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  1. Both Colston and Horn out

    In Dallas - ROMO. What did Dallas do to Peyton Manning a couple weeks back? Who is better Manning or Brees? Enough said.
  2. lee evans or copper

  3. Eli or Romo?

    Romo is Money. Eli - Head case.
  4. WDIS @ QB? Vick, Young, or Brady

    I hasve Brady and Young on my Team. I'm going w/Young in a must min for my squad. Young could go off BIG TIME being in Texas and all. Brady will get his 180 yrds and maybe 2 TDS. Young should match Brady's passing/TDs and may even run 1 in.
  5. Driver or Crumpler

    Driver - He has 1 td and 80 yrds in the snow a couple weeks back. Crumper ok but Driver is the best WR the Pack has.
  6. WR help

    Keyshawn and Copper
  7. Bulger or Green

  8. Grossman or McNair?

    McNair Not doubt
  9. Driver or TJ Housh

    I like Driver. TJ will be shut down along with Johnson. Henry will go off for the Bengels.
  10. frieken QB's

    Rain in Frisco. Bryant is a must SIT. I have him and am benching him.
  11. To Horn, or Not to Horn? That is the question.

    ESPN stated Horn will not play
  12. Obviously need to win. Who will do better? Performance league
  13. WDIS...Win and In Scenario

    I expect Grossman to be conservative this week as the running game has to produce in prepartion for the playoffs. Farve is the better choice in my mind. Fred Taylor - I have him and am sitting him as the Vulture Drew gets all the TDs unless Freddy busts one for 10yrds +. That won't happen this week.
  14. WDIS RB

    I'm going w/MJD. Bell is tempting but he is soft and the Seattle def against the run looked good albeit in the snow. I have a feeling the Seattle run def is coming around. MJD is a TD vulture and will score again today.
  15. Big decision at QB

    No risk no return. Rivers is safe but LT in the snow? All day long. If Rivers throws to 200 yrds and 1 TD (if LT doesn't throw it) is about it. Dencers running is suspect IMO. I'd take a shot with Cutler. Shanahan could play it safe w/Plummer if he was concerned. He has to prove he made the right decision. Cutler is GOOD. Big upside!!