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  1. Philly TE situation

    Zach Ertz is out at least a week or two, and has kinda been crappy anyways. Dallas Goedert may come off IR this week (any inside info from Philly homers?) and would be a solid start against NYG if he is able to play Thursday night. Otherwise, does Richard Rodgers get all the TE targets? If so, he would be a nice plug-and-play this week. Thoughts from y'all on the east coast or with knowledge of the situation? Everything I've read has led to inconclusive results.
  2. Longhorns Roster moves 2020

    Put Dobbins on DTS, dropped Cephus to make room Please IR OBJ, Marlon Mack and Landon Collins.
  3. TRADE - Giant/Longhorns

    rollin' the dice
  4. Godwin to have finger surgery

    [BigJohn] Godwin did not go to the University of Michigan [/BigJohn]
  5. Mike Evans done?

    Well... to be perfectly clear I got a 1st and 3rd for him and Ronald Jones. I am not a believer in Jones, so I equated it with Jones for the 3rd and Evans for the 1st. Anyways, don't want to get too off track here. I think Evans is going to have some big games down the stretch with AB taking some of the underneath coverage. We'll see.
  6. Mike Evans done?

    I was able to get a 1st round rookie pick out of him last week in a dynasty league. I think I scored on that one, especially since I'm rebuilding.
  7. Antonio Brown burns my ass

    Yup, per Schefter. Man, if AB is on point that offense is going to be SICK.
  8. Antonio Brown burns my ass

    Looks like AB is headed to Tampa. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/antonio-brown-visit-tampa-bay
  9. Tua Time in Miami

    It's not really an "issue", other than odd timing considering the Dolphins' record, Fitz's play, and the fact that the division is winnable with Brady in the other conference and both the Bills and Pats coming back to Earth a bit the past couple of weeks. If Tua comes in and is overly impressive and/or way better than what Fitz was providing, well then both myself and a host of other armchair QBs were wrong. Brian Flores seems like a smart guy, so perhaps I'm just flat wrong.... it's just the timing.
  10. Tua Time in Miami

    If they cared about winning the division they wouldn't mess with what has been working already, which is Fitz at QB. A change to a rookie QB that had no training camp at this point signals to most folks that they don't care.
  11. Philly TE situation

    Welp, Rodgers turned in an OK outing: 12.5 points in PPR. Looks like he'll be an OK plug-and-play for the next few weeks.
  12. Tua Time in Miami

    Why would that matter? They clearly don't care about winning this season otherwise they wouldn't make the switch. If Tua were to go down, who cares? They've already thrown in the towel.
  13. Tua Time in Miami

    No way they trade him to the Jets. Darnold is due back, and not seeing them trading him to a division rival. Not seeing Washington. They are a hot mess, except that defense. Dallas? I dunno, everyone seems to think Dalton will eventually settle into the role that's been presented to him. Bringing in a QB cold with no knowledge of the offense? I think they'd just be best to stick with Dalton, but what do I know.....
  14. NFL schedule change for Week 7

    What's important to know here is they're doing this just in case they have to postpone the TBB/LVR game since there were some positive tests coming from the Raiders. This could be yet another cluster-eff.
  15. Philly TE situation

    Are they converting him to TE? They should. Just Googled, looks like they are trying him at TE. I think he could be a stud there. When Ertz retires or moves on maybe they go with Goedert and Butler, if it pans out.
  16. Philly TE situation

    This article seems to indicate he's coming back, but we only have about 24 hours to figure this all out. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/dallas-goedert-fantasy-outlook-is-he-a-must-add-in-fantasy-for-week-7/
  17. Philly TE situation

    What are local honks saying about Goedert? Is he on track to come off IR?
  18. Trade - Beirut/HB

    Beirut Shisha Valdes-Scantling, Marquez GBP WR Ward, Greg PHI WR Tavai, Jahlani DET LB Huntington Beach Longhorns Year 2022 Round 6 Draft Pick from The 4 Star Year 2022 Round 7 Draft Pick from Huntington Beach Longhorns
  19. Tua Time in Miami

    Wondering why they'd do this. Miami has a legit chance to win the AFL-E with NEP sucking wind after a hot start and Buffalo coming back to Earth a bit. Fitz has been solid, not sure what the point of this is. Unless of course they think SUPER highly of Tua already and have a plan in place to trade Fitz to someone that's willing to give a pretty penny. We'll see.
  20. Adam Gase

    Totally disagree, he has looked more than decent in spots with junk at skill positions and along the OL.
  21. RIP Fred Dean

    I didn't, since the OP included a pretty comprehensive tweet. But I didn't know who he was. I thought Fred Dean was the guy who played Herman Munster. That said, RIP Mr. Dean.
  22. Graphics links broken?

    The icon that shows you that there are "new posts" or where you've posted in a thread is broken. There are several other graphics files that have broken links, too... like The Huddle icon on the top left of the screen. I have cleared cookies/browsing history and even tried other browsers. Can you get this fixed?
  23. Bell released';

    I can't believe I dropped that guy off a dynasty team. He looked like fodder, especially with signing of both Brieda and Howard. Who woulda thunk it. I could have probably got a 1st round rookie draft pick out of him at this point. DOH.
  24. Graphics links broken?

    This is crazy. You'd think this would be an easy fix for whoever hosts the forums. I know DMD cares about us, but the forums host probably doesn't give a crap.
  25. Bell released';

    Bell has narrowed his choices to the Chiefs (God please no, signed CEH owner), Miami and Buffalo. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/report-chicago-bears-out-leveon-bell-free-agent-signing-sweepstakes