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  1. Trade Goedert for Godwin?

    Ertz is coming back eventually and Hurst is apparently playing today.
  2. Who to drop? Edmonds or J White?

    Looks like Hurst is playing today

    Everytime he opens his mouth, I just want to Everything he says, I just want to . how is it possible a former nfl qb can be THAT wrong about EVERYTHING... I CANT TAKE THE MADNESS
  4. any chance tenn sees their own weekness and gives the seconday lots of support which could mean lundy all day long?
  5. Chris Perry - RB CIN

    Does anyone have any info as to when he is going to start playing again. This week perhaps?
  6. L. Betts v. TEN or J.Norwood v. NYG typical performance scoring league td/yds. awful choices, but dont have much else. thanks.
  7. Desmond Clark or Chris Cooley at TE?

    i'd also vote cooley. chi using clark alot to protect grossman. please see mine
  8. Its a standard performance scoring league. yds, td, etc. I just made a trade (giving up good QB for good RB -details of which dont matter). He has both Culpepper and Delhomme and I get to pick 1 of them. This QB will be my #1 (sad but true). So which QB should I take for the rest of season? Thank you.
  9. Typical performance scoring. I have an auction this weekend. we get $100 for 15 spots. start 2 RBs. Did anyone decide to take the gamble (either this year or last year) and p*ss away almost 80% of their auction money taking 2 of the 3 BIG RB's (L.T., L.J. or ALexander) How did you do - if you did it last year? DId the rest of your team suck? I this a really bad idea or genious?
  10. 10 team typical performance draft leauge. I have first pick. guy with 2nd pick wants to give it to me for my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounders. This is nuts............... I can have the first two picks!!!!! - Alexander and L.T./L.J. but then I dont draft until 5th round. Or i can just say pat. TOTALLY lost with this, and will probably never get this opportunity again. What do you think? Stay pat or take the deal?
  11. WOW. a back up TE. they are 20+ million under the cap, and we get a stinking backup TE. way to go guys!!!! now we should definately be the superbowl favorites.
  12. Eagles sign a backup TE

    I HATE ANDY RIED. YOU CHEAP BAST*RD. are you going to improve this team at all with your $20,000,000?
  13. Eagles sign a backup TE

    Andy Ried is as cheap as he is fat.
  14. Which WR?

    I'll bump this one. have the same dilema.
  15. WDIS at RB?

    Typical Performance Scoring Steven Davis v NYJ Mike Anderson at OAK can't decide, please help. thanks.
  16. BYE BYE T.O.!

    1 1/2 years of him was enough. See ya!!!!
  17. BYE BYE T.O.!

    I will have to admit the whole thing stinks to high-heaven. The guy is just awsome, and the eagles were a completely different team with him. Looks like it's back to the ol' 5-yard dinks and dunks for the Eagles. If only the circuits in T.O. brain were wired correctly, he an McNabb would have been great for the next 3 years.
  18. BYE BYE T.O.!

    T.O.'s suspension will, of course, take a backseat to the Carolina Pathers cheerleaders controversy. I want more much more information on that.
  19. If you scored a TD

    I would grab 2 Carolina Panthers cheerleaders and do the "bathroom shuffle"
  20. Monday Night

    No Touchdowns from C.Dillon or D.Clark.
  21. T.O.

    Eagles didn't stop the game to celebrate his 100th Touchdown. Loser. Total Loser.