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  1. Bad News For Polksalet

    How soon we forget. Classic.
  2. Today is the day..

    I do believe that is somewhat debatable. Last year, when he passed on the long term deal, there was coverage in the Tribune, and in PFW's 'Whipsers' that most NFL teams see him as an ideal cover two guy who probably lacks the goods to be 'the man' as you are suggesting. He really does beneift from playing next to arguably the beshh Something tells me that this time next year we'll be closer to seeing who's right.
  3. Today is the day..

    Colvin was the beast your talking about, until he broke his hip. Seriously, Briggs has looked as good as Holdman did in 2001, and he disappeared. IMO Briggs will do the same thing, especially if he ends up on a team that doesn't play Cover-2.
  4. Today is the day..

    Not surprised about samuel - he wants nate Clements money, but after Vasher's deal e's probably stuck at that level since Vasher's numbers are certainly in the same ballpark.
  5. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    If Hunt crashes out liek most other Penn State backs, I think your 7th rounder: Nate Ilaoa might be the sleeper. That kid led the #1 offense last year in yardage, and is downright Nasti.
  6. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    I think Portis remains dinged, and like Ladell Betts to be a potential sleeper - in the same way McCallister was a bit of a sleeper last year, going in rounds 4-6 having been a 1st rounder in 2003/4.
  7. Good v. Evil Spots Open - Both sides of the aisle ...

    Which might make the team better. You're changing to a subject I actually agree with you on, so I suggest another subject to run to.
  8. Today is the day..

    Lance Briggs = Warrick Holdman when he wasn't playing next to Urlacher either. Don't overpay Jerry.
  9. Good v. Evil Spots Open - Both sides of the aisle ...

    Kitna in my 8th round, 18th overall QB taken - 10th in total points and only 5 behind P Rivers who was 8th overall. Oh yeah - he was a starter when I drafted him as well. This is a Bears fan taking a Lions QB. And you want props for a homer pick? Blind squirrel, meet nut. It'll be fun to see how you fare against the Major Leagues.
  10. Good v. Evil Spots Open - Both sides of the aisle ...

    OK - Jacksonville Jaguar - was miss grossman what you were doing last year after you drafted Brian griese as your only QB? Right here?
  11. $12.5 million to store FEMA ice?

    You're kidding - right? You have a crystal ball that told you the hurricane season following katrina was a dud? What would it have cost to melt the ice immediately, then try to get more if the 2006 season was another disaster? Your whining reminds me of the people in Carolina who got pissed when given the order to evacuate then the hurricane veered at the last second and missed them completely - which happened a few years ago. What's sad is you defended their lame-ass actions at the time, and now bag on them when they try to fix their mistake prone policy.
  12. Good v. Evil Spots Open - Both sides of the aisle ...

    Of course you don't - when you win the front seat on the short bus, it's still the front seat on the short bus.
  13. Good v. Evil Spots Open - Both sides of the aisle ...

    And both House winners (technically one Commons winner) got biatch slapped by the Senate winners. So congrats to coming in first in the second class.
  14. Good v. Evil Spots Open - Both sides of the aisle ...

    No - you won year 1, I won year 2. The Right is still in 0-fer territory.
  15. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    I'm down with all of that, I was just never won over by the Napster Event and the free for all culture that otherwise sane people jumped into simply because it was there. Nor am I swayed by the "sky is falling" opinions when this temporary setback for this massive market adjustment occurs.
  16. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    Are you being asked to pay in order to listen to it?
  17. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    While it may be true in your case by and large that's difficult to prove overall. Boo Hoo, you guys can't get things for free that people work on to make a living.
  18. My local uses the EA Sports site, which comes free with every purchase of Madden. The live scoring works fine, and it allows for smack talk as well with a home page. Not free, but I'd be willing to bet that one of your owners will buy Madden this summer.
  19. Iphone Fans are Dumb!

    To each their own. I saw an iPhone the other day, and asked to take a look at it, and when the light reflected off the full glass surface (good luck on a 3 foot drop with that) there was a big greasy cheek print covering the entire thing. Nasty. You do know you could already hold a Nano's worht of mp3's on your treo, right? Also, I just don't think FASTER internet and a BETTER camera justify the price, because in the end if I need fast inernet I can wait until I get home and if I need better pictures than what a phone can provide (and it's really only handy at the scene of an accident, because I'm not 21 taking picutres in bars) then I bust out my camera outfit.
  20. Absolutely not. He may or may not have an advantage. He's not the only guy who's doing this: that group of them should compete against each other with specific graphite/carbon ratios' or whatever the hell it would be.
  21. Bears' backfield interview

    I won't go so far as to say the guy sucks. He's been a solid special teamer, and you can point out 'late in the game' all you want, but his YPC is something many backs who only appears 'late in the game' do NOT have. Although in the league longer, he's done about what Brandon Jacobs has done: make an impact when called upon. The problem is he's a complete unknown as a full time back, which is fine if you're 3rd string (like last year) but not so hot when you're backing up Cedric Benson, who gets dinged. His ceiling apperas to be, what Brandon Jacobs has done thus far but without the apparent future potential. That's Angelo's fault, but then again he believes in the guy, so he obviously likes his potential Garrett Wolfe looks like fun, and if they put him in the slot he'll have some traction. But that looks to have gone to Hester, with his 'move to offense' so I don't understand why they took Wolfe, with guys like The Nasti from UHawaii on the board. He looks like he can take an NFL hit.
  22. Worst Football Team of All Time?

    The Saints and Cardinals were never in that division. Those were the two wins.
  23. Iphone Fans are Dumb!

    My 2 year old+ Treo 650 does more stuff than the iPhone can. It might only max out at 2GB worth of mp3's, but I can always invest in another SD card to load and carry. No video on the iphone, and the camera isn't much better than existing technology. No wifi, but do you REALLY need wi-fi internet sitting in a park or at a baseball game or in traffic? Oh yeah, I can swap out batteries as well. I'm a big Mac fan, but this is pure hype.
  24. Bears' backfield interview

    In other words, Benson comes off as a biiitch. Great. I'm pulling for him, but he APPEARS to have a sense of entitlement based on very little NFL achievements.
  25. sony cuts price of PS3

    A good rule for this type of stuff: Garbage In = Garbage Out, especially at the consumer level.