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  1. Trade

    agreed. you will never play julio. ertz can help.
  2. Is this trade fair?

    Ditto, ask for a better WR or try to upsell and package 2rbs for Najee!
  3. nonPPR, 1 qb. i have kelce. my other RBs are henderson, cook with booker, mattison and edmunds. Keep depth or hope Barkley has a 2nd half resurgence as a top 10 RB. WRs: adams, deebo, jeudy, etc. THANKS, will answer yours.
  4. 10 team no PPR Was counter offered: Kelce, ARob ii, Gaskin for James Robinson, Knox and aj brown. QB Dak, Darnold I have WRs Adams, Deebo, scrubs... and Gordon hold RBs Cook w/ Mattison, Henderson, Edmonds, Fournette TE still have Pitts If AJ brown comes alive, that might be the crutch, giving away a WR1, RB2, TE2. But I would have KELCE. and not holding my breath on Knox and Pitts.

    A-train is out this week. I am also a pitiful Bears fan...
  6. Cubbies WIN!

    Thanks to the Brewers, but it was the cubs who won the games they needed to. Dusty is scarying me... He carressed Miller's bat in the 5th inning and told him that there is a HR in this bat... and he hit one out. WHOA! take_a_b