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  1. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    I'm as big a Cubs fan as the nex guy, and acknowledge Pat as a great announcer, and what Ron lacks in radio talent more than makes up for with his passion for the game. That being said, Selig is king of the midwest Old Boys Network that will, for instance, block Mark Cuban's attempted acquisition of the Cubs in favor of a guys name I cannot recall, but is a minority owner -currently- of the Brewers and who is an old friend of Selig's. He'll pay less than the Cuban offer and still get the team. Mark my words. Pat has to acknowledge that. He recently had Selig in the booth and it was softball after softball. I won't get worked up about that though, baseball on radio is meant for my enertainment pretty much, as it's a perfeect marriage of medium and sport.
  2. Stern is on now

    How much do NFL refs make, compared to the NBA and MLB?
  3. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    I'd like a link to that. Since he took over steroids went nuts, the strike crippled the game, steroids got WORSE and interleague ball has lost its luster and has the game in a competitive imbalance most seasons. Wild Card? That's about it that's positive. He's been accused of collusion three times: twice by Fay Vincent - one for pushing him out, and the other that resulted in MLB paying $280mil to the players after Selig and others kept the FA market down one off-season. The 3rd time was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount after racketeering charges were brought against him and Loria by Expos minority owners. He tied the All Star game. Finally, in front of congressional hearings on steroids (during the Sosa/McGuire/Palmeiro love fest), he was stopped in mid answer by a senator because the answer was becoming so wildly unbelievable that the senator took he time IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HEARINGS to remind Selig what the definition of perjury was. In short, I'd like to see any 'true' baseball historian who thinks he's one of the best. He's one of the most corrupt to be sure.
  4. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    What's interesting about this whole thing is just how blessed the NFL is, and contniues to be. Their solid business decisions of the past are good, but having the NBA thing come out of nowhere in the last 5 days, and Bonds' breaking of the HR record that is, in effect, a symptom of Selig's commisionership, the NFL just has to drop kick a thug and they'll look just fine and come out of this mess better than before. It's always better to be ucky than good, and the NFL is both. The same cannot be said of MLB, until Selig retires, or the NBA which might require a major reboot in order to save it. It will certainly not be the same league again.
  5. Wealthy American Arthur Blank

    Let's recap the events leading to Vick's near arrest: Here's the story as it first appeared on Jan 17/18. Interesting quote of note: On Jan 19th, this quote of note: One week later: the tape has been earased and charges dropped. What's even more amazing to me was how ALL news dropped the story pretty much right away, without any of them saying "what happened to the few weeks it was going to take?" Now, that my friends is WEALTH: to keep the face of your franchise from dragging it through the tabloid ringer in the 2 weeks leading up to the SB. Oh, what a phone call can do.
  6. Animate yourself Simpsons style

    Have you seen the 7-11's redressed as Kwik-E-Marts? I nearly crashed my car the other day when I drove by one.
  7. Wealthy American Arthur Blank

    Which was something you clearly stated couldn't be happening, or we'd hear about it. Now you hear about it and dismiss it. Not surprised, really.
  8. Vick

    You know, all Michael Vick has managed to do is barely break a few of Bobby Douglass' records when you get right down to it. Big deal.
  9. Wealthy American Arthur Blank

    So the best you have is the use of more smilies and trying to equate sneaking some bud aboard an airplane with all types of Federal charges, many of which we haven't even heard yet. pwned, again.
  10. Wealthy American Arthur Blank

    http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/sports/f...722vickbio.html pwned.
  11. UAW vs. Japan

    You guys really crack me up? Unions killed the industry? Contributed, sure but when CEOs are being given raises in the wake of poor company performance you simply ignore that fact in order to be disengenuos. What's even funnier is the 'have my cake and eat it too - WAH!' attitude of acknowledging that the decision to incorporate planned obsolescence into cars to make more money selling parts in the 80's blew up in their face while their competition put out a car that could hit 250,000 miles with little more than oil changes, brake and tire replacements and timing belt fixes. But it's the customer's fault if they want to invest into something with a solid track record, instead of a tarnished one? Boo f'ing hoo. The simple fact is Japanese culture operates differently than ours. I'm willing to bet not many people would go in on Saturdays and work for free on these boards.
  12. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    He'll either be charged seperately, which means further indictments are forthcoming (not good for Vick) OR he's the one singing and will be throwing people under the bus so he doesn't go away for 10+ years.
  13. Any Huddlers with iphones?

