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  1. Who's the Snitch?

    According to Golic this morn, the Raiders must be dumber than dirt - way that usually works is someone snitches to NFLPA, who goes to league, who tells the Raiders - "we're coming next Tues to review cause we had a complaint".... said it's been the same for 30 years, and what happens is the "next Tues" practice is different than every other one
  2. NFL Ticket

    Question - how many of us would be DirecTV subsc. if it wasn't for the ticket? I wouldn't - for what I have, way too much money, and I tell that to every competitor that calls me - get the NFL, I'll switch However, agree with the majority - I'd have paid $500 for it starting a 10 years ago. 5% increase a year for inflation and improvements... Being in marketing with a specialty in pricing, they'll keep upping it till they get less signups then the year before (that's free market economics) and then measure it all out. Yes, I wish it was cheaper, but also wish gas was $1.50 a gallon....(and considering at this point, for 5 tanks of gas I get to watch any game I want, Tivo those I miss, and see every Eagles play of the season...going to be a bargain forever)
  3. Uh, what the hell happened last night?

    scared the crap out of me....going back now just cause I got off there as fast as possible I do like the attitude of "change is good" though
  4. 2007 Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Went other - just seems to be the case more so than not the last few years that an "other" due much more to situation than talent gets the chance to make an impression quickly and does so.
  5. What book are you currently reading?

    I found this interesting - just some of the behind the scenes "personel" type stuff.
  6. Gas Grill

    I do this too - turn it off 90% of the time (more due to loss of propane - minimal, but enough to make me do it), but the 10% of the time I'll come back, think "hmm, somethign seems weird" as I'm turning it the other way, turn on burners, and get a little spurt, then nothing - think "crap - out of gas..." Then remember, turn other way, adn when I finally get it all taken care of, light it and cause I was screwing around figuring it all out, have a nice fireball....
  7. What book are you currently reading?

    A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe - buddy of mine gave it to me. Pretty good, but also very interesting cause I lived in Atlanta for 10 years and the book is very location oriented, so recognize a lot of places
  8. Proper Baseball etiquette

    just club the fat-ass over the head with the 40 you got in your pocket wrapped in the paper bag...
  9. Who were you in highschool?

    drunk valedictorian semi-jock (was more geek in junior high, then discovered beer in freshman year, and came to the realization i could be both a drunk and get good grades) was kindof a "floater" when it came to the cliques - just would jump around with groups - made me not all that tight with many, but friends with a lot of people - of my long time (10+ year) friends, not one is from high school - all either college or after or from family friends
  10. Stupidest thing you ever did in a car?

    umm - yea - had a crazy girlfriend (to give you an idea, my friends starting calling us Sid and Nancy, and by no means was it due to me) - she decided we had to do this and did all the work (relatively quiet back road at night) Again, wasn't smart and really wasn't relatively enjoyable
  11. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    this seriuosly made 3 pages? lets boil it down - the Eagles don't have a superbowl trophy, and they are currently (last 6 years+) the dominant team in the NFC East How can all those two pretty indisputable facts lead to 3 pages (and really 3000 over the last few years)
  12. My first draft of the year

    THe Rudi pick I'm a bit surprised, but understand with it being so early and projections not done. You have a "muddle" team - no one that's a full out stud (save Fitz and Bal Def) at their position, but you may muddle your way to a playoff berth. With the QB scoring being so important, definitely need CJ to be as good as advertised to get Kitna up there. Curious - what number QB drafted was Kitna?
  13. craziest draft ever

    Interesting, but not necessarily shocking: Rudi - he'll go soon, and of the list, probably the most surprising, but there's a lot of people that think he's a "good" back, but not great. SA - age and recent injury - for a dynasty draft, those matter a LOT more than redraft Ronnie B - along with Caddy - are they the guys from rookie years, or are they 3.2 YPC guys who will be RBBC at best by years end and fade out a bit Portis - just doesn't seem to carry teams anywhere and gets hurt too much FWP - ok, this took me a minute to figure out who it was - young, fast, puts up good numbers...but do most think of him as a top 10 NFL back for the next 5 years? I'll say this though - any one of those not having been taken when say Lynch and Gates have....not shocking. All 5, a bit shocking.
  14. Bad news for the Steelers

    Dead on comment here for just about everyone who's a fan of any team (well, not sure Detroit fans ever say this).
  15. Stupidest thing you ever did in a car?

