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  1. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    2007 Super Bowl? Let me go out on a limb and say Colts v Bears, with the Bears staying in it far longer than people expect, especially with Grossman more or less stinking up the joint. 2008: Pats v Bears in an SBXX rematch.
  2. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    Th' I'm no law expert, if Vick owns the property and rents to a family member without any formal lease, how he avoids the simple technicality of being the liable homeowner will be interesting, but I think ultimately futile.
  3. Houston Texans have $30 million in "dead" cap money!

    Bingo. I read the headline thought about it for a second and wasn't surprised in the least.
  4. LT2

    What makes some of this difficult, is how over the past ten years Season TD totals have simply spiked. Without digging too deep, Emmitt popped this cherry in 1996 with his 20+ TD season, which I think Terry Allen did the following year. Since then, Faulk, Alexander, Holmes, and LT have all reestablished what was thought to be a pretty stiff record to break. None of that was going on before the mid-90's which really skews some of these numbers. Kinda like HR totals in baseball, but there's no jice involved merely different offensive priorities.
  5. Revenge of the Sith

    Lucas couldn't even get that great fight at the end right: "Give it up Anakin, I have the high ground!" So, next time I'm in a light saber battle, run to the nearest hill or staircase to win?
  6. I see that one is able to load a "Personal Photo" seperate from the avatar on your name page. That works fine for me. Is the 'Personal Statement' feature turned off? Because I cannot seem to get one take save, no matter how short. Thanks!
  7. Bank of America SUCKS

    I use BofA in California. In my time with them, I am still unable to understand how their in process transactions are reflected online. In short: I think they're a mess and only clear up after a few days and everything gets 'finalized.' I know that doesn't help, but I can more or less promise you if you take a screen shot of what you're looking at now it will be completely different by Tuesday morning. Also, I'd be surprised if you don't get your money back. BofA is large and much stuff is automated. Getting the right person to fix something that tripeed when it wasn't supposed to isn't very hard and I find when they know something isn't right in my expereince they try to fix it.
  8. Anyone in San Diego area going to Comic Con?

    I think I'mm there for work related schtuff....
  9. Future Hall Of Famers

    What is the major factor in linebacker's getting into the hall? Total tackles or something along those lines? For DBs it would be INTs, as most INT leaders who are DBs are in the Hall, correct? Here's the list of guys with 50+ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Natio...r_interceptions Vasher is on pace with his picks -after three years- http://www.nfl.com/players/playerpage/493100 Nine year career and he's at 45 at his pace. That's a pace that gets him in the hall if he plays 12. That's what this thread is about, isn't it? If he had 8 picks at this point you couldn't even talk about him. http://www.chicagobears.com/team/player78.html Tillman has 14 in four years, which is well off pace so he's not even a maybe.
  10. Now thats a beautiful Bird !

    That was the bird Ben Franklin wanted as the National Symbol and expressed the opinion that the eagle is little more than a flying, malcontent rat.
  11. Future Hall Of Famers

    Well, if we're going to include potential injuries then this thread is pretty much over before it started. Again, you can laugh all you want about Vasher, but he's right on track, whereas those other UiG listed (besides Urlacher and Kruetz) are clearly not.
  12. Future Hall Of Famers

    You should take another look at what Vasher has done in a very short amount of time. If you project his defensive production out, he becomes a very very good shot. In short: he's on pace. Those others, meh. Briggs is the next Warrick Holdman: looks great playing next to Urlacher, but will fall far short of being 'the man' in his own system.
  13. The Huddle

    That's rich.
  14. Remember those Brits?

    So the Australians weren't outnumbered 6 to 1, like the Brits were and used that in their successful standoff. Big deal.
  15. HealthCare

    No - merely pointing out that if it's important enough to the entire country, the resources are there. I'm certainly going to see the film, but do wonder how much mention of medical technology that this country produces and provides to the socialized medicine countries because they cannot innovate as well will be mentioned.
  16. HealthCare

    No - you started yapping about funding and how we'd have to raise taxes, blah blah ablh. Well taxes werent' raised for the war right? So we squandered our chance with that decision. dmarc - I don't care what your bigoted ass has to say so just f off.
  17. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

    I'm almost positive Tillman played nickel at points last year. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that happened at points last season. In the end, Tillman is fine but if I had to pick one it's Vasher without hesitation. Tillman is the Dave Kingman of cornerbacks: can provide the home run play, but strikes out way too much. I was actually surprised that Tillman/Vasher have more INTs over the past 2 seasons than any other CB duo.
  18. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

    No way is he the #1. They nickled him a lot last year, if I'm not mistaken. Given the strength of slot WRs these days I think he's suited for that just fine. And he frankly can't carry Vasher's jock.
  19. HealthCare

    You do realize not pursuing this BS war on trumped up and fake intelligence would pay for a national health care program to insure every American and we'd still have change left over? Doesn't sound like it.
  20. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

    Tillman had that nice "I'm a rookie who just punked Randy Moss in the end zone" his rookie year, but his nickname for me is "toast' he gets burned so much.
  21. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

    Frankly, you should table this argument until after all legal proceedings are finished against both Pacman and henry. Only then can you gauge how the punishments compare to crimes charged.Tank got his wrapped up first, but these guys are still 'in process.'
  22. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

    People might scoff, but his INT rate is right on target with Woodson's for instance - and he wasn't a starter until halfway through his rookie year. PLUS - he's from UT, and lined up against Roy Williams in practice for at least 2 seasons.
  23. I'd push it to 1972, or the year of the Godfather sequel. But after that, you're right. Hell, look at the films from Easy Rider to Godfather 2: you had French Connection, Klute, Bullitt, Wild Bunch, the Godfathers, 2001, etc. Even that little 6 year spurt produced more solid, fine fine films that decades since. Can you really include something like On Golden Pond in the list I just mentioned? I'd put Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, DtRT, and Fight Club. ESB, maybe. But it's terribly thin with a bunch of GOOD films, but not a lot of 'great' ones.
  24. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

    Because Dan Snyder and the owner of the Ravens are going to do the same 'just because.' I'd say it's a positive for the Bears: they're showing who runs the ship, you get a chance after your cock-up but they won't take Sega! after that. Our D Line hasn't been hurt by the Bears decision, it was hurt by Tank's decision.
  25. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

    Which probably means the end of Tillman, but my main man Vasher is HoF'er just waiting to happen.