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  1. I was just offered this trade: I get: Tony Gonzalez and Ashley Lelie He gets: Mike Anderson and Chris Cooley. My league is as follows: Start: 3-WR, 2-RB My roster: RB's: Domanick Davis, Warrick Dunn, Kevin Jones WR's: Reggie Wayne, Kevin Curtis, Joe Jurevicius, Antonio Chatman I am leaning toward doing it because I need a TE and a WR (but Gonzalez has to come around this year....right?? right?!?!) Thanks for the help!
  2. Would you trade...

    wow. can I be in your league? of course, jump on that trade before that guy wakes up!
  3. WDIS @ QB

    I need lots of points from my QB's this week, and I have 2 favorable matchups. Favre @ CIN Brunell @ NYG My scoring system: 1 point / 25 yds passing 4 points/ QB TD Please help! thanks!!!
  4. WDIS @ QB/RB

    I need some help on who to start for this week. I need some major points from my QB's and RB's because I have a patchwork lineup for my WR's (so many on bye this week) I have 2 good options for QB this week: Favre @ CIN Brunell @ NYG My RB is going to be Domanick Davis and one of these two: K. Jones vs. Chi M. Anderson vs. Phi (after what they just did to LT.....sheesh). Who would you start?? My scoring system: QB's - 4 pts/TD 1 pt/25 yards RB - 6pts/TD 1 pt/10 yards Thanks for the help!
  5. Make this move?

    Thanks for the advice, I dropped Lefty and just picked up Brunell.
  6. Make this move?

    Really? put Favre in vs. Minnesota (@ Minnesota??) opposed to Brunell vs. the horrid 49ers? I think I'm going with this week in any event, the KC D is still shaky...
  7. Make this move?

    My starter is Favre and he has a bye this coming week. I have Leftwich as my backup and he is playing against Pittsburgh. Brunell is on the waiver wire and he is playing @ KC. Brunell has been lighting it up and Leftwich just doesn't seem to put up the big numbers, he's serviceable but I need wins and I need points from whomever can give them to me. Since I have to have 2 QB's on my roster at all times (balanced rosters), I would have to drop Leftwich for Brunell. This is clearly a bye week filler, but, look at the next three games for each of these QB's: Brunell: @ KC vs. SF @ NYG Leftwich: @ PIT BYE @ STL Favre: BYE @ MIN @ CIN I can see myself starting Brunell for the next three weeks. Favre is always horrible in Minny, and Cincy is playing real well and their D is very good. I guess my "question" is if I should make this drop/add...I kind have rationalized it already, but, I need some help from the experts. Thanks (as always)
  8. WDIS @ WR

  9. WDIS @ WR

    Should I drop Reggie Williams to pick up Joe Jurevicious for this week? I'd be starting him over Robert Ferguson. Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram are both out for this week so Jurevicius becomes the #1 receiver... My QB this week is Favre and they're playing the Saints @ scoring: REC/Rush TD - 6 pts PASS/TD - 4 pts 10ds REC/RUSH = 1pt What would you do: Jurevicius @ STL OR Ferguson vs. NO
  10. Which D/ST?

    Go CINCY - their D is clicking right now and the Houston O is not clicking.
  11. I think your lineup is fine...and I couldn't agree with you more. I am in the same exact position as you. 0-3 and playing the 1st place team. I need a win bad. and if you look at my team, we are almost EXACT...pretty scary to be honest. You would think we'd be better with D. Davis, Kevin Jones, Wayne....but no! they suck a$$ right now. Anyway, stick with the Jets D, they will produce some turnovers this week, they need to make a statement since everyone is counting them out since the loss of Chad "Injury Prone" Pennington (and I think its safe to label him injury prone now). Please check my post 'cause I need to start the right QB this week! thanks!!
  12. Wow. tough decisions...I have been wavering on Engram all season as well. I don't like the Gabriel pick because Oakland has been having a hard time getting the ball to Randy Moss all season. He clearly will be the focus point of the Oakland game. I would go with Engram only because he'll give you some points on yards alone, and I think this is the week he picks up his TD. (mind you, he is still on the waiver wire in my league but am not picking him up because we have roster move limits) I hope that helps, check my post about my QB situation if you can...thanks!
  13. WDIS @ QB

    what is confusing? I think I'm going Leftwich.....and then when Favre burns me on my bench I'll be pissed. Anyone else to sway me towards favre?