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  1. Who do I start in my flex?

    I’d go w/ Wilson
  2. AB or Coutee?

    I’m in similar. I would go AB slightly and Clev (key defensive injuries on Chicago)
  3. If Mostert plays I would go Andrews
  4. Tough to Trust Jacobs — Him or JK

    Thanks, that is my lean
  5. Need Start Advice - Timely!

    I would go Jefferson and Lamar
  6. Having a hard time rolling with Josh Jacobs. I am starting 3 of 4: Henry, Montgomery, Jacobs and JK. I am locking in Henry and Montgomery. who would you start Jacobs vs LAC or JK vs Jax thanks
  7. Jacobs or Sanders?

    That is tough, I am in a similar I am struggling with Jacobs or JK vs JAX. I am leaning toward JK. In your situation I think I would go Sanders. I still having a hard time trusting Jacobs with the ankle. What do you think Jacobs vs JK?
  8. Another "who do I keep"

    I agree with LT, Benson, Harrison and TO. I would like at the potential guys in the draft pool and draft position and ma sub in Kitna for Benson or TO depending on the depth of the draft. If there are a lot of QBs then you could probably get Kitna anyway.
  9. 2 Keepers

    I think first round potential players that will be available are: QB: Bulger RB: Henry (my drop) Addai Westbrook or Bush Mcgahee Portis Brown Edge WR T.O. (if I drop) Harrison (maybe) Chad J Holt Assuming that the teams ahead of me will select RB's as I probably will (Addai, Westbrook and Brown will probably be gone) Thanks
  10. 2 Keepers

    Thanks for the reply. All TD's are worth 6 pts and it is not a PPR league.
  11. Have to Keep Four of These Guys...Not Easy

    I agree with the consensus of Benson and Davis, but I think Clayton is the best WR. And for this year only I would lean to Jennings over Cotchery. I would not consider Betts because I would be looking for clear cut starters as keepers.
  12. 2 Keepers

    I am joining a keeper league and taking a team over from another owner. I must keep two players from different positions. The players on the roster worth keeping are Shawn Alexander, Travis Henry, Marc Bulger and T.O. I will be drafting 4th in the draft and I plan to keep Alexander but I am stuck between T.O. and Bulger for the other keeper.
  13. WDIS at RB

    I would go w/ D Williams. Car has been looking for the excuse to make him their feature RB, good chance w/ Foster banged up.