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  1. This is correct, although I think Riff was using "house" as meaning the stadium... but still... yeah. Chargers' facility is in my hometown of Costa Mesa, which is in Orange County, about an hour southeast of the stadium, while the Rams facility is in Thousand Oaks, which is about an hour northeast of the facility.
  2. Ravens release Mark Ingram

    I'd bet they stick with Edwards. He is the perfect complement to Dobbins and Jackson with how the Ravens run the ball.
  3. Ravens release Mark Ingram

    Half right; the 1B is already on the team (Edwards). I'd love to see Ingram in Chicago. He could spell Montgomery for 8-10 carries a game.
  4. Yay more pillow fights from two of the bestest here. Now, back to actual discussion.... Guess I should have read this before posting in the Indy thread. Wonder what McDaniels thinks of Hurts vs. Wentz. Something tells me he is more in the Wentz camp, but I could be wrong and disclaimer: I did not read any of the articles posted in this thread.
  5. Phillip Rivers retires

    Could be. But who knows who they hire and who that hire feels is the QB of the future. Both Wentz and Hurts fit the mold of the "new school QB" but Hurts takes it to another level. As a Wentz owner in a superflex dynasty, I just hope the guy gets a chance. And as to not derail the thread, I think Indy would be awesome with Wentz under center. Brissett would be a lower-end QB2 fantasy-wise.
  6. Phillip Rivers retires

    I think Brissett has enough talent to run that offense. They are going to start leaning on Jonathan Taylor even more as he progresses anyways. That being said, maybe there's a chance that the new regime in Philly thinks that Wentz is not the answer and Hurts is... and Wentz can reunite with his old coach.
  7. Will Patrick Mahomes Play Sunday in Chiefs-Bills?

    Dumbasz Colin Cowherd was saying they should postpone the game so Mahomes can fully recover. That dude is such a dolt sometimes. I like listening to him because he talks a lot of NFL and NBA and not much else... plus there's nothing else on at the time... but jeez man, quit flinging poo against the wall to see what sticks. Guys like him and Clay Travis drive me batty. Just shut up man.
  8. Jets hire 49ers dc Robert Saleh as new head coach

    Wonder how this affects the Niners D. They are stacked but Saleh was the leader there in terms of that vaunted D. Jets need a couple/few years to get better.
  9. I didn't realize A-Rob was an UFA. If they can't re-sign him, that team would be lucky to go 8-8. Mooney is not a #1.
  10. Sigh. Looking forward to another 8-8ish type of season next year... either just missing the playoffs or finding a way in, only to lose in the first round. They need to hit multiple homeruns on draft picks this coming April. I like Allen Robinson but he just doesn't do it for me as a true #1 WR. Darnell Mooney has promise but he's not a prototypical #1 either. Cole Kmet shows promise and I think we can experiment with Mitch Trubisky another year. Love David Montgomery. Defense is solid but losing Pagano is going to sting unless they can find a hotshot with some great ideas as to how to unleash Khalil Mack a little more.
  11. MVP Rogers-Mahomes why not J Allen

    Yeah, you can say "where would Team X be without Player Y" for just about every competitive team. And that is usually the QB. So while Mayfield may not be in the MVP conversation, he was obviously incredibly important to the Browns' success this year. Same with Allen, Rodgers, Mahomes, etc. The question is who was the MOST valuable. All are "valuable". I think in this case Rodgers is the clear winner this year, but Allen deserves at least some consideration. He was incredible, and will be for quite some time. The Bills are going to be the class of the AFC-East for years to come now that Brady is gone. E2A the page-turning (sorry, tried to do this in the OG thread but kept missing )
  12. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Feel free to throw out rules ideas or point out where there are deficiencies in the current constitution. Thanks.
  13. Rumor: Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia

    You keep saying this, and I certainly respect your opinion as an Iggle fan, but everything I am reading from every other source, be it Philly-based or not, seems to think that Hurts is their QB of not only 2021-22, but beyond. So.....
  14. Graphics links broken?

