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  1. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    Guilty as charged.🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Longhorns/Crabs Trade

    So Darin sloppy seconds pick 11 for a DE. One to watch for sure.😂🤡
  3. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    You're hard to follow: you first post was clearly snark to get people to make a pick but now you're saying you'd "rather not pressure owners" - pick a lane yo.
  4. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    I hurt myself laughing over your trade offer fleming, and had to sleep it off. My bad.
  5. 4 Star/Crabs Trade

    Yes. as an aside I believe the 1.11 has now had 5 owners up to this point and were not close to being there yet.😂
  6. Trade: Fireflies/4 Star

  7. 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration

    I guess I need a clarification, because that's the only first rounder I have. Also, others have listed their picks in the other two franchise threads, you're the one who isn't doing it.