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  1. Crash diet

    I spent the night in the hospital room with her last night. Interestingly enough my simple presence in the room made the staff more diligent about their efforts to be quiet. Seems kiind of backwards as the paitient needed rest much more than I did. She also seemed to rest easier with me in the room. My mother is with her tonight as I just got back from my daughter's tournament games tonight. She is totally off pain meds but fighting the nausea. I don't think she has eaten enought to sustain a squirrel over the last several days. I'm hopeful that she will turn the corner and be released some thime next week.
  2. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    There are too many reasons that an 11 year shouldn't be home by himself let alone leaving him in charge of a younger sibling. How would you anticipate the 11 year old handling a situation where the 7 year old was hurt? What if they are using the microwave and something in it catches on fire? How would you anticipate the 7 year old handling the situation if the 11 year old was hurt? Aside from it likely being illegal it is a very bad idea and NOT the right approach to "fix" their behavior. Additionally children that age do not really appreciate the value of money. Straight up ... sounds to me like a lazy way to try and get them to behave ... try some good old fashion discipline.
  3. Vick Indicted

    Vick was indicted? When? Why? Did Blank finally figure out that Vick has been stealing his money all these years just pretending to be a QB and finally file charges?
  4. Crash diet

    Nod. I turned the hospital phone off, took her cell phone and have turned several people away at the door. I am amazed at how insensitive some of the hospital staff can be ... they barge into the room at all hours with no concern about being quiet in case the patient might be finally resting.
  5. Crash diet

    Yesterday everybody was very positive about her progress. I have only talked to a nurse today but the indication that I am getting is that while not desireable the throwing up is not totally unexpected. She is off the morphine and not really in much pain (other then when she throws up) but the nauseau/throwing up and lack of sleep is taking its toll ... she is exhausted. If the throwing up does not cease they will have to put a tube through her nose and down into her stomach ... that can't be fun.
  6. Crash diet

    Last night and today have been really hard. She started throwing up last night and has continued to throw up off and on through out the day today. Obviously with stiches in her lower abdomen throwing up is even more unpleasant. They gave her something for the nausea that didn't really help and finally gave her something awhile ago that will make her sleep and allow her to get some much needed rest (if only people will stop dropping by and calling). I think she may end up weighing less than when we met 24 years ago.
  7. Michael Vick's career

    No so fast. I believe there will be a large part of the black population that believe this is all made up by the man to keep Vick down. Then there is that portion of the population that eats animals we normally call pets and they likely could care less. Then there are those back wood yokels (hill billys) that don't believe there is anything wrong with dog fighting. Possibly his mama is still on his side too ...
  8. Vick Indicted

    I would agree that the only way you could possibly be victorious at anything is if your oppoenent quits.
  9. Michael Vick's career

    Whatever happens it can only improve his ability to be an NFL QB ... I mean there is no where to go but up
  10. Disaster waiting to happen

    Why should I spend 4 hours in the hospital waiting room when I live 5 minutes away? The doctor called me when she went to recovery and we talked about the surgery and I left directly for the hospital. I was not allowed to be with her in recovery and waited in her room for 45 minutes for her to be released from recovery. I was not sure how long it would be until my wife was release from recovery and I absolutely wanted to be there for her when she came to her room, even though it is likley she wouldn't remember if I was not there. Had I spent the necessary time to attempt to hook this kid up with his parents I can't believe it would have made very much of a difference ... I mean after all they already were unaware of his whereabouts and he was asking for rides at a major intersection. I'd be willing to bet mom and dad were at work. I'm not sure the police would have come had I called them anyway. One thing I did know for sure is that my wife needed me.
  11. Disaster waiting to happen

    So I deliver my wife to the hospital for her surgery yesterday morning. It is going to be a 4+ hour surgery so once she goes into surgery I go home and wait with the kids where it is more comfortable and where I can work. I get the phone call from her doctor that she is in recovery and leave to return to the hospital so I can be there when she arrives in her room. I'm on the way to the hospital fielding phone calls from concerned friends and relatives. I'm stopped at a light talking to my mother ... when a small boy of about 8 year taps on my window. He is standing there in swim trunks and no shirt ... HE ASKS IF I WILL GIVE HIM A RIDE TO THE POOL, which is just a couple blocks down the road. I was absolutely caught off guard and was quite obviously distracted with issues of my own (my wife just coming out of major surgery) and so I responded that I could not and drove off. But I've been thinking ... what should I have done? This is a disaster waiting to happen as some schmuck is liable to pick him up and take him some place he doesn't want to be. Should I have called 911? Where the hell were this kid's parents?
  12. Vick Indicted

    I think Blank should extend his contract and pay him another 10M ... I think NEXT year will finally be the year Vick "gets it"
  13. Any BOTH Auction leagues or Huddlers in one

    Cowboys & Indians have a real complicated set of rules ... you can check it out in our forum if you are interested ...
  14. Poker Hand for Discussion

    Only when I know my deuces are going to bust cowboys wide open
  15. Passport question

    I ordered a passport 2+ months ago and have yet to receive it ... although I did nothing to expediete it.