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  1. Panthers vs Texans (TNF)

  2. Panthers vs Texans (TNF)

  3. Detroit vs Green Bay (MNF)

    TD Hockenson. Detroit up 14-7.
  4. Saquon Barkley .... yikes

    Agree. Barkley has a few extra days to rest. He looked better in the Washington game than he did in the Denver game.
  5. Are you panicking at 0-2?

    I did the same thing. Woods drew 9 targets in the Colts game so maybe there's some hope.
  6. Are you panicking at 0-2?

    Show us your team and your scoring system.
  7. Clyde Edwards Helaire - Not gonna happen is it?

    Ouch. I'm sure we can both agree that Kamara will bounce back. I think the Saints just had a major letdown after the Packers game
  8. Chiefs vs Ravens (SNF)

    I want to give some props to the Ravens. I didn't think they had a shot. They came off that crazy overtime loss Monday night and Chiefs usually have their number.
  9. Week 2 Chat

    Matt Ryan, two pick-sixes.
  10. Week 2 Chat

    So your Cowboys want to be running team instead of a passing team?
  11. Week 2 Chat

    Stafford targeted Woods 9 times so there's some hope but I"m still
  12. Week 2 Chat

    I draft the wrong Rams wide receiver.
  13. Rhamondre Stevenson

    He lost a fumble last week. Mr. Stevenson enjoy your stay in Belichick's dog house.
  14. So Nagy is getting play calling advice from John Shoop?
  15. Giants vs Washington (TNF)