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  1. UAW vs. Japan

    I have owned 14 (new and used) cars since I got my license at age 16. The first 6 were all American makes – and frankly they were all junk, but I thought driving an American car was the right thing to do. In 1990 I bought a new Mazda Protégé, and it ran like a top. Since then I have bought 2 more Mazdas, a couple of Isuzus, a couple of VWs, a Honda, and a Mercedes. Whenever I buy another car, I usually check out all the comparable models (including those from the Big 3), and in general I am under whelmed with the quality, performance, look or feel of the so-called “American made” cars. I also travel a fair deal and 80% of the time when I rent a car, its one of the Big 3 – and I am always glad to know I did not get suckered into actually purchasing one.
  2. For anyone curious about Rex Grossman...

    Grossman s*cks. Oh sure, he's pretty impressive given a lead and lots of time in the pocket and a clear sunny day.... blah blah blah. But if its not all going fine and dandy he falls apart.
  3. Standard scoring, 10 team league. We have to keep one player from last season's roster - and give the player's 2006 draft position up in the 2007 season's draft. So, player's performance is important, but value is key as well. The guys I am thinking of keeping and their 2006 draft position are: Thomas Jones (RB-NYJ) - 7th Round pick DeAngelo Williams (RB- CAR) - 9th Round pick Roy Williams (WR-DET) - 4th Round pick Jones looks like a good value - starting RB for a 7th round pick. But I wonder how much the Jets will be able to do offensively in that division... they have to play 3 tough defenses home and away (Pats, Bills, Fins). D.Williams could really step up this season and could be great value for a 9th round pick, but Foster is still there to vulture carries. R.Williams is a stud WR, but doesn't seem to offer as much value with a 4th round pick. Thoughts??
  4. Headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands...

    I lived in Holland for 2 years. Most folks on this thread hit on the tourist highlights.... Van Gogh, Rijks, Heineken tour, canal tours, etc. The best way to see Amsterdam is on foot. Take a tram to an area that looks interesting, then just walk around. Its a very safe city, though it can get a tad overrun by backpacking college students this time of year. They tend to congregate around the bars, cafes, and coffee shops in the city center, i.e. the train station out to the Leidesplein - so if you can get off the beaten path you will enjoy it more. The Jordaan neighborhood is very nice and has some great cafes. And in my mind, the Amsterdam Historial Museum is one of the best museums in the city.
  5. Who was the hardest hitter ever to don a helmet

    Not NFL, but I don't think there has ever been a harder hit than Cornelius Bennett absolutely destroying Steve Buerlein. He was out cold before he hit the ground....
  6. Billy Donovan

    I wonder if the talking heads at ESPN will flog Donovan now as much as they did Nick Saban a few months ago??
  7. Iraq

    The US invasion of Iraq has little to do with Iran's stated objective of becoming a nuclear power. The two are lumped together by the media because they are in the same geographic location, but Iran's ultimate goal is to become the power broker in a Pan-Islamic reach around the Middle East and southwest Asia. If the US had not invaded Iraq, do you believe Iran would have not continue to pursue its goals? Do you believe somehow the UN would have grown enough b@lls to actually stop them?
  8. Why Do People Hate Barry Bonds?

    He has always been a selfish a$$.
  9. Job Opportunity Overseas

    Its hard to put a price tag on the value of an opportunity to live/work in a foreign country. I did two expat tours for a previous employer: 2 years in Holland and 7 months in Israel. I wouldn't trade anything for either experience. Having said that, there are some differences with your situation: 1 - I was an expat in the late '90s. The world is a bit different these days for Americans abroad. 2 - The PI is NOT Western Europe or even Israel. I was in the PI while in the Navy back in the mid-late 80's and most of what I saw was not a 1st or even a 2nd world country. I imagine services are still way behind what you would get in the US. Though your company will probably do what they can do make things comfortable. 3 - I was married, but did not have children while an expat. I worked with several folks who did bring their kids, however, and they seemed to all benefit from the experience. Most of these kids went to an American school but were still speaking fluent Dutch within just a few months.
  10. Sharia Law Coming soon to a European and Canadian city near you....
  11. These people will not be satisfied until we all live under Sharia.
  12. Brave film maker

  13. Brave film maker

    My point was more how the press/judges at Cannes seem to delight in trumping up films which place America or "Americans" in a negative light. Perhaps Moore's latest film is not as biased or misleading as some of his previous efforts, but in my mind he is just feeding the beast.
  14. Brave film maker

    Cannes film Hopefully, this film will receive some more favorable press - but I imagine most will be reserved for Michael Moore's annual American bashing.
  15. Brawl in the Safari

    Lions are so weak.