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  1. Yeah good luck with that.
  2. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    Nice job, everyone! Could you please check the Devy tracker post, above, to make sure I have the right names. TFord will be loading them into MFL if he has not already. You should check there too.
  3. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Adams? They would just franchise him.
  4. Waddle = Ruggs?

    Robinson was an undrafted rookie out of a small school. Nice story, but Etienne is on a whole 'nother level. Anyways... back to Waddle. I think he'll be no worse than Tyler Lockett, and has more pure speed.
  5. Waddle = Ruggs?

    I see where someone could confuse Ruggs and Waddle. Very similar in many ways, but to me Ruggs was always a speed guy ONLY. Waddle, to me, runs a much more complex route tree. The familiarity with Tua could prove huge. I don't think he will put up consistent enough numbers to be a true #1 fantasy WR but if you plug him in as your 2nd WR in a typical league I think you'll be pleased.
  6. Trade - Fireflies and Longhorns

    Huntington Beach Longhorns $15 blind bidding dollars Fireflies Year 2021 Draft Pick 3.08
  7. Trade: Cocks / Footlongs

    cocks... footlongs...
  8. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    Pick a benchmark for over/under on PPR fantasy points and we'll make a bet. I would contend he finishes no worse than WR25 in PPR. Some of the best fantasy producers are WRs on crappy teams since they will likely be playing from behind a lot. There are already reports of Perriman and Goff working together in LA and Goff's abilities line up well with Perriman does route-wise, so I would not be surprised if Perriman ends up as a fantasy WR2. You need to stop being so dismissive of others' opinions.
  9. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    This guy just screams fantasy climber. Had some OK games w/ Jets and could get a TON of garbage-time fantasy points this year.
  10. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Good golly, man.... you are reading WAY too much into that.
  11. Longhorns/Crabs Trade

    that pick sure got around, but Paye will be a DL1 in 2-3 years
  12. Longhorns/Crabs Trade

  13. Rodgers wants out of GB

    AJ Hawk, who is one of Rodger's best friends, says there's no way he retires. And he said there's very little chance that he's calling for the GM's firing. So it looks like he'll either be traded or the fences will somehow be mended.
  14. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Who knows what'll happen.... but truth is the NFL has become the best reality show out there!
  15. Rodgers wants out of GB

    It's "Rodgers".