    That's like a universal thing - i drove a lot cause I had a big old chevy impala and we could easily get 6 people and a cooler in there...
  16. Traveler - new show

    Anyone catch it last night? Intriguing concept, although so far the casting left a LOT to be desired - neither of the two main leads fit the role at all. Probably watch it again (DVR is a wonderful thing) but expected a bit more. (for those that didn't see - show about three grad school kids that start a road trip in NY, but turns out one is some sort of terrorist who blows up an art museum, possibly for financial reasons, and the other two are now the prime suspects although really had nothing to do with it) A lot of unbelievable crap (the biggest one to me being that the guy's girlfriend wouldn't have already been under surveillance)....more I think about it, less impressed I was
  17. Bad Luck Date

    is Today allowed - my cell/blackberry broke, our digital camera broke, i tore up my hand at home depot, and my wife's ATM card gets declined at the starbucks in the airport as she's beginning a trip, completely freaking her out. I call the bank on that last one (after checking the account and seeing no issues online) - their answer essentially after an hour of first convincing them it's me and my wife and then pressing for the "why" they shut it down - between some shopping (for a dress to wear to the wedding she's traveling to..and shoes..and whatever the heck else she got), two trips to hair stylist in 4 days (shoot me)...and then hitting the airport, somehow that tripped their new fraud system put in for "terrorist" reasons (no lie - woman blamed it on that)....now, weddings are scary, but for christ sake I started essentially yelling "it was STARBUCKS, not GunsRUs" - good news is, still got 90 minutes till 2nd child is asleep then hours of some painting and other work around here - meaning at least 4 or 5 other things could happen before today ends.
  18. Friday Night Lights Fans

    some good news on the show front
  19. Stupidest thing you ever did in a car?

    Man, I was thinking about it and it's amazing I'm alive. Between youth = indestructibility feelings years ago, too fast driving, some just dumb/unlucky crap, and sometimes having a few too many probably.... few hummers, and one dose of straight out sex....which has to be near the top of dumb things (and honestly wasn't even enjoyable since I was mostly scared it would result in a wreck)
  20. What is your post count ?

    well that was somewhat akin to when I tell my wife "about 9 inches" and she comes back with "sure your not confusing inches and centimeters?"
  21. Wake up and smell the....

    is anyone elses car, which is hundreds of miles from a fire, covered in ash? I couldn't figure out where all the dirt came from on our cars...then my wife said "looks like someone smoked and scattered their ashes all over our cars last night" - dawned on both of us at same time that crap blew hundreds of miles
  22. Need a boy name

    another vote for Alexander (my 9 month old's name)
  23. What is your post count ?

    because i don't want to look it up - somewhere in the 4 to 5k range...spread out in very uneven blocks of a week or two of 25 to 50 a day...then a month or 7 of 3 per week...over many years
  24. Wake up and smell the....

    We got it in Tampa/St Pete on Tues and then again today - seems to be off/on based on wind patterns. Gotta think it'll make the TPC that much tougher - standing over that 140 yd 17th hole to the island green, but all you can think of is "sh*t, am i about to burn up".....lots of balls in the water
  25. Coach Blitz?

    To get back to your question (I'll assume you were truly asking one here)....yes Has nothing to do with fat catchers, competitive or not, blah blah blah. Does have to do with the fact he asked you a question ("wanna coach", and after answering, you decided to go on a rant that whether factual or not (and no one on this board can truly judge that other than yourself) isn't needed in this letter. I'm already getting mentally drained about my kids and sports, and my oldest is 22 months....