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  1. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    I can never look at (or hell, use) that avatar the same way again.
  2. Scorsese, Shamalan, Spielberg, Mel Brooks

    Mel Brooks - Spaceballs Spielberg - Raiders of the Lost Ark (honorable mention: The Goonies) Scorsese - Goodfellas Shyamalan - edit... actually, I like all of his directed movies (minus his first two, which I've never seen) about the same... I guess Sixth Sense would be tops if I had to pick
  3. I Need The Wisdom of The Huddle

    No way would I hire an architect for a simple add-on. Check out your local Craigslist or better yet, contact a local community college and find a well-trained CAD designer. Perch and nuke provide good info, above.
  4. Jets/Giants Fans & NJ/NY Huddlers

    You might want to contact Rovers, too.
  5. Baseball question...

    That's what I thought, but I could have sworn I read somewhere - or heard somewhere - where this was not the case. Makes sense though.
  6. Baseball question...

    Don't want to hijack but it looks like this question is all but answered.... that said, here's one for y'all..... So they show a pitcher's pitch count, and break it down by balls and strikes. Say Joe Schmoe has a pitch count of 80, with 50 strikes and 30 balls. However, he threw "x amount" of pitches that were fouled off with 2 strikes. What happens to those pitches in the pitch count? I'm assuming it just doesn't get counted, as it is neither ball nor strike... but odd, because it is in fact still a "pitch".
  7. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    Chalk me up for remembering that avatar despite being a forgetful fool lately.
  8. WCOFF role call....

    This'll probably be me. I have a wireless broadband card and I'm not in the draft room this time around. I will be getting updates from the guys drafting our team, so I can keep y'all abreast of what we're doing. And of course many updates throughout the weekend.
  9. WCOFF role call....

    Yup. Possibly......
  10. So, what should I wear to meet dmd?

    I assume Pinkston jersey and Minnie Mouse ears is just played out at this point?
  11. Happy Birthday!

    Still 49 minutes for me OK 48.
  12. Happy Birthday!

    Yeah no kidding, good call actually. I only get 4 hours of sleep tonight so I need to make those hours count. Thanks kiddo. The toilet has no idea what's about to happen to it. Maybe someday I'll find myself in Detroit.
  13. On-line Dating sites?

    OK, only a semi- I met my wife THROUGH Yahoo Personals, sorta. I was on match.com (got a free 6-month membership) and Yahoo! Personals (got it free through my DSL provider) and found both to be about the same. I met this chick who was from the same city as where I was, grew up there, etc... it wasn't in the cards for us, but she said "hey, you should meet my friend". Friend ended up being the wife. The girl's one of our good friends, her maid of honor, blah blah blah.
  14. Animate yourself Simpsons style

    I'm on it now, but it's taking forever to upload my photo.