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  1. Super Bowl Predictions

    This post has reached tailgate levels! Oh wait, you guys aren't swearing properly....
  2. Super Bowl Predictions

    Chicago 46 New England 10
  3. Teams destined to disappoint

    Chiefs will be the one. Crybaby Vermeil lost Tait, and although his mileage isn't as high as usual for someone of his age, he's over 30 without a PROVEN backup. Green is an injury risk until he can make another full year without hitting the bench for at least a few games. Also, their division isn't as bad as people think: the Raiders will be better off with the personnel they brought in, and I believe the Broncos made the right choice in their trade. Also, SD won't be quite as bad as peopl ethink, their D is pretty stiff.
  4. NBA Finals: Detroit vs. LA

    The best thing about him was his humble quality. I lived in Houston his first few years and he got TORCHED by Kareem, but always walked away a better player. He always attributed Kareem's schooling to his benefit - he evn took the sky hook on occasion. His best shot was that sick fadeaway that was unblockable. And I'll never forget the Houston Summit going ape **** when they beat the Knicks, and Hakeem went and sat on the scorers table and just watched. I get none of that from Shaq, and he always seemed peeved by Hakeem's schooling of him but I always felt he was as miniammly good as a 7'3" 300 lb dude who had no competition. He only slides to the occasion. My favorite Shaq stat: when his team got beat in the playoffs they were always swept until Jackson started coaching him. (actually one of his teams went 1-4 before Jackson arrived) That shows how small his heart is.
  5. Baseball parks

    I've seen Wrigley listed a few times, but that's cuz of the wind. When it blows in, it's a pitcher's paradise. And that's more often than you think...
  6. How many fouls???

    I was at the game rooting for the Cubbies, but still had to tip my hat to that. Pure baseball. The amazing thing was all 14 fouls were on a 2-2 count, and nearly half looked like they would've been balls.
  7. Vlad a Halo!

    Personally, I think they're screwing around with the location in the hopes that Castro dies so they can drop that team into Havan the very next day. Just wait - after Castro dies that whole island becomes Las Vegas like it was back in the day.
  8. Screw Pete Rose

    Charlie Hustle. What a perfect name for him, given to him years before we realized how perfect it was!! Now, he finally admits what we all knew and he lied about for so long, and we're supposed to do for him what Baseball decided long ago they will do to alleged gamblers? Fuhgeddaboudit. The mere fact he even allowed himself into a situation where he owes $1000s to bookies as manager of a team begs the question: did he ever offer to mismange a game to have a few Gs taken off his debt. IF they EVER let him in, it should be after he passes.
  9. Regional foods of football cities

    coach ALLRIGHT - What city is known for its BBQ Ribs? I've heard KC, but I was born in Chi-Twon and went to Bears games. Moved to Houston when I was 12, went to Oilers games. So, ONE of those 2 cities needs to have some BBQ Ribs representing!! I've eaten some at both cities before, but not at KC.
  10. Roger Clemens an Astro!!

    Nnnooooo, although I wouldn't mind it. Will he be as likely to throw his bean ball, now knowing that he can be retaliated against, and not be able to hide behind the dh like before? thinking shrug
  11. Roger Clemens an Astro!!

    I'm not a big fan of his after he left college, but he's no whimp and he's not scared to head-hunt. Probably not a smart idea to throw at him. HE's not scared to head hunt because he's always pitched in the AL. We'll see how willing he is then....
  12. Roger Clemens an Astro!!

    How will Clemons succeed now that he has to actually bat, and face retribution?
  13. Screw Pete Rose

    How can you say that? Gee, we're cruising along here, up 5-2. Think I'll pull my starter even though he has yet to hit 90 pitches, and put in a mediocre reliver. Hmm, we're up by 3 but it's only the 6th? Better put in my Defensive players, even thought their bats are weak.... Players can bobble balls and go 0-4. Managers can do far more damage to a game, especially if they know theyll have $50,000 forgiven by the bookie. ALl of that is conjecture, but that fact that it can be alleged is enough - he's not contrite and trying to make ca$h off of his apology. How honest do you think he's being?
  14. Interesting Read

    Sorry, Adrian Peterson won't play for OU, he's gone pro!
  15. Interesting Read

    Geez, one since '68 and you're God's Gift? At least we won in '71, which gives us 2 more years to match your record for futility. Sig line bet? - Not on your life! brow
  16. Screw Pete Rose

    Ty Cobb didn't bet on the game. The Black Sox established the precedent - banning for life for the HOF. If Shoeless Joe (much evidence he never bet) can't get in, then what are the odds that Pete will?
  17. That is who won a Heisman?

    Look at the list of 'best players on college football' recently: Crouch Wuerfell Weinke Dayne Salaam Ward T Detmer Ware ------ C. Woodson R. Williams E. George D. Howard That goes all the way back to '98 when Barry Sanders won it. So, since 98 you have 4 guys who made it (but I'd put an * next to Howard, but he does have his ring); one guy who didn't even go to the NFL (Charlie Ward); 3 guys who flamed out badly (Salaam, Ware & Crouch) and 3 backup QBs. Ugh. Jury out on Palmer.
  18. Post your New Years wishes here

    ...by somehow inexplicably dragging Joe Gibbs out of retirement!
  19. Wow. Texass sucks.

    I'm a UT grad, and this is typically typical for the Longhorns, ever since they won the oh, 1971 Cotton Bowl. They are never ready for a big game OR they beat all the ranked teams, but somehow lose by 17 to Northwest Texas State Poly Institute, the week before they blow out a top ten team. thumbs_d angry
  20. Yoko Pettite

    Is this implying he's guarding the gates of New York? Don't take it so personally.....
  21. I'm a Cubs fan. I've consulted with my Red Sox fans, and we have come to one conclusion: neither of us wants the Cubs v Red Sox because we could never live down losing to that team.....
  22. MLB - End of Year Awards

    NL CY? Gotta be Gagne - what else does he have to do? I HATE the Blue, too. But you gotta give the guys props. ps - I'm a Cubs fan, but it's Gagne over Prior...