    That's what I've been saying, and the strongest comeback yet is that it has a nicer interface. Having seena few myself, it's not THAT much nicer, and I'll pass on AT&T.
  14. Skylive5 busted [with mug shot]

    But if he was the most exciting player in the league it becomes all about due process. Has DickMan been convicted?
  15. Vick Indicted

    Good for you. Back to wwhat you said about Goodell: you're wrong and the longer this drags out the less goodwill he'll have from the majority of people. heck, it might be past that point already. Vick is slime, and doesn't deserve preferential treatment
  16. Vick Indicted

    So you'll take facts from an article to bolster your side, but selectively dismiss other spots because you don't like it. Sure it's not scientific, I'll bet a solid chunk of them aren't even NFL fans. It is a simple number that demonstrates even in the heart of his 'neck of the woods' he is well on his way to being run out of town. You lose.
  17. Vick Indicted

    I got that number from the bottom of the article you posted, you f'n Megan Foxh. http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?s=&a...t&p=2096386 Edited to add:
  18. Vick Indicted

    No. That's a stretch with the facts at hand. Given that 50% of those polled in the Atlanta area have already said they want Vick cut, you can expect that number to go up as more details come out. With it near a majority in his homer city you can expect public pressure to come down on Goodell when more details come out and Vick is still taking snaps. Seeing as how Vick probably needed a lot of focus on football to succeed this year in a new system, it it far more prudent for Blank to cut him and move on already, than go with a QB who will have to be preparinga vigorous defense in the middle of the football season.
  19. Skylive5 busted [with mug shot]

    Post #13 and I'm the first to mention his last name seems ironic?
  20. Classic Zappa.

    I went looking for the Denver clip. What basically happened as I recall was that Zappa gave a credible testimony, which is all on youtube, and this is the guy that wrote "Bobbie Brown" for one. Denver comes in, he of the Rocky Mountain Way and called the senators who supported it flat out Nazis.
  21. Classic Zappa.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHKZhwhRSKs...ted&search= Another good one - check out the zinger at 5:00 - what a twat.
  22. Bears Homers

    Urlacher does that as the focus of the opposing offense trying to take him out of every play. Briggs does that as the beneficiary of not being the focus of ANY play. Warrick Holmdan looked the same way.
  23. Bears Homers

    Ian Scott definitely. Adams was a nice pickup for this season tough. Losing Alex Brown would hurt more than losing both Briggs and Tank.
  24. Vick Indicted

    I think Petrino has basically hit the jackpot: if there was any wondering whether or not his new system would be accepted and run by Michael Vick it effectively is gone. And with that the team is no longer Vick's from his tenure with the team and his "most exciting player in the league" mantra it is now squarely the Petrino who Blank will listen to and consider first. You have to believe Vick will be completely out of the picture before too long. In short, if there was any internal political struggle between who ultimately had the owner's ear between Petrino and Vick, Petrino just won by default.
  25. Bears Homers

    Tankwas important last year due to the health of Tommie Harris. With a healthy Harris to start, I could care less about that bum OR Briggs because I see more important players to the D are returning. Honestly, and I'm not trying to spin: I think non-homers overrate both Briggs and Tank. The stars of the DL are Harris, last year's rookie Anderson and the pairing of OGun/A Brown. If one of our DEs goes down I'm more worried. The speed and threat coming from our edge rushers play a large part in our DTs being effective. Drop a monster like Tommie Harris in there and it's explosive. Tank by himself is adequate: solid but not spectacular. Idonje, Adams and Dvorcek provide solid depth (as long as Harris stays healthy) IMO. Frankly, with the depth behind Harris I'd rather see Tank go than Alex Brown who may or may not be with the team when camp breaks. And Briggs is another in a line of guys who play better by paying next to Brian Urlacher. It's easier to do well when no one is targeting you, but your teammate leaving you against the 3rd or 4th blocker. Also, the secondary will start the year flat out sick and stays that way as long as Mike Brown is healthy. They need to find his replacement this year because he's not getting younger. Locked up Vasher, closing in on Tillman, both Mannings were effective and Lovie will look to restart Archuleta's achievements.