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  1. Ok Huddlers here is one for ya

    Beautiful baby just beautiful HAHA I love it. Happy Holidays to you Grits Happy Holidays
  2. First off I would just like to thank everyone here for all of their advice. Especially you Grits and Shins. After starting off the year 0-3 I have won 11 straight and I have a 21 point lead in the Superbowl. It will be 36 once tonights game starts, but this is what I am going up against Him LJ Tonight Harrison Tomorrow Me Chargers D Tonight Wayne Tomorrow You guys think I pull it out? Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all.
  3. Anybody know what it is supposed to be like. I have Gould as my kicker. If not I have Longwell playing in the dome against the Jets.
  4. Kicker Question - But Im In the superbowl

    so who do you like out of that group listed?
  5. I had Gore tonight and I am in the Superbowl. Which of these matchups do you like this week? Justin Fargas vs Rams DeAngelo Williams vs Steelers Arlen Harris at Packers I am actually leaning towards Fargas KJ did great for me this year too bad he got hurt. Thanks in advance
  6. Kicker Question - But Im In the superbowl

    yeah i know tell me about it. I realize that it is a kicker question but with gore going off for me tonight, I would just like to know what anyone else thought of a kicker for this week.
  7. Romo Garcia or Sexy Rexy?

    Romo please look at my kicker question
  8. I have riding Gould all year, but what is the weather supposed to be like in chicago this weekend? Here are some other options Longwell (Min) vs Jets Hanson (Det) at Packers Gramatica (Cowpokes) at Atlanta Stover (Ravens) vs Browns Rayner (Packers) vs Lions Koskowski (Patriots) vs Oilers errr the Texans
  9. Vernon Davis tonight at Seattle or Heap vs Cleveland - where has he been lately
  10. OK I have Gore at one of my RB's With KJ out that leaves me with the following options: Deangelo vs Pittsburgh Arlen Harris at Packers Justin Fargas vs St. Louis Who do you guys think I should go with?
  11. Am I Superbowl Bound?

    OK I am up 23 points and once the game starts I wil be up by 8 points because he has Chicago's D. I still Have Gould and Holt though. You guys still think I win?
  12. KJ or Deangelo?

    With Foster getting some touches who would you start? KJ has been nails for me this yer but has a tough matchup vs Minnesota, but he is playing at home. Deangelo is home vs the NY Giants Please help