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  1. 4 Star 2020 Declared Roster

    Give Gus Edwards a 3 year deal please.
  2. 4 Star 2020 Declared Roster

    And Lorenzo Carter LB was brought up for a one year deal, though thatโ€™s a done deal since itโ€™s after kickoff.
  3. 4 Star 2020 Declared Roster

    Hi - please give Mr. Lamb (just promoted from my TS) a 9 year deal. please and thank you.
  4. Incomplete Lineups

    Thanks for looking into it. I was the one who brought it up but slow played it and didnโ€™t tell Darin it was him. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Waivers 9/24

    I have moved Danna (R), Fuller(R) and Akins to my TS. I checked Akins back through 2018 and he's only ever been a TS player. Give Pierre-Louis a 2 year deal. Give Ross a 1 year deal unless I have to absorb his 3 year contract for picking him up (which as I read it I do, but if not, one year please)
  6. trade dragline/4 star

  7. Apologies - 4 Star made the necessary cut.
  8. 4 Star 2020 Declared Roster

    My follow up after last night: I made my cuts and promoted D Harris and McKinney to active. Please give Harris a 5 year contract Please give McKinney a 1 year contract Thank you Darin.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ––๐Ÿป
  9. 4 Star 2020 Declared Roster

    I edited in Rousseau's name, the DE was listed but his name didn't make my initial cut and paste. Apologies.
  10. 4 Star 2020 Declared Roster

    New contracts are boxed and in red. QB Foles, Nick CHI QB 1 Hill, Taysom NOS QB 1 Prescott, Dak DAL QB 1 Taylor, Tyrod LAC QB 4 RB Carson, Chris SEA RB 6 Edwards-Helaire, Clyde KCC RB (R) 10 Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB 4 Hill, Brian ATL RB 1 Laird, Patrick MIA RB (Q) 2 Pollard, Tony DAL RB 2 WR Brown, Marquise BAL WR 8 Edelman, Julian NEP WR 1 Gallup, Michael DAL WR 4 Hogan, Chris NYJ WR (Q) 1 Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR (Q) 1 Stills, Kenny HOU WR 4 TE Eifert, Tyler JAC TE 2 Kroft, Tyler BUF TE 1 Swaim, Geoff TEN TE 1 Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE 2 PK Bailey, Dan MIN PK 1 Prater, Matt DET PK 1 DL Buckner, DeForest IND DT 1 Davenport, Marcus NOS DE 3 Hill, B.J. NYG DE 2 Okafor, Alex KCC DE (Q) 1 LB Davis, Thomas WAS LB 1 Leonard, Darius IND LB 2 McKinney, Benardrick HOU LB 1 Schobert, Joe JAC LB 3 CB Griffin, Shaq SEA CB 1 Harrison, Ronnie CLE S 3 Hyde, Micah BUF S 3 Jackson, Eddie CHI S 1 Jenkins, Malcolm NOS S 1 35 TOTAL PLAYERS 2 INJURED RESERVE Williams, Tyrell LVR WR (I) 2 Turay, Kemoko IND DE (I) 1 TAXI SQUAD Fromm, Jake BUF QB (R) Gordon, Anthony FA QB (R) Evans, Darrynton TEN RB Harris, Damien NEP RB (Q) Jackson, Justin LAC RB (Q) Boykin, Miles BAL WR Johnson, Olabisi MIN WR Lamb, CeeDee DAL WR (R) Parker, Aaron FA WR (R) Patmon, Dezmon IND WR Bryant, Hunter DET TE (R) Tillery, Jerry LAC DT Epenesa, A.J. BUF DE (R) Carter, Lorenzo NYG LB Eguavoen, Sam MIA LB Landry, Harold TEN LB * Devy, College 22 FA QB (R) Ehrlinger UT * Devy, College 27 FA WR (R) Tylan Wallace * Devy, College 3 FA DE (R) * Devy, College 3 FA DE (R) Gregory Rousseau Miami (So)
  11. 2020 season (or no season) - general talk

    So what are the deadlines if we apply this to the league?
  12. 2020 season (or no season) - general talk

    I am of the opinion that however the NFL handles it, that's how we should. If they scuttle the season and add a year to everyone's contract, fine by me. If they scuttle the year and take a year off everyone's contract fine by me. But I don't want to do the opposite of what the NFL does. Reason: that's is usually the best course of action and cuts across all teams fairly. I recall after 9-11 a lot of debate what leagues should do in the wake of the cancellations. The leagues that followed what the NFL did had no issues. My .02
  13. AWARDED - RFA20 - Irvin, Bruce DE - 4 Star

  14. MATCHED - RFA20 - Stills, Kenny WR - 4 Star

  15. MATCHED - RFA20 - Donald, Aaron DT - Dragline