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  1. OSU vs Florida

    Well said and deadly accurate. OSU....THE laughing stock. The Big 10 send their best to get slaughtered whilst crying about being the top 2 teams in the nation. Boy were they wrong. Step away from the Kool-Aid Big 10ers the SEC is NO JOKE!!!! Top to bottom more ranked teams during the course of the year than ANY other conference. Simply fact year after year! Southern flavor for ya'....."Ya'll gettin' stomped!!!!"
  2. LSU vs ND

    C'mon and let it go... ND came into the Georgia Tech game SUPPOSED to beat them; ranked #2 (miraculously behind the team that eviscerated them in bowl loss #8) and barely got away with a win. Penn State was ranked 19th and still finding their identity when ND thrashed them -- a good win nonetheless. Not sure where you're getting the Purdue, Navy, UCLA win being good wins unless you've included UCLA based on it how Bruins finished up because they were not considered among the elite at the time ND beat them. ND hasn't beaten a top 10 team in two years. Not sure why Quinn is lauded so much because he has solidified his position as colleges premier choker on the grand stage. He gets all the pub leading up to game time but no amount of pub can make someone great; you have to produce in pressure situations (see Ryan Leaf & Heath Schuler). I'm sure that Quinn is the greatest QB since Y.A. Tittle, fact is he hasn't proven it when it counted. REALITY: 3 Top 10 Opponents in 2006 resulted in a combined 132-59 shellacking.
  3. Which QB for Superbowl?

    I have the same decision to make, other than a WW pickup. However, if I decide to roll with what's on my roster already I think I'll go with Cutler this week. On average he's scoring better than Eli at this point, the Denver playbook is opening a bit more each week, and Cincy can be passed on.
  4. Championship Game Conundrum @ QB

    Thanks Splotchman -- I like your logic. Good luck to you as well this week!
  5. Championship Game Conundrum @ QB

    The QB position is the only question mark in my line-up this week. Would very much appreciate input on this. Eli vs NO (too inconsistent the 2nd half of the season and I have trust issues with him right now) Cutler vs CIN ( I like him and know that he will be good-to-great in time, but the 1st yr mistakes make me iffy on him for this game) The QB's below are available on the WW and I'm considering dropping McNair in favor of one of these guys on a hot streak or with a favorable matchup: Garcia @ DAL Losman vs TEN Smith vs ARI Which would you start in the final game?
  6. Eli....

    Eli's inconsistency is probably going to do me in this week so I'm looking ahead to next year's squad. IYO, is Eli Manning a rising stud or an over-hyped average QB trading on the family name?
  7. wdis m-drew gates addai boldin

    I like Gates for a solid performance this week. SD is playing to prove a point of pride against KC this weekend and I think all of their big guns will get a shot off in this game.
  8. WR help

    I like Stallworth from that trio.
  9. WR Help in playoffs

    I like Brown this weekend.
  10. QB WDIS?

    Best option at QB this week: E Manning at home against the Eagles McNair at home against the Browns Cutler on the road against the Cardinals What do you think?
  11. Colston and Henderson

    Grappling with the same issue myself this week. Given your alternatives, I think you'd be fine playing both this week. Colston is working his way back from the ankle injury and will be as servicable, if not more so than, your alternatives. Henderson is the deep ball threat and will get free while the defense is accounting for Colston.
  12. T Jones or F Gore

    Who would you start this week: Thomas Jones at the NY Jets or Frank Gore at home agains Seattle?
  13. McNair or Eli this week?

    Go with McNair until Eli figures out how to play himself out of the funk he's in.
  14. This is what really sucks

    Couldn't agree more. Everyone always tauts strength of schedule, except in the conversation regarding ND.
  15. QB Woes

    Eli Manning's recent performances is casting doubt that he is a solid 'always start' and not just a spot starter. I picked up Alex Smith hoping that he would gel with Gore and Bryant the second half of the season and produce some solid games -- not convinced of that either. I think I have a playoff shot teaming Eli with another decent starter and playing the match-ups. McNair and Plummer are available; given the predicament described above which would you go after?