    The icon that shows you that there are "new posts" or where you've posted in a thread is broken. There are several other graphics files that have broken links, too... like The Huddle icon on the top left of the screen. I have cleared cookies/browsing history and even tried other browsers. Can you get this fixed?

    AFC Team AQB: KC-Patrick Mahomes ARB1: BAL-J.K. Dobbins ARB2: KC-Le'Veon Bell ARB3: KC-Darrel Williams ATE: KC-Travis Kelce AWR1: KC-Tyreek Hill AWR2: BUF-Cole Beasley AWR3: PIT-Chase Claypool AWR4: BUF-Gabriel Davis APK: KC-Harrison Butker ADEF: KC-Chiefs NFC Team NQB: GB-Aaron Rodgers NRB1: GB-Aaron Jones NRB2: NO-Latavius Murray NRB3: GB-AJ Dillon NTE: GB-Robert Tonyan NWR1: GB-Davante Adams NWR2: NO-Emmanuel Sanders NWR3: GB-Marquez Valdes-Scantling NWR4: GB-Equanimeous St. Brown NPK: GB-Mason Crosby NDEF: GB-Packers Tiebreaker #1 - 333 Tiebreaker #2 - 43
  16. *** SPIT Tournament is starting ***

    Please remind me, this is a "use 'em once only" deal, yeah?
  17. Chargers fire Anthony Lynn

    Some are saying the development of Herbert is thanks to the QB coach Pep Hamilton, not Lynn. That said I think Lynn didn't get a fair shake here.
  18. Chargers fire Anthony Lynn

    Not sure if I'm a fan of that move if I'm a Bolts fan, but oh well. He will land somewhere.
  19. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Losing CMC had to sting, but Josh Allen and Robby Anderson were solid choices.
  20. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Doh. Once again I'm in the middle of the pack Ah well, at least I'm not @loaf aaaaaaaahahha
  21. Returning for 2021?

    Well guys, we made it through fairly unscathed. COVID gave us some heartburn but we got through. Congrats to Dragline for winning it all! Could you please post your intentions to return (or not) here? Hopefully we have everyone coming back. I am in. Thanks! ---------- In darin3 Tford Allen Stephey Outtie Eric (Godfathers)
  22. Signature edit?

    Anyone know where to go / how to edit your signature? Can't seem to find anything on the "edit profile" thingy. Thanks.
  23. 2020 Payouts

    Congrats to @Dragline for taking the championship. @terminader55 takes second, nice job. Third goes to @RodneyRules and @Tford is fourth. Need payout instructions from the first three. Please contact @HarleyKR07 (and thanks for handling the cash) I will start posting info on the '21 season soon. I will also post a thread regarding who's in and who's (hopefully not) out. Thanks for a great season!
  24. I already won in one dynasty league, with my opponent being done and I'm up by a healthy margin with Diggs and John Simon (DL) still going tonight. I already lost in another dynasty; made the wrong decision on a linebacker. Jamie Collins was out and I made a last-minute switch to Bobby Okereke. Shoulda gone with Cory Littleton... woulda won by 4 points. Instead I lose by 7. Doh. Currently up in a 3rd place game by 70+ in another dynasty, with my Tremaine Edmunds to his Chase Winovich. So I got that locked up. Lost in a redraft where I definitely had the better team on paper, but got Brady'ed. Opponent also had CJ Beathard who came out of nowhere along with Jamison Crowder and Sterling Shepard who both over-performed. Good luck to all of you still competing, hope you take 'em down!
  25. Awesome, a slapfight between THESE two. I genuinely hope DirecTV somehow keeps Red Zone. I seriously don't want to have to manage through a change in service providers. I am fine calling them every August and getting a new package. Reading Gopher's post, sounds like Fubo is good but I would absolutely NEED TNT. I could not do without their 8 or whatever NBA games every week. Watching sports keeps me somewhat sane and once football is over I absolutely need the NBA. I would probably just "borrow" my parents login to their cable provider's website and use that to log into TNT online and watch on my iPad, I suppose. I hate change.