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  1. Defense to Start

  2. Sammy Morris or Deuce

  3. Bulger or Garcia?

    Play Garcia!! oaklands pass def is very good and wenkie lit up the giants for over 400.
  4. Santonio Holmes or Berrian

    Berriman for sure
  5. WDIS @ WR? need 2 (Please help)

    Colston and Johnson
  6. need flex

    Fitz and CT
  7. Need 2 of these WR's.....

    driver and roy
  8. Morris, is he good?

    start morris and feel good about it!!!
  9. Chester Taylor Hotline

    12:08: Viking RB Chester Taylor is active and announced as the starter. RB Ciatrick Fason is inactive, so Artose Pinner looks like the main guy behind Taylor with Mewelde Moore in his usual role (3rd down/change-of-pace).
  10. Which QB Week 10?

    I have the same problem and am also leaning towards Farve
  11. TOs Press Conference

    Good post!!! This is probably the closest to the truth that I have seen and believe. I am tired of everyone thinking that just because he might of been depressed that he is suicidal. Everyone gets depressed at some point in there life. He probably was depressed since the engagment was called off but dame....we would have a bunch of suicides if that makes you suicidal.
  12. Culpepper - Bust or Blowin Up this year?

    I wouldn't worry about his knee. It looked good the other night and at the begining of the night he was doing alot of scrambling and got hit a number of times. The knee will be fine. I dont like him over say Bledsoe or Delhomme cause dont think Mia is going to be throwing as much this year as Minn did when he was there. The Off cordinator is conservative and will be running alot, especialy inside the red zone. Against tampa they ran three straight times inside the 5. Go with Delhomme!!!
  13. Portis handcuff

    Depends on the amount of teams. In a 12 team league to be safe 11th round. 10 team maybe the 12th round
  14. R. Brown is a big back that is not going to have a problem taking on the work load. L.J. hasnt taken the full load for a full season yet either and he is ranked #1 . I have the same problem at #4 and am still trying to decide between R. Brown or Portis. Hoping Portis injury, and when he will be able to start comes alittle clearer before I draft cause if he is fine I would take him at #4 before R.Brown.
  15. Know anywhere I can mock draft?