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  1. Two thumbs up to the Windsor passport office, I arrived at 1pm, waited for one hour, turned my documentation in, waited for them to reach my guarantor and references, and had the passport by 3:30. And I can feel my lip again.
  2. They've got a 15 week delay if you mail in....if you appear in person with proof of travel, it is to the office's discretion, but can be done in a few days. If the folks in Windsor decide that my flight for a new job is not an emergency, there is a private company called Immigroup in Toronto that can get me one same day, but its a grand.
  3. Friday Night Poker

    Which software do you guys use, I wouldnt mind getting in on some of these games.
  4. Crash diet

    Prayers sent Blitz. If you feel comfortable PM'ing me your wife's name, I will add her to the prayer roll at my Church.
  5. So Thursday was my last day at my current job. Since I am leaving for the Philippines on July 30th for three weeks before returning to close on my house, I decided to spend my week + off getting stuff done that should have been done years ago. On Friday I had my 4 wisdom teeth yanked (my dentist told me to have this done about 8 years ago, but I procrastinated instead.) One of the lower teeth was impacted really badly and my maxillofacial surgeon showed me in the x-ray how a nerve was wrapped and intertwined with both roots. He said there was a slight chance that permanent nerve damage would be caused that could lead to some numbness in my lower lip. Well, after the surgery he tells the wife that he got it out clean, no damage, and that once the freezing wore off I should be fine. It's been 18 hours since the surgery and I'm still drooling like Cliaz at a Goth skank party....anyone had this done and still been had a numb lip this long afterwards? Monday's task isnt too fun either, I gotta drive to Windsor with my plane ticket and beg the passport office to expedite for me. If they won't do it, its off to Toronto to pay $999 to a private firm for same day service.
  6. WSOP Updates

    I've got Ferguson ranked pretty high and he is still playing.
  7. Two more in the family

    Is TFord another lousy Canadian?
  8. Blackberry Pearl

    I have the pearl and really like it. I can read most websites fairly easily (the monthly enterprise email includes unlimited internet access.) Alot of sites have condensed versions for your handheld. I have no trouble with the smaller keyboard ( I have woman hands) as the smart type is very accurate. The best thing about it is the size, although the curve is sweet and I may upgrade to that one once I get overseas. Integrated to yahoo mail in 30 seconds. I give it a thumbs up.
  9. Iphone Fans are Dumb!

    From my many years of scalping tickets and handling massive loads of cash I can say without doubt that he is holding 16 grand.
  10. WSOP Updates

    True, but does Lederer really scare anyone when he sits down at a table anymore?
  11. WSOP Updates

    Does Lederer fall into the "ran hot for a short period" bucket? He won twice on the first year of the WPT but what has he done since?
  12. WSOP Updates

    Ask Jamie Gold if he would trade his 12 mil and bracelet for 8 cashes and he'll laugh you out of the room. That probably goes for 99% of players that have won a bracelet.
  13. WSOP Updates

    For the top guys, its all about the bracelets, so I doubt that racking up half a mil without taking home any hardware would put him anywhere but with the rest of the bracelet-less group.
  14. Transformers!

    From Wikipedia: The film was released in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines on June 28. It was released in the United States and Canada on July 2 and will be released in the United Kingdom on July 27. The U.S. release date of July 4, 2007 was announced at the Comic-Con International in July 2005,[77] before being pushed forward to July 3 with 8pm screenings on July 2, similar to what was done with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.[78] Looks like I'll get sneak peeks in the PI.
  15. Transformers!

    +1, I have taken my 5 year old to see it twice. There is one scene that upset him and made him cry a bit, but soon after the situation was reversed so no lingering damage.