for godsake. But can it be to some, a small few, that this is more than a hobby that meely enhances the game of football? Can this be retribution for someone that has endured years of mockery? Has anyone even seen ONE of them much less both at the same time? The odds are astronomical and still at best unfound heresay. Brilliant, I salute you you are a genious. The story can now end for me. Beatufil.
  15. Help Me

    Taylor will struggle @ Wash but he's a #1 Westbrook should start while he is healthy...play him while he does I'd probably go with Mike Bell if he starts Bush if not...I have a really strong aversion to Dillon.