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  1. That Girl...

    Not hot. Skanky...yes...three in the morning, I'm wasted and she's bumming smokes kind of doable...maybe. But, hot? Nope.
  2. Who was the F* the Eagles fan girl?

    I thought Maxim did photo shoots of pretty women. Why would they want her?
  3. Who do you tip around the holidays ?

    $50 to the haircutter guy. $100 to the guitar teacher because, one, he rocks, and two, he is a struggling musician and could use the cash.
  4. Illegal aliens linked to gang-rape wave

    Before you start killing the alleged "gang raping aliens," maybe you should consider the source of the stupid article that started this post. It came from "worldnetdaily." These are the same idiots who took a 2001 satirical article from the Onion about the Harry Potter books promoting satanic worship and ran it as the truth. Go to snopes.com (the urban myth busters) and do a search on worldnetdaily. You'll get the idea. Freakin' lemmings
  5. hottest girl ever...

    Veronica Zemanova. Put her name in Google images, with the filter off. Oh my.
  6. Atta boy JJ

  7. C.Houston?

    What does "House of the Rising Sun" have to do with it?
  8. FYI, No Hot Godaddy.com Super Bowl Commercials

    Godaddy.com is a web hosting and email site, like hotmail. You also can register web domains with them.
  9. OK HDTV guys

    Our local cable provider has been in a spat with Fox and, as a result, the cable provider doesn't carry Fox's HD channel. But, it can be picked up with an antenna. That's the only reason I have an antenna in addition to the cable feed.
  10. from pc to mac

    Thanks for that. All I know is I want what I want when I want it. I tired of my PCs trying to deal with the slow downs, while Norton and other crap ran over the top. With the Mac, I really don't worry about the virus issue. Gates was smart. He flooded the market with an inferior product, and like lemmings to the sea, you followed. So, does that make the product superior? No. That's what makes Gates a better business man. Heads up...I'm not gay and I don't like women in flannel...and, just in case you didn't notice...the emperior is not wearing any clothes. And, like the stupid picture that often has been posted: Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics...even if you win...you're still retarded. If you like your PC...great. We are football people and biatching over computers...is that really right?
  11. from pc to mac

    I just opened my own law firm and bought Macs for the office. We have three macbooks, an imac and a macmini. I always had used PCs but got the macs because the operating system seems more stable and there are not as many issues with viruses. It took me about a week to get comfortable with using them, but now I can't imagine using a PC again. In response to the post about the mouse...you can configure the mac's mouse (a mighty mouse) to have a right click button. So, that is a non-issue.
  12. How do you make a living

    Which club? I gather that you are in the Milw. area...I'm in Madison.
  13. How do you make a living

    No, I represent management. All of my clients came with me to the new firm, so things are looking pretty good. I'm in Madison, WI and, for some reason, there just isn't a whole lot of competition in my practice area.
  14. Chicago's Hot Spots

    I grew up in Chicago and worked there for years...love that town. I agree with the person who suggested Buddy Guy's Legends. Its a good blues club in the South Loop area. If you are on the North Side, check out the Kingston Mines. Its another good blues club that gets top bands. It's on Halsted Street, near the intersection of Fullerton. It stays open until something like 3 or 4 in the morning. After bar time, head to Pete's Diner on Fullerton for hash and eggs...ah, memories.