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  1. all-time a favorite NFL players

    What's that? A solid season of yardage?
  2. Tank Johnson cut from Chicago Bears

  3. Tank Johnson arrested for DUI?

    Better now quite frankly, than for him to take up a spot at camp.
  4. all-time a favorite NFL players

    The best all around player to ever put on football pads: Walter Payton, aka Sweetness.
  5. Overated - Underated WRs,

    Well, look at the TO/Glenn thing. Last year, I took Glenn in the 5th round, expecting those numbers from him since TO would get keyed on by D's. The team that spent the 2nd rounder lost a lot of value, whereas I took my second RB, then grabbed (ironically) Driver, Andre J and Glenn. Sometimes, it can get taken too far though.
  6. Headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands...

    Oh yeah - you'll never think of the sound of a metal ring rapping on glass in the same way again.
  7. Headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands...

    There's a flower market which is stunning. The two museums are nice as well. The best value I found: rent bikes. Their transportation system is stoopid organized: trains run in the middle of the street and provide the barrier between the two lanes of traffic. Outside the car lanes are bike lanes. ALL lanes (including the bike ones) have their own set of signals that are very dialed in. For ten bucks you can get anywhere in the city quickly. You just have to watch where you're going and stop to take in the sites because there's real desire to crane your neck and not watch where you're going. As far as the libations: believe me, no more than 3 grams of anything and you're set for your stay. Be careful with the locals tho: if you decide to share something most cut theirs with tobacco, whereas Americans are known for smoking their 'clean' and I've found that most don't like the other version if they have one they prefer.
  8. china overtakes u.s.

    This is where stupid political decision making is going to cost us. Selective science, ignoring facts, etc. We could be embracing the notion that not only is this stuff contributing to global warming, but we could (if people could simply accept that) be putting resources into technologies that will clear the air better, which we can then sell to this hugh economy to replace what we've lost to outsourcing the past few years. We need to keep evolving or we're going to slip back into the pack. We've lost out in the transportation industry, the IT support industry and have replaced thsoe jobs with....more Wal-Marts and $8/hr jobs. Where's that link Az put up about th guy who firgured out how to turn smokestacks into bongs to clean emissions?
  9. Is it rude to?...

    Rude as SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS !!!. It's not a free for all so don't try to make it one.
  10. I'm a Marvel.... and I'm a DC: After hours

    Meh. OK but only ok. I'd rather them get REALLY nerdy with multiverse bs and stuff. They're trying to be a little too accessible as if someone with a mildly passing interest would invest that much time to watch these.
  11. juneteenth

    Jan 1 didn't mean anything to them until June 19th over 2 years later. Kinda like a first date anniversary compared to a wedding anniversary - which one truly holds more meaning?
  12. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    But if control becomes an issue, Snyder won't let go.
  13. Why the Iphone Will Fail

    With Sprint my video/internet serice is $10/month. if I need more than that I have my own computer.
  14. DA in Duke Case Isnt the Lone Culprit

    But since you spend such time here hanging off of b8Bucket's sack like a leech I'm surprised you haven't embraced the name dicktart. This case is the Tawana Brawley of the 00's. Does that mean Nifong runs for president in 3 cycles?
  15. Why the Iphone Will Fail

    Which is why my Treo 650 can hold 2GB chips' worth of mp3, and I can listen through my combo stereo headset - in short this Mac gu doesn't need an iPhone.
  16. Bears' Harris wants Donovan as Chi-town starter

    Whatever. Tommie Harris is the wrong guy to say it, with his sore ass not even being able to be on the field for the Super Bowl. The Colts beat the Bears 7 or 8 times out of ten, and the Bears caught them on one of those two or three chances. His absence contributed to the loss as well. He needs to drink a tall glass of shut th f up. You go back one year and you'll find posts of mine stating Grossman should be dropped and the Bears should move on. What did he do in his first healthy season? Prove me wrong. I want to see him slinging in a contract year. What's your better, realistic option? Daunte Culpepper?
  17. Bears' Harris wants Donovan as Chi-town starter

    I thinkif Tommie Harris were healthy the Bears could have won that game. He's in no position to say something about another teammate until his own house is in order. El Guapo.
  18. Chris Brown narrows choices

    LenDale Wide?
  19. Vick is all done

    Actually, it's YOU who are the hypocrite: you bring Grossman up to derail the Vick thread. You do so with your smilie icon, thereby expressively laughing at his performance. Yet the D stats you just posted show something: with similar defensive teams, Rex was the QB who went to the Super Bowl, whereas Vick has not. Vick has had 3 more healthy season to do so. And we all now your Vick's biggest sack leach on this board. So how can you be so high on him, yet laugh at a QB who has accomplished more than Vick has? Here's the answer: hypocrisy. Since you like that word so much the show plainly fits in this case. Oh yeah - where have I posed anything in this thread or elsewhere that disparages Vick's QB abilities?
  20. Vick is all done

    Partially wrong - in the two strong playoff appearances they've had with Vick, they had a top ten passing D one year, and a top ten rushing D the other year. Maybe I combined them on my recall. But then again, this isn't about Grossman, the Bears D or even the Flacons D so I'll let his partially successful attempt at changing the subject come to a close. But don't think for a second I'm even hiting at Atlanta's D being as solid as Chicago's. I don't consider it a pushover either, especially seeing as how a good D has determined Vick's playoff success more than he himself has.
  21. Vick is all done

    I certainly think Grossman is worthy of starting.
  22. Vick is all done

    I didn't say that, did I? And before you pin it on the D, keep in mind the D Vick had working for him on his best playoff run. It was pretty f'ing solid as I recall.
  23. Vick is all done

  24. Nolan allowed to wear suits

    Del Rio's suit from last year was terrible - really who wears a teal tie well?