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  1. Bye Bye Bertuzzi

    Football Cheap Shot----broken leg, torn ACL, broken neck =flag and penalty, maybe a fine Helmet to helmet--- career ending concussions, spinal cord damage= flag and a fine Baseball---fastball to head which could lead to blindness or skull fracture=fine, possible suspension Sucker punch in hockey-----------suspension and possible ban for next year? Ya gotta be kidding me. What if the punch had done nothing more than glance off his head and satrt a fight? Then this whole thing is nothing but a footnote. Because the punch caused damage, there is an uproar. Thank god Hockey doesn't police my aforementioned favorite sports. Lawrence "coke head" Taylor would never make it to the Hall of Fame, and my beloved Rocket would never have left Beantown.
  2. Bye Bye Bertuzzi

    A single gunshot looks violent in isolation......in the context of war, it appears the norm. For non-hockey people to comment on this is ridiculous, as Sensai said. Look at other sports and the violence inflicted all around the professional arenas of the world. As a teacher, it is well understood that we channel youth toward athletics as an outlet for the natural violent tendencies we all have. Sports is about the heat of a "battle," the thrill of vistory, the ecstasy of crushing an opponent. Bertuzzi was caught in a moment honoring a time-honered tradition. What he did would be considered criminal outside the sports world---but the fact remaing he committed the act INSIDE the sports world where we live for moments like this..............Let hockey handle it. Remember the old joke, " I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out?" It's the game.
  3. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    hahahaha Good one, Big John! I am still beer free until Saturday! I was dreaming of a beer!
  4. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Example: Who: Willi4---friendly neighborhood pigskin chick What: 7th grade English teacher for 180 days a year---------avid golfer, softball player and bowler the rest........ When: 33 years old Where: Speedsville, Ny (Upstate NY's best trout stream!) Why: It is a more healthy obsession than, say, colecting sharp sticks. Fantasy Bio: About 9 seasons or so........don't rmemeber exactly. Win some, lose some, play in many I am thoroughly depressed after the season ends. Hand me my beer.........
  5. Regional foods of football cities

    Well, as for DC---if the politicians are cooking, them how about a heaping helping of Bullsh*t Pie? I heard they supersize every order!
  6. Regional foods of football cities

    Don't forget dessert! How about a lovely Northeast snowcone? Grab a cupfull of fresh snow an douse in natural maple syrup from the northeast NY maple region for a real adventure, go to the town of Marathon, NY (near Ithaca for you using a Cornell reference, south of Syracuse for those of you using SU)--have some Maple snow, eat at Mijo's, then off to the Three Bear Inn for a beverage.................ahhhhhhhhhhh
  7. Yoko Pettite

    As a long time Yankees fan, I want to stick up for Pettite's wife, too. New York is a high paid pressure cooker. How many millions can a guy spend? Is it his family's fault if Steinny-Heinny threw money at them to start with? Pettite has always stood up for his small-town Christian beliefs, and here he was---pitching in sin-city. I am happy for him to go home to a place where he won't be ostracized by his New York fans for NOT partying. He has a lot of life to lead after baseball. He is building a life for his kids and wife--------as before stated---a Partnership---not an autocracy. Would you rather he leave behind him a dysfunctional family like Mantle? Ted Williams? C'Mon and give him a break.
  8. Andy Pettitte an Astro

    just heard it myself...........for $3 million less than the Yanks. Good for him! I am a yankee fan, but i know he wanted to be in hishome state away from all the pressures of NYC.
  9. Yankees pitching.....

    I am a longtime fan of the Yankees...........and I agree whole heartedly. How stupid does it look when the payroll is bigger than Warren Sapp's butt and they still can't win the pennant? It is about solid fundamentals and letting the COACHES COACH!
  10. Yankees pitching.....

    Wow, Hugh--an Expos fan? You are long suffering. As soon as your team develops talent, they deal it away. Bummer.
  11. Yankees pitching.....

    I am sick of all the hub-bub about rebuilding the Yankees pitching staff. Is is me, or does anyone else notice a slide in hitting skills, hitting approach, runs scored, and the like? What happened to the Yankees of 1996-1999? In 1997, 97, 98, and 99, respectively, the Yankees had 1621, 1636, 1625, and 1568 hits. In that same time period, they averaged 907 runs per season with a team batting average of .287. In the last 4 seasons, they have averaged 862 runs per year, and the team batting average is .272. The problem is not that the pitching staff stinks--it is that the offense is not producing like they used to. Hope Donny Baseball can change all that now that he is hitting coach. I can't stand to watch Soriano free-swing away for another whole season.
  12. Fantasy business proposition...

    This sounds like the ultimate! As a woman of drinking age, I assure you I would be a wonderful customer--and would even drag a boyfriend here [or better yet---meet one wink ] I like the idea of screens under glass and instant tracking. With dish networks and NFL Season ticket, I believe the biggest brawls would be over who gets the remote. I would reach out to other fantasy outlets---there are plenty! Hell, not to show my redneck, but I also play fantasy NASCAR and there is fantasy for the Busch and craftsman truck series, too. Heck---if people compete, somewhere, someone is betting. And with LeBron--PUHLEEZE! Fantasy basketball. Can you just picture the ultimate Fantasy Football Superbowl party? You could even run your own league so people wouldn't be paying for various FF sites---making money there, too. How about this for a piggyback----to reach the under-drinking age demographic have your conference rooms be Playstation and X box tournament rooms---put them in a college town and they will be packed all day and night.......keep the thoughts rollin' thumbs_u