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  1. Blue Oyster Cult

    one... two... three... four... five... six... and seven ME262 Prince of Turbojet Junkers Jumo 004!!!
  2. Molly Ivins dies

  3. The Church of Twiley

    Mmmmm. Beer. Too bad they are mixing religion with it.
  4. Brady Morning Interview

    I always root against the Patriots and their excellent QB.
  5. Finally

    I'm with Loaf on this one.
  6. Chiefs getting manhandled

    Chiefs first 1st down. And it's not even the 4th quarter yet.
  7. Finally

  8. calling all champions

    It's the prestige. Being able to smack-talk and back it up by trouncing your opponent is what it's all about. I won one league and finished 2nd in another (I'm commish in both) and 13th in the huddlemvp (just out of the money, dang it). Total winnings were roughly $400, but I probably spent close to 100 hours of time on fantasy football related activities so I made $4 an hour on this, and this was a good year. If I was doing this for money I would be a lot better off getting a 2nd job at McD's.
  9. What the Coolest Name of Any of Your Fantasy Teams?

    I don't know but I've been told - Eskimo Pie is mighty cold!
  10. What the Coolest Name of Any of Your Fantasy Teams?

    I'm thinking about changing from itsnottatooma to yersoakinginit
  11. Post here

    I'm 1 point ahead of the LT owner. I win if Coles outscores Garcia. Could happen.
  12. Golden Brown

    Great song!!
  13. champ or playing for championship...

    2 championship games this weekend!! Local #1: Favre, LJ, Gore, L.Evans, Boldin, Witten, OakD, Stover Local #2: C.Palmer, Gore, L.Betts, Branch, Coles, Gonzo, Carney, Rams D
  14. DMD

    Ya had me goin' there for a minute.
  15. What is your league divisional setup

    I'd like to help you but if I post any of my own league rules then Blitz will tell me how stupid they are, no matter what they are, and then there will be a peeing contest and nothing will be gained by the experience.
  16. What do you need tonight?

    Local #1: TD-heavy scoring. I'm up by 17. He has C.Johnson and R.Johnson. I have Carson P. I am nervous about this. Palmer should pretty well cancel out Chad, but I need Rudi to not go nuts. Local #2: I have a 5 point lead plus Carson P. He is done. I'm working on my lineup for next weeks super bowl! I won both locals back in 1999 - looking for a repeat of that! Huddle MVP: I have Manning, Wayne and Harrison all going tonite. Currently 94th place, 88 points behind first. Go Colts!! (Except the RB's)
  17. A Letter to Larry Johnson

    Well done whomper. Go LJ!!
  18. Tie in the playoffs

    (And worth the double post I think!)
  19. Tie in the playoffs

    Thanks for your input.
  20. Tie in the playoffs

    In my leagues, whichever team has the higher playoff seed wins the tie.
  21. I hearby swear that...

    I'm playing against the guy who has both Bells. He played Tatum.
  22. Seattle Thrusday night Weather

    Actually San Fran threw the ball 13 times but only had one completion. It was ugly.
  23. I'm afraid I have to show my ignorance here. In the rams/bears game, the rams were twice called for defensive holding on a running play. Can somebody explain to me how that could happen? Does that mean the refs are thinking the RB could throw the ball after taking a handoff?
  24. Defensive holding on a running play

    Gracias. I feel smarter now.