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  1. Bears trade up to draft Trubisky

    I hear the Vikings could trade Randy Moss.
  2. Ravens at Steelers

    12 - 7 Steelers leading at the half. Low scoring as expected.
  3. Will Fuller suspended 6 games

    Exactly. He went from a deep threat with so-so hands capable of a blowup game once in a while to an elite WR1 who stayed healthy. I was starting to think his injuries from past seasons were just bad luck. And Deshaun Watson's receiver corps looks thin.
  4. Bears vs Packers (SNF)

    The Bears have lost five straight games.
  5. Bears vs Packers (SNF)

    Yup. We didn't want Mahomes or Watson. Trubisky is our guy.
  6. Almost forgot... Tebow time! Tebow time! Tebow time!
  7. Can they get John Elway to come out of retirement? Seriously, making them play without a quarterback is ridiculous.
  8. Covid Thread- All things Covid and the NFL

    I didn't know that. Maybe they should just postpone it.
  9. Covid Thread- All things Covid and the NFL

    Seriously, the Broncos should just forfeit or at least the league should postpone the game. A fourth string emergency qb starting?
  10. Covid Thread- All things Covid and the NFL

    Hope those guys are all okay. Saints defense looking good.
  11. Patricia and Lions GM fired

    Had a feeling Patricia was gone after his team's Thanksgiving tank job. Thought the Lions would wait until Monday to launch him. And the Patriot way fails outside Foxborough yet again.
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30406696/indianapolis-colts-place-rb-jonathan-taylor-reserve-covid-19-list
  13. Washington vs Cowboys (Thanksgiving Day)

    The Bears screwed up the second overall pick in the 2017 draft, passing on Mahomes and Watson and picking Trubisky. Can J.J. do worse?