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  1. Team of the "Noughties"

    60's, 70's, 80's ,90's,...............Naughties. Come on fellas keep up.......
  2. Team of the "Noughties"

    Who will be crowned "Team of the noughties". Arguments could be made for all three as all three have superbowls, all three have been playoff regulars and all three have had dominant teams. Some might even throw in Philly but personally I'd just throw em.............3 Straight Championship games and three straight losses. I mean if it wasn't for 2004 we would be talking Bills territory here or at the very least Greg Normanesk. Indy can be in the same breath. So basically, this is how I see it: New England has the title now and can solidify it by winning another SB within the next three years. Indy is in the hunt but New England will stop them head to head. Pittsburg falls from the running with a declining next three years Now Outside looking in Baltimore and Denver maybe. Now if the Cowboys just reel off a string of Superbowl victories we just might pull a suger ray flurry (dazzling late to win the round) and win the hearts and minds of America again and once again be crowned Americas Team, just to rub all you Cowboys haters nose's in it. Then we could win the superbowl in our new stadium and..............BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ...........SMACK just 10 more minutes...........
  3. Brandon Jacobs

    Jacobs is in no way shape or form, ready to be a full time running back in the NFL. He runs upright and would get his legs handed to him on a platter once teams got to him week in and week out. He is not a Bettis, or Campbell. He is tall, huge and fast but that is a lot of weight on those knees and defenders are not going to hit him high just out of fear. So 25 to 30 carries a game means the same amount of hits to the knees and legs because he doesn't run low. I just don't see him an every down back. Goal line absolutely but how much goal line action will he see with Eli at the helm. Hard to see a lineman huffing a puffing for 30 yards then, lining up to do it again. He also has been known to put the ball on the ground a few times. If that continues at all his carries at the goal line will surely go down. Game planning for Jacobs will be much easier then planning for Tiki, I can tell you that for sure. Tiki made a lot of people miss and in very tight spaces. I just don't see Jacobs being able to do that one on one in the hole. He may run over a guy or two for 5 or 6 but not for 50 like Tiki, and not without absorbing some punishment.
  4. Eli, you'll never be as good as your big brother..................NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how hard you try Oh and the reason you can't see the light is because your always in your brothers shadow........... A lot of your success or lack their of, is due to the unfair pressure thrust upon you by the media, fans, critics, teammates, coaches, friends, family, and, well just about everyone your letting down by not winning. I mean really it's not like you've had Harrison and Wayne to throw to or a great RB to hand off too or a great O line to protect you. What do they expect you to do? Hand to ball off to a Hall of Fame Runner like Barber, or throw to guys like Toomer or Burress or a tight end like Shockey all day and win. Man you got it rough kid.............If I were you I'd just quit before they make you start having to drop back to pass without shaking, and start putting goals in front of you like completion percentages, interception ratios, passer ratings and crap. They may just be managing you out dude, it's been a few years now since you snubbed San Diego.......... Just between me an you, that Rivers kid..............he's better n you too!
  5. OH MY GOD!

    Iran just banned that sort of thing!
  6. OH MY GOD!

    HD or Rabbit ears, those brows were raised by a fork lift and waxed by a fella named Serge.
  7. OH MY GOD!

    What? I can't be the only one who can't take another day of Steve Young looking like a surprised, sweet in the pants, talking football............. Those eyebrows kind of look like, well, this.... Am I? I apologize if I offended anyone or raised any eyebrows, with the sweet in the pants comment. I had no intention of harming anyone and I will take out a full page add in the town Gazette to prove my sincerity.
  8. OH MY GOD!

    Everytime Young is close up'ed, I cringe. Someone should have told him "Steve, you can't be on all day looking like that".
  9. 2007 Mystery Huddler #1

    Sorry for that off colored joke Mystery dude, but you gotta admit S.H. did a lot a bad things making it ruff on every man that has the Middle Eastern Shade if you will. Just like Pac Man making it hard for me and the other black folks to innocently take our wads of 80k to the strip clubs.
  10. 2007 Mystery Huddler #1

    If we guess right, we won't be on any list or anything right? I'm not taking any chances, I DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS, NEVER seen the guy before.............. NOTE: to kids Profiling is BAD.
  11. Dallas signs WR, negotiating with Hamlin

    Mcnabb is getting long in the tooth for sure. He's still a player but I don't see him running away from people all the time like he use to. Moreover, after a long scramble he always makes a poor play as a result of fatigue. TO told me that
  12. Dallas signs WR, negotiating with Hamlin

    Hamilin is solid and there to teach Watkins how it's done. Watkins is our Saftey of the future and Hamlin is like, well, bringing in a stake horse to show him how it's done. Watkins is faster and taller and covers more ground the Hamlin but he need work on recognizion, tenacity at the reception point, and becoming a field general all of which can be achieved with his abilities. I like the kid and at 6' 5" could do a lot of hawking back there. One things for sure, with Hamlin and RW back there, wideouts had best keep there heads on a swivel cause jacked up could have a Cowboys opponent on it every week........
  13. September 9th Dallas vs. Giants

    My thoughts exactly, knocking of a Division foe to boot. This time around there won't be any Bledsoe to save them..........
  14. September 9th Dallas vs. Giants

    Eli vs. Romo, I'll take Romo and give you antidepressants......... As always, you’re covered
  15. Dallas re-signs Colombo

    Oh yeah, very solid move. O-line starting to remind me of the glory days when the 2 and 3 gaps were open and the QB was upright.