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  1. That sinking feeling

    Partially true; as this particular league I consider my "main league" as I've been in it the longest. Getting screwed in another dynasty where I lost Deebo and will be without Taylor and Goedert next week. But that's just for playoff seeding. Good luck to all next week, while I'm thinkin of it!
  2. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    That's dumb.
  3. That sinking feeling

    That sinking feeling when you expend a ton of draft capital to land guys like Chase Claypool because your RB/WRs are hurting and you know with just one more solid player you should easily dominate your division and be a playoff contender. And after all of that, you get to Week 14 when the playoffs start, and Claypool is garbage and Keenan Allen and Adam Thielen are both likely out, and Barkley has been garbage too. So after all that work, you probably lose in the 1st round. That's gonna be another sinking feeling.
  4. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    That's just great. No word on if he's vaccinated, in which case he'd just need two negative tests to come back. Of course in the league I have him I also lost Thielen. This season has been a clustereff.
  5. What Do You Need Week 13 MNF

    With Kyle Dugger out, Phillips should reach double digit fantasy points. Sorry brah.
  6. What Do You Need Week 13 MNF

    Guillotine - Somehow need Allen, Diggs and Harris to score less than 10 points combined. 10-team standard - Up by 37, facing Hunter Henry. I'm good here. 12-team PPR redraft - Up by 29ish, facing NEP D. Should be OK. 12-team PPR redraft - Up by 68 facing NEP D. OK here too. 16-team 0.5 PPR dynasty - Down 43 with Allen left to go. I doubt he gets it. 12-team PPR dynasty - Down 18 with Sanders against Knox and Tremaine Edmunds. I'm done for. 12-team PPR dynasty - Down like 74 with JaWuan Bentley (LB), Nick Folk and Matt Breida against Adrian Phillips. Eh... not impossible but doubt I get it. 14-team PPR dynasty - Up 45 with my Diggs and Micah Hyde against Folk. I'm good here. 12-team PPR dynasty - Down 112 with Allen, Brandon Bolden, Edmunds and Phillips against Taron Johnson (CB). Stranger things have happened.
  7. Players You’re Disgusted With

    Pitts, while uber-talented, is still a rookie. Rookie TEs rarely make any kind of splash. I would expect a lot more in Year 2 and beyond. Especially if Ridley comes back strong in 2022.
  8. HB Longhorn Roster 2021

    Ricky Seals Jones - 2 year deal please @Tford i wasn't sure where in MFL to do this, can you please take care of it? thanks dude.
  9. Week 11 Waiver Run notes

    @Tford - could you assign 2 years to Brandon Jones, please? I would do it myself, but a] it's my player and b] I don't know how to do it in MFL Thanks dude!
  10. Players You’re Disgusted With

    Saquon Barkley. Maybe a good chunk of it isn't his fault, but the guy is uber-talented, and can't seem to produce. Whether it's injury or just poor play or maybe it is all coaching / play-calling? The guy remains near the top of just about every dynasty rankings list, and yet he can't put up double digit fantasy points in a PPR league? I've tried to trade him but I of course just get low-balled, and probably for good reason. I can't drop the guy.
  11. Weekly IDP Help

  12. Anyone have start/sit questions on the IDP side? Let 'em rip... I'm here for you.
  13. Trade - Beirut/HB

    Beirut Shisha Harris, Charles DET DE Ogbah, Emmanuel MIA DE Huntington Beach Longhorns Year 2022 Round 4 Draft Pick from Favre Dollar Footlongs Year 2023 Round 8 Draft Pick from Huntington Beach Longhorns
  14. Not touching this. I made the mistake of picking up and playing Ty Johnson last week. Not making that mistake again.
  15. What do you need tonight - Week 12 MNF

    16-team IDP PPR dynasty: need Jordyn Brooks and Landon Collins to score less than 103. I think I'm good. 12-team IDP PPR dynasty: I am up by 2ish, and have Taylor Heinicke and Landon Collins. Facing Russ Wilson. I should be good if Heinicke plays up to snuff. This is the one I'm watching closest. 12-team IDP PPR dynasty: down 19 with Jamal Adams vs. his Tyler Lockett. I'm screwed. 12-team IDP dynasty with goofy scoring: up 40 facing Brooks and Collins again. I'm good here. 12-team IDP PPR dynasty: up 10 with Bobby Wagner vs. his Metcalf and Quandre Diggs. Gonna be a nailbiter here too.
  16. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    what a clustereff of a season
  17. M. Gordon III injured

    Steve gonna Steve.
  18. Happy Thanksgiving Huddlers!

    This. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Back to the grind.
  19. Hurts hurts

    It's one game. It's funny how you stick up for Mayfield and then post junk like this. I'm no Iggle fan, but it sure looked like they had discovered something. I'd bet they get back to it next week.
  20. Dallas Cowboys consider sitting Ezekiel Elliott

    I'm glad I have Pollard in the league where I have Zeke. It'll be nice to start one without having the other to split carries with. Not a great matchup for any RB, though, although either DAL RB would make up for it in catches out of the backfield.
  21. Report: Most Bears players want Nagy fired

    Right, it was said to be untrue. But I don't see how he makes it to 2022 with this team. Firing him on Thanksgiving would have been weak.
  22. HB Longhorn Roster 2021

    Thanks. This morning I promoted Kyle Dugger (5). Let me know if I didn't do something right.
  23. Poop!

    Man, I think there's something wrong with me. There are times I can't even go 15 minutes without having to take a dump (and a greasy nasty one at that) after eating a meal. Got any good poop stories? I have a good one that I'll tell later in the thread. Go!
  24. Poop!

    No offense but that's freaking insane.
  25. Poop!

    But it's soooo gooooooood